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-- By Nov Mar 20, 1825
1826 Joseph Smith lives at Josiah Stowell's in Bainbridge, NY, while working for him as a treasure hunter. (1)

-- 1825 Spring
Four members of Joseph Smith, Jr.'s family join the Presbyterian Church, including Hyrum Smith and his mother, Lucy Mack. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Lucy, Hyrum, Samuel Harrison, and Sophronia Smith join Palmyra's Presbyterian church. Joseph Jr. is inclined toward the Methodist faith. (3)

-- 1825 spring
[Oliver Cowdery] Revival meetings were held near Palmyra, Wayne, NY. It is likely that Oliver Cowdery and his cousin Joseph Smith, Jr., both attended some of these meetings. It is possible that the Rev. Sidney Rigdon journeyed from Pittsburgh to Wayne Co., NY to participate in these revival meetings. His whereabouts for the spring of 1825 remain unknown. (4)

-- Apr 20, 1825
[Oliver Cowdery] Lyman Cowdery married Eliza Alexander April 20, 1825 in Arcadia, Wayne, NY. Shortly thereafter Lyman studied law and began a legal practice a couple of years later in the same town. He was eventually elected to two terms in the NY State Legislature. (4)

-- 1825 summer
[Oliver Cowdery] Bricklayer William Morgan was living in Genesee, Allegany, NY when his son Thomas was born there on Jul 4, 1825. Morgan was apparently a member of the Masonic Lodge in neighboring Olean, Cattaraugus, NY. It is possible that Oliver Cowdery worked briefly for the Olean Hamilton Recorder in 1824-25. The newspaper had been previously published by Oliver's second cousin Benjamin Franklin Cowdery. (4)

-- Jul 19, 1825
[U.S. Religious History] Liberal members of Congregational churches in New England founded the American Unitarian Association. (5)

-- Aug 1, 1825
[Oliver Cowdery] Jonathan Harrison Lambdin, former business partner of Robert Patterson, died in Pittsburgh at the age of 26. (4)

[Sydney Rigdon] J. Harrison Lambdin died at age 27 (probably at Pittsburgh); if Lambdin had loaned or given a Spalding MS to his friend Rigdon, he was no longer alive to tell of that transaction (6)

-- Sep 14, 1825
[Heber C. Kimball] Joins Masonic Lodge, Victor Village, Victor Township, Ontario County, New York. (7)

-- Sep 22, 1825
[Joseph Smith] Manchester, New York. Joseph Smith met with Moroni at Hill Cumorah on this same day for three years to receive instructions until he could obtain the plates. (8)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. makes his third visit to the Hill Cumorah. Either he was alone or, Quinn suggests, he may have taken Samuel Lawrence with him and Moroni refused to appear. (9)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Moroni meets with and teaches Joseph Jr. at Hill Cumorah. (10)

-- 1825, October
Joseph Smith hired by Josiah Stowell to work at Harmony, PA. Boarded at Isaac Hale's and met Emma Hale. (11)

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