"Wonders of Nature and Providence, Displayed"

-- Aug 1824
Wonders of Nature and Providence, Displayed by Josia Priest published (20 miles from Palmyra). In Manchester Library (copyright 6/2/1824). (1)

Dale Broadhurst has put a copy of "Wonders of Nature and Providence, Displayed" and points out interesting aspects of the book, including  chapters on:

  • 047   An account of the commencement of the kingdom of Mexico, and of eleven of its kings, and of supernatural presages of its overthrow by the Spaniards,
  • 134   Bruce continued, his account of the visit of the queen of Sheba to Jerusalem in the days of king Solomon,
  • 372   Proofs that the Indians of North America are descended from the ancient Hebrews,
and sections regarding:

and some interesting phrasology
  • "Danites" (p. 25)
  • "Deism" (pp. 204 ff.)
  • "no law - no sin" (p. 210)
  • "pre-incarnation Jesus" (p. 229)
  • "Jehovah-Jesus" (p. 234)
  • "Gospel preached in OT times" (p. 234)
  • "profound silence" (p. 407)
  • "earth stops revolving" (pp. 420 ff.)
  • "fatigue of the day" (p. 474)
  • "victory or death" (p. 475)
  • "pre-Columbian voyages to America" (pp. 520 ff.)
  • "ignominius death" (p. 588)
  • "narrow neck of land" (pp. 548 & 553)

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