Mormon History, about Thursday, Mar 06, 1828

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-- about Thursday, Mar 06, 1828
Harmony, M Harris departs Harmony to return home. (1)

-- about Monday, Mar 10, 1828
Palmyra, M Harris arrives home after 40 days traveling. (1)

-- about Wednesday, Mar 12, 1828
Palmyra, M and L Harris leave Palmyra for Harmony visit. (1)

-- about Sunday, Mar 16, 1828
Harmony, M and L Harris arrive, to visit J and E Smith (1)

-- about Monday, Mar 17, 1828
Harmony, Lucy searches Joseph Smith home for plates. (1)

-- about Tuesday, Mar 18, 1828
Harmony. Lucy continues her search outside the house. (1)

-- Monday, Mar 31, 1828
Harmony, M and L Harris leave Harmony, after 2 week visit. (1)

-- 1828 Apr
[Sydney Rigdon] Adamson Bentley accompanied Sydney Rigdon back to Mentor and assisted in implementing the "ancient gospel" within Grand River Associations congregations such as Kirtland and Mentor -- many new converts were brought into the "Reformed Baptist" ranks (2)

-- 1828 April
Harris, who has followed Joseph Smith to Harmony, takes up work on the book, writing down Smith's dictation. Over the next two months, they produce 116 pages of text, but then Harris takes it back to Palmyra to show his doubting wife and loses the only copy. (3)

-- Spring 1828
Martin Harris goes to Harmony, PA as scribe (says plates not in room, and that Joseph Smith used his seer stone to translate) [per Harris' 1859 interview]. BOM Isaac Hale says used his seer stone in his hat over his face to translate the plates, while the plates were hid in the woods [per Hale's affidavit]. (4)

-- about Friday, Apr 04, 1828
Palmyra, M and L Harris arrive in Palmyra from Harmony. (1)

-- about Tuesday, Apr 08, 1828
Palmyra, M Harris leaves Palmyra to return to Harmony. (1)

-- Apr 12, 1828
[Joseph Smith] Harris becomes a scribe at Harmony. The contents of the book are for the first time dictated by Joseph Jr. (5)

-- Saturday, Apr 12, 1828
Translation of the Book of Lehi (1)

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