Mormon History, Monday, Sep 22, 1828

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-- Monday, Sep 22, 1828
Harmony, BoM plates and U&T returned, D&C 10:1-5 received. (1)

-- Sep 22, 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. begins translating again using either the Urim and Thummim or (more probably) his seer stone. (2)

-- 1828 Fall-Winter
[Joseph Smith] Samuel Smith, Emma Hale Smith, and Reuben Hale each serve as scribes to Joseph. [HARMONY,] (3)

-- ca. Oct. 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Oliver Cowdery is hired to teach school at Manchester and boards with the Smith family. (2)

-- 1828 fall
[Oliver Cowdery] Oliver was accepted by the Manchester School Board as the new schoolmaster in the village. His teaching work probably began soon after the Oct. harvest season was over. He moved in with the Joseph Smith, Sr. family, who lived a mile from the Manchester School. From the Smiths Oliver learned about the supposedly ancient record then being translated by Joseph Smith, Jr. in Harmony, Susquehannah, PA. (4)

[Oliver Cowdery] The Manchester, Ontario, NY School Board of Trustees (which included Hyrum Smith) purportedly offered the Hon. Lyman Cowdery of Arcadia, Wayne, NY the position of schoolmaster in Manchester. Lyman was said to have accepted the position, but soon afterwards backed out of the job, offering his brother, Oliver, as a possible substitute for himself. (4)

-- 1828 Nov.-Dec.
[Oliver Cowdery] Between mid-Oct. and the end of the year Sidney Rigdon's whereabouts were unaccounted for. (4)

-- 1828 c. Nov.
[Oliver Cowdery] David Whitmer, a farmer from Fayette twp., Seneca, NY visited the Palmyra area on a business trip and there met Oliver Cowdery. Cowdery told Whitmer about the supposedly ancient record then being translated by his second cousin, Joseph Smith, Jr. Cowdery made plans to visit Joseph and to call upon David Whitmer while on his way to Harmony, Susquehannah, PA. The 1830 Federal Census recorded a John Cowdrey, living in Waterloo, Seneca, NY., adjacent to Fayette twp. This was probably "Col. John Jr. Cowdery" (1757-1835) a second cousin of Oliver's father. (4)

-- about Sunday, Nov 02, 1828
Palmyra, J Smith Sr. and Lucy leave Palmyra for Harmony. (1)

-- about Thursday, Nov 06, 1828
Harmony, J. Smith Sr. and Lucy arrive at Harmony. (1)

-- about Monday, Nov 10, 1828
Harmony, J Smith Sr. and Lucy leave Harmony for home. (1)

-- about Friday, Nov 14, 1828
Manchester, J. Smith Sr. and Lucy arrive home in Manchester. (1)

-- about Sunday, Nov 16, 1828
Joseph and Emma go to visit Joseph Knight. (1)

-- about Thursday, Nov 20, 1828
Manchester, Lyman Cowdery visits Hyrum about teaching school. (1)

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