Mormon History, Nov 17, 1825

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-- Nov 17, 1825
[Lucy Mack Smith] The company disbands. Joseph Jr. lives with Josiah Stowell during the winter of 1825-26, probably doing farm work in exchange for his board, and attending school. (1)

-- Nov 19, 1825
Joseph Smith leaves Hale's but visited several times afterward [per Hale's affidavit]. (2)

-- 1825 December
[Joseph Smith] The Smiths' farm, on which they are delinquent, is sold to Lemuel Durfee. The Smiths remain as renters. (3)

-- Dec. 1825
[Lucy Mack Smith] John Greenwood sells the Smith farm to a group of three men because the family's payments are in arrears. The new titleholders agree on 15 December to let Hyrum try to raise $1,000. (1)

-- 1825 Dec
[Lucy Mack Smith] Smith family loses farm by fraud and become tenants on their own land. (4)

-- 1825 Dec?
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon moved out of Pittsburgh and relocated in Bainbridge twp., Geauga Co., OH -- a new tannery had recently opened at that place and Rigdon evidently did piece-work leather finishing at home to pay for groceries. Although Sydney Rigdon was reportedly called to Bainbridge by the small Bainbrigge Baptist congregation, he reportedly did no preaching during his first winter there. (5)

-- Dec 20, 1825
[Lucy Mack Smith] Quaker Lemuel Durfee Sr. takes over ownership of the farm and house and allows the family to live there until the spring of 1828 in exchange for Samuel's labor. (1)

[Oliver Cowdery] The Joseph Smith, Sr. family lose the the title to their farm in Manchester. Lemuel Durfee, Sr., the new owner allows the Smiths to remain on the property as tenant farmers. (6)

-- 1826
[Bennett, John Cook] Initiated into Masonry in Ohio 1826. After obtaining charter, with others founded nonsectarian Christian College in New Albany, Indiana. Name of college changed to Indiana University. Gave instruction, but sold many diplomas. After two years in Indiana, returned to Ohio. (7)

[Deseret] Jedediah Smith leads the first overland expedition to California. (8)

Ethan Smith visits Palmyra, NY. (2)

Joseph Smith (20) reportedly carries Jupiter Talisman. (2)

-- Between 1821 and 1826
Ethan Smith (author of View of the Hebrews) is a minister at Poultney, VT. Congressional Church, attended by Oliver Cowdery's family (Step Mother and 3 sisters). (2)

-- 1826
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. works most of the year for Josiah Stowell and Joseph Knight Sr. (4)

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