Mormon History, Oct 15, 1823-21

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-- Oct 15, 1823-21
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon served as secretary to Alexander Campbell in his debate with Kentucky Presbyterian Rev. William L. McCalla (1)

-- Oct 22, 1823
Asa Wilds' story of vision with "Great Jehovah" published in Wayne Sentinel, saying "...every denomination was corrupt." (2)

-- 1823 November
[Joseph Smith] The Smiths' frame house in Manchester commences to be built. (3)

-- Nov 19, 1823
Joseph Smith's eldest brother Alvin dies, putting greater financial strain on the family. (4)

Alvin Smith (27) dies. (2)

Alvin Smith, Joseph Smith, Jr.'s older brother, dies from poor treatment by a doctor after feeling ill. (5)

[Joseph Smith] Alvin Smith dies. (3)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Alvin dies of an overdose of calomel soon after beginning work on the new frame house. (6)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Death of Alvin. LucyM

-- Nov 20, 1823
[Lucy Mack Smith] Dr. Gain C. Robinson, owner of Palmyra's first drug store, notes receiving a $3.00 fee for "Joseph Smith visit." (6)

-- 1824
[Brigham Young] Marries Miriam Works. (7)

[Deseret] General William H. Ashley sends trappers to northern Utah and Jim Bridger discovers the Great Salt Lake. (8)

Lucy Mack Smith attends revivals (being grieved from Alvin's death [per Lucy Mack Smith]); she, Sophronia Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Samuel Harrison Smith join the Presbyterian Church. (2)

Sidney Rigdon looses Pastor job (the Redstone Baptists regain control of the Pittsburgh Baptist Church); Rigdon becomes (or returns to being) a tanner in Pittsburgh, PA. He takes about three years off to study the Bible. (2)

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