Mormon History, Apr 16, 1822

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-- Apr 16, 1822
Manchester, NY Named (formerly called "Burt" and "Farmington"). (1)

-- Jun 29, 1822
[Joseph Smith] Lot 1 valuation is still $700 for 100 acres for Joseph Sr. (2)

-- Jul 2, 1822
[Joseph Smith] Zachariah Seymour, the land agent from whom Joseph Sr. and Alvin articled the 100 acres and to whom they made payments, dies. (2)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Zachariah Seymour, the Evertson land agent, dies. (3)

-- Nov 7, 1822
[Heber C. Kimball] Marries Vilate Murray. Living children--William, Helen, Heber Parley, David Patton, Charles, and Brigham Willard--by February 1846. (4)

-- 1823
Heber C. Kimball a member of the Masons. (1)

Orson Hyde works for Grandison Newel. (1)

View of the Hebrews by Ethan Smith published in New York. (1)

[West] Monroe Doctrine declared North and South America closed to European colonization. (5)

-- 1823-25
[Sydney Rigdon] According to E.D. Howe, Rigdon "abandoned preaching and all other employment for the purpose of studying the bible" (6)

[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon took up work as a "journeyman tanner" (and eventually as a "currier") at a Pittsburgh tannery; he worked with his brother-in-law, Richard Brooks and/or William Brooks: Sydney Rigdon may have purchased a part of this business with the proceeds of his June land sale to James Means (6)

-- 1823
[Sydney Rigdon] Alexander Campbell begins publishing the "Christian Baptist" (6)

[Sydney Rigdon] Sept The two Pittsburgh Baptists groups appeared at the Redstone Association annual meetings (held in Pittsburgh) and argued as to which group should be accepted as the official Pittsburgh church. A commission is set up to investigate heresy charges brought against Sydney Rigdon by the Winter faction. (6)

-- Jan 1, 1823
[Sydney Rigdon] The firm of Patterson & Lambdin (along with their Butler & Lambdin Print Shop) in Pittsburgh went into banckruptcy. If a copy of the Spalding MS had survived in the Print Shop until this date it was probably then disposed of along with the other possessions of the bankrupt firm. (6)

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