Mormon History, After 1824

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-- After 1824
Sidney Rigdon at odds with Alexander Campbell. (1)

-- Between 1822 and 1824
Sidney Rigdon shows Spalding manuscript to John Winters [per Winters]. (1)

-- 1824
[John Taylor] Leaves the Church of England and becomes a Methodist. Spends most of his free time studying the Bible, reading theological works, and praying. (2)

-- 1824?
[Oliver Cowdery] William Cowdery, his wife Keziah, and the children remaining with them moved to Arcadia, Wayne (previously Ontario), NY to live near Warren A. Cowdery. (3)

-- 1824
[Sydney Rigdon] Rev. David Phillips resigned from ministry of Peter's Creek Church (4)

-- Mar 1, 1824
Alexander writes of a man claiming he heard a voice in woods saying he was forgiven. And of another man claiming he saw the Savior clearly at the tops of the trees. (1)

-- Spring 1824
Religious Revival held in NY area (continues into 1825). (1)

-- 1824 May
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon wrote the Preface for the publication of Alexander Campbell's "A Debate on Christian Baptism..." with W. L. McCalla (4)

-- May 17, 1824
[Lucy Mack Smith] A new land agent, John Greenwood, is given power of attorney in Canandaigua. (5)

-- 1824 Sum
[Sydney Rigdon] Campbell published his "A Debate on Christian Baptism..." (4)

-- Aug 1824
Wonders of Nature and Providence, Displayed by Josia Priest published (20 miles from Palmyra). In Manchester Library (copyright 6/2/1824). (1)

-- 1824 September to Spring 1825
[Joseph Smith] Revival of religion commences with the Methodists, followed by the Baptists and Presbyterians, in the Palmyra vicinity. Joseph Jr. hears discourses by Reverend Lane of the Methodist church and attends meetings. (6)

-- Fall Spr 1824, 1825
[Lucy Mack Smith] Baptists and Presbyterians collaborate in a lengthy and effective revival. Lucy, in an Xd out passage, talks about the "great revival" after Alvin's death, then the effort to effect an interdenominational union . Lucy, Sophronia, Hyrum, and Samuel become Presbyterian. (5)

-- After Sep 22, 1824
Joseph Smith Sr. tells Willard Chase (a neighbor and friend to the Smiths) that a spirit appeared to Joseph Smith on 21-Sep, 1823 and told him of gold plates to be retrieved on 22-Sep, and instructed him to dress in black clothes, ride a black horse with a switch tale, and demand book in a certain name and , after getting it, take it away without laying it down. Joseph complied and found the box, opened the cover, removed the plates, but laid them down to put the cover back on the box and the plates disappeared and returned to the box. Smith tried to re-take the plates but he saw something like a toad which soon assumed the appearance of a man and struck him on the side of his head. It struck him again when he tried to take the plates again. The spirit told Smith he could not have them, as he had not obeyed the orders and was instructed to return in one year with his oldest brother (Alvin). (1)

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