Mormon History, Jul 1828

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-- Jul 1828
Joseph Smith reports his first revelation (reportedly by using his seer stone) where he is rebuked [presumably] for letting Martin Harris take the translations. Says he lost the privilege of translating for one season. (1)

-- July 1828
[Revelations] Harmony, Pennsylvania. Doctrine and Covenants 3. God's work cannot fail though prophets may fall. Joseph feared man more than God and transgressed God's law. Watch out or fall. Rebuke for entrusting pages from the Book of Mormon manuscript to "a wicked man" (Martin Harris). Plates were preserved so the testimony of the Nephites might convert the Lamanites. Eight months later, Martin pressures Joseph to show him the plates (D&C 5).
Book of Commandments 2 heading: A Revelation given to Joseph, in Harmony, Pennsylvania, July, 1828, after Martin had lost the Manuscript of the forepart of the book of Mormon, translated from the book of Lehi, which was abridged by the hand of Mormon, saying:.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 30 heading: ON PRIESTHOOD AND CALLING, / Revelation to Joseph Smith, jr. given July, 1828, concerning certain manuscripts on [sic] the first part of the book of Mormon, which had been taken from the possession of Martin Harris. (2)

-- Summer 1828
Sidney Rigdon reportedly seen with Samuel Lawrence at Lawrence's by Lorenzo Saunders. (1)

-- 1828 early July
[Oliver Cowdery] Joseph Smith, Jr. left Harmony, Susquehannah, PA by stagecoach for Manchester, Ontario, NY and arrived at his father's house within a day or two. He may have previously received a message informing him that Martin Harris had lost the 116 pages of transcript which had been entrusted to his care. After his arrival (with the help of a mysterious stranger) Martin told Joseph of the loss. (3)

-- ca. Jul 7, 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph goes to Manchester and learns that Martin Harris has lost the 116 transcribed pages. The Urim and Thummim are taken from him but returned a few days later. Joseph receives two chastising revelations (D&C 3 and D&C 10; the latter is dated as late summer 1828 in HC and as May 1829 in the Book of Commandments). (4)

-- about Tuesday, Jul 8, 1828
Harmony, Joseph Smith leaves for Palmyra in search of M Harris. (5)

-- about Friday, Jul 11, 1828
Manchester, Joseph arrives in Manchester to see Martin Harris. (5)

-- about Saturday, Jul 12, 1828
Manchester, Joseph Smith begins his return to Harmony. (5)

-- about Tuesday, Jul 15, 1828
Joseph arrives back at his home in Harmony (5)

-- about Wednesday, Jul 16, 1828
Joseph loses BoM plates and Urim and Thummim, (5)

-- 1828 September
[Joseph Smith] Lucy, Hyrum, and Samuel Smith stop attending Palmyra's Presbyterian church. (6)

-- Sep 11, 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Dr. Gain Robinson notes medicine and consultation "for Boy Harrison." Hyrum has been caring for the younger children. (4)

-- .after Sep 22, 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Sr. and Lucy visit Joseph Jr. and Emma at Harmony and have a cordial visit with the Hales. They return home to find that Sophronia and Samuel have been very ill. (4)

-- Monday, Sep 22, 1828
BoM translation begins (about 3 pages/week). (5)

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