Mormon History, After 1827

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-- After 1827
Orson Hyde joins Campbellites and moves in with Sidney Rigdon. (1)

-- ca. Jan. 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Martin Harris and Hyrum go to Harmony to visit Joseph Jr. and get a transcript of some Book of Mormon characters. Mrs. Lucy ("Dolly") Harris, enraged that Martin went without her, arranges for her future son-in-law, Flanders Dykes, to copy Martin's transcript. (2)

-- about Tuesday, Jan 29, 1828
Palmyra, Martin Harris leaves Palmyra for Harmony. (3)

-- 1828 Feb.
[Oliver Cowdery] Martin Harris and Hyrum Smith traveled to see Joseph Smith, Jr. in PA. Harris obtained from Joseph a copy of "characters" purportedly copied from the "golden plates." (4)

-- 1828 February
Martin Harris showed Book of Mormon characters to Charles Anthon and Samuel L. Mitchill. (5)

-- February 1828
[Joseph Smith] A transcript and partial translation of the Book of Mormon is taken to academics by Martin Harris. (6)

-- ca. Feb. 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Martin and Dolly Harris visit Joseph Jr. in Harmony for about two weeks. Martin takes Mrs. Harris home, then returns. (2)

-- about Saturday, Feb 02, 1828
Harmony, Martin Harris arrives in Harmony to see Joseph. (3)

-- about Monday, Feb 04, 1828
Harmony, M Harris departs for Albany, New York City, etc. (3)

-- about Saturday, Feb 23, 1828
New York City, M Harris visits with Dr. Samuel Mitchill. (3)

-- about Monday, Feb 25, 1828
New York City, M Harris visits with Professor Charles Anthon. (3)

-- about Tuesday, Feb 26, 1828
New York City, M Harris departs New York City for Harmony. (3)

-- 1828 Mar
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon visits Adamson Bentley and Walter Scott at Warren, OH and accepts Scott's "ancient gospel" method of evangelizing -- it is possible that Rigdon asked for a second baptism (for the remission of sins) during this visit (7)

-- about Tuesday, Mar 04, 1828
Harmony, M Harris arrives back at the Joseph Smith Farm. (3)

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