Mormon History, Sep 22, 1824

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-- Sep 22, 1824
but without Alvin (died) so was told to return in one year with a person that would be known to him. Smith decided the person was Samuel T. Lawrence (another treasure seeker and a seer). Lawrence told Smith to use his seer stone to look into the box and asks Smith if he sees anything else in the box, Smith says no, Lawrence asks him to look again and asks Smith if he sees a large pair of specks with the plates; Smith says he sees the specks. Lawrence says the plates should not be seen by anyone for about two years. Joseph Smith changes his mind about Samuel Lawrence being the right man to bring. [per Chase]. Joseph Smith later (in or after 1825) tells a similar story to Joseph Knight but no mention of the toad like creature; says he looked into his glass (seer stone) and saw that the right person to bring was Emma Hale [per Joseph Knight]. Joseph Smith later tells Henry Harris that he had a revelation from God that the plates were hid in a certain hill and he looked in his st
one and saw them, but an angel said he couldn't get them until he was married [per Henry Harris]. (1)

Joseph Smith (18) tells of second attempt to get plates (no Alvin), told to return in one year with another that would be known to him as the right person. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. makes his second visit to the Hill Cumorah without Alvin. Quinn suggests that Lucy's detailsabout the plates disappearance when he puts them on the groundactually happened during the first visit. (2)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Moroni meets with and teaches Joseph Jr. at Hill Cumorah. LucyM

-- Sep 25, 1824
Wayne Sentinel prints Joseph Smith Sr.'s account that reports of Alvin's grave being disturbed were untrue, as he and others checked. (1)

-- Sep 29, 1824
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Smith Sr. publishes a paid advertisement in the Wayne Sentinel for six weeks, announcing that he dug up Alvin's body on 25 September, disproving rumors that someone had mutilated or dismembered the body. The advertisement also runs on 6, 13, 20, 27 October and 3 November 1824. (2)

-- 1824 fall?
[Oliver Cowdery] Oliver Cowdery probably worked as a typesetter on one or more small newspapers published west of Ontario Co., NY. While thus employed he may have printed tracts and pamphlets which he sold, traveling on foot throughout western NY, Ontario, the PA panhandle and possibly eastern OH. (3)

-- Oct 8, 1824
[Brigham Young] Brigham Young, aged 23, marries Miriam Angeline Works (1806-1832) (aged 18); first marriage; 2 children; died prior to Young becoming a Latter Day Saint (4)

-- 1825
[Deseret] American trappers affiliated with William H. Ashley and led by Johnson Gardner and Peter Skene Ogden of the rival Hudson's Bay Company, a British outfit, met imperviously at Mountain Green on the Weber River. (5)

[Deseret] William H. Ashley arranged for his men to meet at Henry's Fork of the Green River for what became the first annual rendezvous. The next three rendezvous were held in Utah--one in Cache Valley and the next two on the south end of Bear Lake. (5)

Isaac Hale's affidavit of 20-Mar, 1834, says that Joseph Smith boarded with him while he was employed by money-diggers as a seer, by means of putting a stone in his hat then putting the hat over his face. Hale says Smith was insolent to his father. (1)

J. Harrison Lambdin dies. (1)

Joseph Smith (19) and father go to Pennsylvania and join a band of money diggers hunting for Spanish treasure. (1)

Joseph Smith Sr. (a cooper) defaults on mortgage. (1)

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