Mormon History, 1829

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-- 1829
[Oliver Cowdery] early Mar.? Martin Harris traveled from Palmyra to Harmony, Susquehannah, PA in order to obtain "a greater witness" of the truthfullness of the supposedly ancient record then in Joseph Smith, Jr.'s possession. (1)

[Sydney Rigdon] Peter's Creek Church congregation adopted the Philadelphia Baptist Confession of Faith as a measure against recent inroads by Campbellism (2)

-- about Tuesday, Jan 27, 1829
Palmyra, J Smith Sr. and Samuel leave Palmyra for Pennsylvania. (3)

-- about Saturday, Jan 31, 1829
Pennsylvania, J Smith Sr. and Samuel arrive at Joseph Knight's home. (3)

-- 1829 Feb.
[Oliver Cowdery] Joseph Smith, Jr. (at Harmony, Susquehannah, PA) claimed to receive a message from God directed to his father, Joseph Sr. (1)

-- 1829 February
[Joseph Smith] Lucy and Joseph Sr. travel to Harmony, Pennsylvania. A revelation is received at Harmony (BC 3; LDS and RLDS D&C 4). [HARMONY,] (4)

-- Feb. 1829
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Sr. and Samuel Smith visit Joseph and Emma at Harmony; Samuel may have acted as scribe during this visit. Joseph Jr. receives a revelation for his father, now D&C 4. (5)

-- about Sunday, Feb 01, 1829
J Smith Sr. and Samuel arrive with Mr. Knight at Joseph's (3)

-- about Monday, Feb 02, 1829
Harmony, Joseph Knight returns home. (3)

-- Feb 4, 1829
[Revelations] Harmony, Pennsylvania. Doctrine and Covenants 4. For Joseph Smith Sr. Serve the Lord, the field is white, thrust in your sickle eye single to the glory of God. Ask, knock.
Book of Commandments 3 heading: A Revelation given to Joseph, the father of Joseph, in Harmony, Pennsylvania, February, 1829, saying:.
1835 Book of Commandments 31 heading: Revelation given to Joseph Smith, Sr. , given February, 1829. (6)

-- about Wednesday, Feb 04, 1829
J Smith Sr. and Samuel leave Harmony for home. (3)

-- about Thursday, Feb 12, 1829
Manchester, J Smith Sr. and Samuel arrive at home in Manchester. (3)

-- 1829 Mar.
[Oliver Cowdery] Joseph Smith, Jr. (at Harmony, Susquehannah, PA) claimed to receive a message from God directed to himself and Martin Harris. Harris was told in the text that God had caused Smith to "enter into a covenant with me that he should not show them [the golden plates] except I command him..." and that Smith should "...pretend to no other gift" than the translation of the supposedly ancient record. (1)

-- 1829 March
[Joseph Smith] Martin Harris travels to Harmony and wants to know if Joseph Jr. "had, in his possession, the record of the Nephites." A revelation is received (BC 4; LDS and RLDS D&C 5). Harris returns to Palmyra. Isaac Hale describes the manner in which the record was dictated: a stone placed in a hat. [HARMONY,] (4)

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