Mormon History, March 1-31, 1829

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-- March 1-31, 1829
[Revelations] Harmony, Pennsylvania. Doctrine and Covenants 5. Martin Harris wants proof of the plates. Joseph Smith himself is the proof. May not show plates without permission. Joseph's only gift is gift of translation. After ordination, preach. Later generations may receive further evidence, but this generation only gets word of the Lord through Joseph. Three witnesses to be called and ordained. They will be empowered to see by the Spirit and hear God testify from heaven. If world won't accept their testimony earth will be scourged until empty. Joseph not to yield to enticements of men. Martin may see if he humbles himself, otherwise he will be condemned. Cease translating for a time. Enemies lie in wait to kill Joseph.
Newel K. Whitney Papers, Box 1, fd. 1.
Book of Commandments 4 heading: A revelation to Joseph and Martin, in Harmony, Pennsylvania, March, 1829 when Martin desired of the Lord to know whether Joseph had, in his possession, the record of the Nephites.
1835 Doctrine and Covenants 32 heading: Revelation given March, 1829. (1)

-- Mar 4, 1829
Andrew Jackson becomes U.S. President. (2)

-- about Sunday, Mar 15, 1829
Harmony, Translation of the Book of Mosiah is complete. (3)

-- about Friday, Mar 27, 1829
Manchester, O Cowdery completes 16 weeks of teaching school. (3)

-- about Sunday, Mar 29, 1829
Harmony, Joseph Knight Sr. and wife bring provisions. (3)

-- about Tuesday, Mar 31, 1829
Manchester, O Cowdery and Samuel Smith leave Manchester for Harmony. (3)

-- Apr. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Smith family moves from the frame house into their former cabin, now occupied by Hyrum and Jerusha Smith. Their daughter Lovina is now about eighteen months old and Jerusha is pregnant with Mary, who will be born in June. Lemuel Durfee Sr.'s daughter, Mary Durfee Nichols, and her husband Roswell move into the frame house. (4)

-- Apr 1, 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Oliver Cowdery and Samuel Smith leave the Smith home in Manchester on foot and reach Joseph's and Emma's home in Harmony, Pennsylvania, on 5 April. (4)

-- 1829 c. Apr. 2
[Oliver Cowdery] Having departed the Smith residence in Manchester a day or two before, Samuel H. Smith and Oliver Cowdery reached the David Whitmer home in Fayette, Seneca, NY and no doubt spent the night there. David Whitmer requested Oliver to share with him any new information on the Oliver might gain regarding the supposedly ancient record, during Oliver's upcoming visit with Joseph Smith, Jr. (5)

-- 1829 c. Apr. 3
[Oliver Cowdery] Joseph Smith, Jr. later said that he appealed to God for a scribe to help him in the translation of the supposedly ancient record at about this time -- and that God assured him that such a scribe would soon be provided. (5)

-- Apr 5, 1829
Oliver Cowdery travels to Harmony, PA with Samuel Smith to meet Joseph Smith. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Oliver Cowdery arrives to help Joseph by acting as a scribe for the translation of the Book of Mormon. (6)

[Joseph Smith] Samuel Smith and Oliver Cowdery arrive at Harmony, Pennsylvania. [HARMONY,] (7)

[Joseph Smith] (age 23)Oliver Cowdery arrives in Harmony to serve as scribe for the Book of Mormon; translation resumes on April 7. (8)

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