Mormon History, After Sep 22, 1827

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-- After Sep 22, 1827
Joseph Smith tells Henry Harris that he used the seer stone upon instructions from an angel to find the plates [per Henry Harris]. (1)

-- Sep 23, 1827
Joseph Smith goes on a job to Macedon to help put a wall in a well and some other labor for widow Wells. (1)

-- After Sep 23, 1827
10-12 money-diggers are clubbed with Willard Chase (a Methodist Class leader) who send for their own conjuror (Samuel Lawrence) to determine where the plates are hidden. Joseph Smith, Sr. investigates and finds the group at Lawrence's house [per Lucy Mack Smith]. (1)

-- about Wednesday, Sep 26, 1827
Manchester, J Smith returns home, retrieves the plates. (2)

-- 1827 October
[Joseph Smith] The Martin Harris family hears about the gold plates from Lucy. Mrs. Harris and her daughter go to the Smith home. Martin talks to members of the Smith family and Joseph Jr. about how the book was found. Joseph says that an angel appeared to him and told him it was God's work and that he located the plates by looking in the stone found on the Chase property. The angel told him he must quit the company of the money-diggers, translate the plates, and publish them to the world. Martin responds, "If the Lord will show me that it is his work, you can have all the money you want." (3)

-- Autumn 1827
Sidney Rigdon seen with Joseph Smith in Palmyra by Lorenzo Saunders (identified by Jugegsah) [per Saunders]. (1)

-- Early Oct 1827
Joseph Smith doing work for Peter Ingersoll [per Harris's 1859 interview]. (1)

Martin Harris hears of gold bible from his brother, Preserved Harris, and visits Joseph Smith and agrees to finance its publication. Says Smith told him that he used his seer stone, from the well of Mason Chase (neighbor) to discover the plates, and Smith told him that he used the spectacles to see that Martin Harris was the man who would assist him to get the book. Harris says Luck Mack Smith came to see him and that Joseph wanted Harris to come see him. [per Harris's 1859 interview]. Martin Harris gives Smith $50 to finance translation (reportedly enraging his wife, Lucy Harris). (1)

-- Oct.-Nov. 1827
[Lucy Mack Smith] The family exerts considerable ingenuity to keep the plates from the mob. (4)

-- about Monday, Oct 01, 1827
Manchester, Joseph Smith resumes his work on his father's farm. (2)

-- About Oct 2, 1827
Emma Smith rides to Macedon and tells Joseph about the money-diggers plan. Joseph looks in to his seer stone and says the plates are safe. Joseph and Emma return to Smith's. Joseph walks to hill and retrieves plates from his hiding place, while carrying them back through the woods (off regular path) is attacked by a man who sprang up and hit him with a gun, knocking him down, Joseph leveled him and ran home, knocking several more down as he ran. Dislocated his thumb which was reset by Joseph Smith, Sr. Joseph relays the story to Joseph Knight and Josiah Stowell then goes to Willard Chase's house and tells him the story [per Joseph Smith per Lucy Mack Smith]. Smith tells Willard Chase that it was two men that attacked him and that if not for the stone that he got from Chase's well, he would not have obtained the book [per Willard Chase]. Smith tells Martin Harris that he was attacked by what appeared to be a man who wanted the plates and struck him with a club [per Martin Harr
is]. (1)

-- about Friday, Oct 12, 1827
Manchester, Joseph Smith retrieves the breastplate. (2)

-- Sunday, Oct 28, 1827
Manchester, The plates and breastplate are buried under the hearth. (2)

-- 1827 November/ December
[Joseph Smith] Martin Harris gets Joseph Jr. out of debt and gives him $50. Alva Hale comes from Harmony to pick up Joseph and Emma. Alva moves them to Harmony. The plates are placed in a barrel containing beans. (3)

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