Mormon History, Sep 22, 1826

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-- Sep 22, 1826
[Lucy Mack Smith] Moroni meets with and teaches Joseph Jr. at Hill Cumorah. (1)

-- 1826 Fall
[Joseph Smith] Joseph Jr. works for Joseph Knight at Colesville, New York. (2)

-- Fall 1826
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. and Samuel Lawrence go to Pennsylvania where Joseph proposes to Emma Hale and is rebuffed by Isaac Hale. (3)

-- 1826 Oct.
[Oliver Cowdery] At about this time Sidney Rigdon took over the pastorate of the Baptist church in Mentor, Geauga, OH. (4)

-- Nov. 1826
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph farms for Joseph Knight Sr. of Colesville and becomes close friends with Newel Knight. (3)

-- Nov 2, 1826
[Lucy Mack Smith] Hyrum Smith marries Jerusha Barden. (3)

[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon solemnized the marriage of Julia Giles and John G. Smith at Mentor -- apparently Rigdon became the new presiding elder for the Baptist congregation at Mentor about this time (5)

-- Nov 23, 1826
[Oliver Cowdery] Lyman Hervey Cowdery born to Warren & Patience Cowdery in LeRoy, Genesee, NY. Although Warren lived on his farm in Freedom, Cattaraugus, NY he and his wife may have resided temporarily at LeRoy on various occasions between 1819 and 1827. (4)

-- 1827
Orson Hyde joins Methodists. (6)

Sidney Rigdon seen at Smith's several times and several months apart by Mrs. S. F. Anderick, while visiting Sophronia Smith [per Anderick]. (6)

Sidney Rigdon seen several times at Smith's by Abel Chase. (6)

William Morgan (an anti-Mason) disappears (was writing an expose of Masons). (6)

-- Between 1823 and 1827
Hyrum Smith joins Masons. Masonic Mysteries tell of carved golden plate in arched stone vault. (6)

-- 1827
[Hyde, Orson] Member of Methodist Church 1827. Resided with Sidney Rigdon for indefinite period. Joined Campbellite movement. (7)

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