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-- 1825 October
Smith and his father join a treasure hunting expedition 135 miles away in Harmony, Pennsylvania. No treasure is found, but Smith meets and falls in love with 21-year-old Emma Hale while boarding at her father's house. (1)

-- 1825 October-November
[Joseph Smith] Joseph goes with his father to southern New York and near Harmony (now Oakland), Pennsylvania, to obtain money to pay off their Manchester farm; they hunt for a gold/silver mine with a number of treasure seekers. At home of Isaac Hale, Joseph Jr. meets Hale's daughter Emma. The treasure seeking company stays at Hale's home. (2)

-- 1825 October to March 1826
[Joseph Smith] Joseph Jr. works for Josiah Stowell for five months and goes to school. He uses two stones to search for treasure and prays for help in the endeavor. (2)

-- Oct. 1825
[Lucy Mack Smith] Josiah Stowell/Stoal, of Chenango County, New York, hires Joseph Jr. to look for a Spanish treasure mine in Pennsylvania. Joseph boards at the home of Isaac Hale at Harmony and meets Emma. (3)

-- Oct.-Nov. 1825
[Lucy Mack Smith] The frame house begun by Alvin is completed and the family moves in. (3)

-- 1825 Oct
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. hires with Josiah Stowell and works in Harmony, Pa. (4)

-- 1825 Oct.
[Oliver Cowdery] Josiah Stowell, a farmer from S. Bainbridge, Chenango, NY visted the Joseph Smith, Sr. family in Manchester, Ontario, NY for the first time. Joseph Smith, Sr. and his son Joseph, Jr. agreed to accompany Stowell back to S. Bainbridge and to work for him there by locating and excavating a lost silver deposit. (5)

[Oliver Cowdery] Sidney Rigdon and his brother-in-law Richard Brooks dissolved their tannery partnership in Pittsburgh. Rigdon was likely in Pittsburgh during the months of Oct. and Nov. He probably departed PA for the Western Reserve of OH at about the end of the year. (5)

[Oliver Cowdery] The Erie Canal completed, dedicated and opened for commerce between Albany and Buffalo. Palmyra, Wayne, NY was on the canal route, a day from Buffalo. (5)

-- 1825 fall?
[Oliver Cowdery] William Morgan moved from Genesee, Allegany, NY to LeRoy, Genesee, NY where he was accepted as a member of the local Masonic Lodge. Soon after he moved to neighboring Batavia, but was not admitted by the Masonic Lodge there. Morgan then joined with David C. Miller, the publisher of the Batavia Advocate, and others, in writing and preparing for publication a book exposing the rituals of Freemasonry (Ilustrations of Masonry Batavia, N.Y.: David Miller, 1826; reprinted 1827, Rochester, NY). (5)

-- Nov 1, 1825
[Bennett, John Cook] Licensed as physician by Twelfth District Medical Society 1 November 1825. (6)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Sr., Joseph Jr., and seven others sign "Articles of Agreement" for a treasure-seeking company in Harmony, Pennsylvania. (3)

-- Nov 10, 1825
Hiram Page marries Catherine Whitmer. (7)

-- Nov 17, 1825
[Joseph Smith] Near South Bainbridge, New York. Joseph Smith continued his employment on Josiah Stowells farm, although the mine excavation in Harmony, Pennsylvania, had ended. (8)

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