Mormon History, 1828 c. Apr. 26

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-- 1828 c. Apr. 26
[Oliver Cowdery] Lucy Harris left her husband in Harmony and returned to Palmyra, convinced that Joseph Smith, Jr. was an impostor who had no golden plates. (1)

-- 1828 June/July
[Joseph Smith] Joseph Jr. travels to Manchester and learns that the manuscript is lost. (2)

-- Monday, Jun 02, 1828
Book of Lehi, 095 (3)

-- Jun 14, 1828
Joseph Smith completes 116 pages (foolscap-size) of translation from the gold plates (the book of Lehi), with Martin Harris transcribing with a blanket stretched between them. (4)

[Joseph Smith] Harris takes the manuscript pages home. At Palmyra he reads from the manuscript in the evenings to his family and some friends. (2)

-- After Jun 14, 1828
Joseph Smith looses the Urim and Thummim, through trangression. (4)

Martin Harris repeatedly asks Joseph Smith to borrow the transcript. Smith refuses twice but relents (by revelation) on the third request but makes Harris agree to a covenant to only show his family. Harris brings the 116 page translation from the gold plates back to Palmyra and shows them to his wife, Lucy Harris, but he looses the transcripts (says they were stolen). (Lucy Harris was suspected of hiding or destroying them.) (4)

-- Jun 15, 1828
Emma gives birth to a child, Alvin, who dies that same day (only five of the couple's 11 children will live beyond infancy). When weeks pass with no word from Harris, Joseph heads back to Palmyra and discovers the loss. Begging for forgiveness, he is visited by an angel who takes the gold plates for a time as punishment for Smith's indiscretion. (5)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph and Emma have their first child, a boy named Alvin. He dies within a few hours. (6)

[Joseph Smith] A male child is born to Joseph and Emma but dies the same day at Harmony. Emma hovers near death. (2)

-- Thursday, Jun 20, 1828
Palmyra, M Harris arrives in Palmyra with the 116 pages. (3)

-- about Sunday, Jun 29, 1828
Harmony, Emma starts to recover (3)

-- 1828 July
The first 116 pages of the Book of Mormon manuscript translated by Joseph Smith Jr. and transcribed by Martin Harris are stolen or lost. (7)

-- 1828 July-Aug.
[Oliver Cowdery] Between mid-June and Sep. 7 Sidney Rigdon's whereabouts were unaccounted for, except that he attended the Mahoning Baptist Association's annual meeting at Warren, Trumbull, OH from Aug. 29 to 31. (1)

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