Mormon History, 1825

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-- 1825
Oliver Cowdery (known as a law pettifogger) moves to western NY. (1)

View of the Hebrews reprinted. (1)

-- About 1825
Sidney Rigdon leaves Pittsburgh, moves to Ohio and continues as a Campbellite preacher (later called Disciples of Christ or Newlight), and converts nearly 1000. Reportedly preaches elements of what becomes Mormon doctrine. (1)

Story of Smith family's attempts to retrieve a golden bible begins to spread. (1)

-- After 1824
Sidney Rigdon at odds with Alexander Campbell. (1)

-- By 1825
Joseph Smith gets a brown seer stone from the well of Willard Chase (neighbor). Mason Chase (son of Willard) claimed the stone was his and that Lucy Mack Smith got the stone from Mason's mother [per Abel Chase (Mason's brother) in an 1881 interview]. Sally Chase (sister of Mason and Abel) has a seer stone of her own [per Abel Chase and Ezra Pierce]. (1)

-- 1825
In both 1824 and 1825, major religious revivals continue to take place in the Palmyra region. (2)

[John Taylor] Becomes a Methodist exhorter, or lay preacher. Receives a strong impression that he will go to America to preach the gospel. (3)

[Joseph Smith] (age 19)Moves with his family from the log home to a newly built frame home on their farm in Manchester Township, New York. (4)

-- 1825-1830
[U.S. Religious History] England, Repeal of Corporation and Test Acts (5)

[U.S. Religious History] England,U.S. - Increase in Millennarianism. U.S. Rise of Disciples of Christ, Organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (5)

[U.S. Religious History] Rise of United Brethren, Plymouth Brethren, and Irvingites. (5)

-- Mar 4, 1825
John Q. Adams becomes U.S. President. (1)

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  1. What is the Mormon view on those of us who follow other spiritual paths that may include Christ but not to the exclusion of others. Would you think that a person like myself who follows Goddesses is a demon?

    I enjoyed this short history of your church. One thing I've noticed in Salt Lake City is how nice people can be.

  2. Kali,

    I think the official Mormon position is that those who follow paths other than the Mormon path could enhance their spiritual lives by incorporating aspects of the LDS religion.

    BTW, I have very cool mask from Nepal of Kali.

    Thanks for following along.