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-- Sep 21, 1823
Fearing that he has fallen off the right path, Smith prays forgiveness for all his "sins and follies" and receives a vision of the angel named Moroni, who speaks of a book written on gold plates and buried in a nearby hillside. According to Moroni, the book describes the people who used to inhabit America and contains "the fullness of the everlasting Gospel." (1)

Joseph Smith, Jun., had his second vision, in which the existence of the Plates of the Book of Mormon was revealed to him. The following day he opened the place where the Plates were deposited, and saw them. (2)

[Oliver Cowdery] The date Joseph Smith, Jr. claimed he was first visited by a divine messenger and told of the hidden record of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas -- the eve of the fall equinox. (3)

[Revelations] recorded in Joseph's 1838-1839 history. See Joseph Smith-History. Moroni's revised quotation of Malachi 4:5-6, Doctrine and Covenants 2. Elijah to restore the priesthood before the day of the Lord. He will turn children to their fathers and vice versa. Otherwise, the world would be completely destroyed at the Lord's coming. (4)

-- Sep 22, 1823
Guided by his vision, Smith locates the book in a box in the Hill Cumorah, just three miles from the Smith farm, but is told by Moroni that he cannot take the gold plates yet; instead he must return on September 22 for each of the next four years and be instructed on the mission God has in store for him. When Smith attempts to touch the box anyway, he receives a shock and is thrown to the ground. (1)

-- After Sep 22, 1823
Alvin Smith was the most excited about retrieving the plates [per Lucy Mack Smith]. (5)

Joseph Smith tells family about the continent's former civilizations [per Lucy Mack Smith]. (5)

-- Sep 22, 1823
Joseph Smith tells of attempt to get plates, but set them down (to look for other treasures [per Lucy Mack Smith]) and they disappeared. Smith struck by toad-like creature when trying to take back the plates. Told to return in one year with Alvin. [per Joseph Smith, per several]. (5)

[Lucy Mack Smith] As Joseph Jr. leaves the field where he has been working with his father and brothers, Moroni repeats the message and tells him to inform his father. Joseph recounts his experience to the entire family. He makes his first visit to the Hill Cumorah. Moroni tells him to return with Alvin the next year. (6)

-- 1823 Oct
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon left Pittsburgh to accompany Alexander Campbell on a trip to KY (7)

-- 1823 Fall
[Sydney Rigdon] Rigdon's disfellowshipped faction of the First Baptist Church "lost the meetinghouse "due to non-payment of ground rent." (7)

[Sydney Rigdon] The Rigdon-led seceders from First Baptist Church and Walter Scott's Independent Church informally united, holding joint-meetings "every Sunday in the Allegheny County Court House;" the united group was loyal to the tenets of Alexander Campbell (7)

-- Oct 11, 1823
[Oliver Cowdery] Sidney Rigdon was condemned for heresy and removed from his pastorate at the Pittsburgh First Baptist Church by representatives of his congregation and of its governing Redstone Baptist Association. (3)

[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon was "excluded from the Baptist denomination" about the time he arrived in KY; this was meant as an excommunication but was only valid within the Redstone Association (7)

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