Mormon History, about Dec 2, 1827

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-- about Dec 2, 1827
[Joseph Smith] Harmony, Pennsylvania. Joseph Smith spent much of the month copying characters off of the plates and translated them using the Urim and Thummin. (1)

-- about Thursday, Dec 06, 1827
Harmony, Joseph and Emma arrive at the Isaac Hale home. (2)

-- about Monday, Dec 10, 1827
Harmony, Joseph and Emma move into the old Jesse Hale house. (2)

-- Dec 30, 1827
[Lucy Mack Smith] Sophronia marries Calvin Stoddard at Palmyra (3)

-- 1827 Winter 1827-28
[Joseph Smith] Joseph Jr. tells his wife's neighbors about the gold plates. (4)

-- 1828
[Gause, Jesse] Wife, Martha, died 1828. One known child. (5)

Joseph Smith gives Martin Harris a copy of a part of the gold plates; Martin Harris shows copy to Prof. Charles Anthon of Columbia University. Anthon (after hearing the story) says it's no known language. Joseph Smith says it's Reformed Egyptian. (6)

Joseph Smith reportedly applies for membership in (his wife's) Methodist Church. (6)

King James Bible with the Apocrypha and the 1769 revisions is printed by H. & E. Phinney Co. in Cooperstown, NY. (6)

[Partridge, Edward] United with Campbellites in 1828. (5)

[Phelps, William Wines] Moved to Canandaigua, New York, by 1828; there published anti-Masonic Ontario Phoenix. (5)

[Taylor, John] Emigrated to Toronto, Canada, 1828-29. Four children: George John, Mary Ann, Joseph James, and Leonora Agnes. (5)

[U.S. Religious History] Emancipation of Protestant dissenters (1828) (7)

-- About 1828
Joseph Smith tells Emma's cousins Hiel and Joseph Lewis that while trying to get the Plates, he was knocked down three times and a man appeared, like a Spaniard, with a long beard and his throat cut from ear to ear with blood flowing down (6)

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