Mormon History, 1827 c. Nov.

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-- 1827 c. Nov.
[Oliver Cowdery] Martin Harris began to assist the Joseph Smith, Sr. family financially. He gave Joseph, Jr. fifty dollars at about this time, so that Joseph and Emma could move back to Harmony, Susquehanna, PA. (1)

-- About Nov 1827
Joseph Smith answers Isaac Hale question (as to who will be the first to see the plates) that a child will be the first to see them. Isaac Hale demands to see the plates if Joseph is to stay at his house, Joseph Smith refuses and hides the plates in the woods [per Hale's 1834 affidavit]. (2)

Joseph Smith tells Isaac Hale that he's given up "glass-looking" [per Hale's 1834 affidavit]. (2)

-- Oct Nov 1827
Joseph and Emma Smith move back to Harmony, PA with Alva (Emma's brother)'s help. Martin Harris pays Smith's debts and finances the trip [per Harris's 1859 interview]. (2)

-- Thursday, Nov 01, 1827
Manchester, Plates are concealed under the cooper's shop floor. (3)

-- Sunday, Nov 04, 1827
Manchester, Plates are removed to the cooper's shop loft. (3)

-- Sunday, Nov 25, 1827
Manchester, Alva Hale arrives to help Joseph Move to Harmony. (3)

-- about Monday, Nov 26, 1827
Manchester, Martin Harris gives Joseph Smith $50 in silver (3)

-- 1827 Dec
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph and Emma move to Harmony. Martin Harris gives them $50. (4)

-- 1827 December
Emma's father allows the couple to stay in a small house on his property, and Joseph begins the task of translating the writing of the gold book, using his interpretation device and dictating the results to Emma. (5)

Joseph Smith Jr. begins translation of the gold plates. (6)

-- Dec. 1827
[Lucy Mack Smith] Alva Hale arrives from Harmony and takes Joseph and Emma back with him, carrying the plates concealed in a barrel of beans. Martin Harris remembers the date of the move as the last of October or first of November; Joseph Knight recalls it as November. (7)

-- Dec. Feb 1827, 1828
[Lucy Mack Smith] Emma and Reuben Hale act as scribes. Joseph refuses to show Isaac Hale the plates. Joseph and Emma move into a small house behind the Hale farm. (7)

-- about Saturday, Dec 01, 1827
Manchester, Joseph and Emma begin their move to Harmony. (3)

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