Mormon History, Spring 1823

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-- Spring 1823
Joseph Smith family completes move to Manchester, NY [per Lucy Smith]. (1)

-- 1823 Spr?
[Sydney Rigdon] Rev. John Winter later claimed that at this time he saw "a large manuscript" which was "a romance of the Bible" in Sidney Rigdon's study; Winter also claimed that Rigdon told him the MS had been written by "a Presbyterian Minister, Spaulding, whose health had failed, brought this to the printer to see if it would pay to publish it; Winter's daughter, Mary W. Irvine, later said that her father was informed that Rigdon "had gotten it from the printers to read it as a curiousity." (2)

-- 1823 Spr
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon refused to teach the "Philadelphia Confession of Faith" in Pittsburgh; argued against infant damnation with Pittsburgh school teacher and Baptist Minister John Winter; following this Winter soon "formed an opposition coalition of twelve to twenty members" within Rigdon's congregation (2)

[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon worked as an advocate of Alexander Campbell's reforms while serving as Minister the First Baptist Church in Pittsburgh (2)

-- Jun 28, 1823
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon sold his inherited land near Library to James Means (2)

-- July 1823
[Lucy Mack Smith] The Smiths mark their third harvest since contracting for their farm. (3)

-- 1823 summer
[Oliver Cowdery] Ethan Smith finished writing his book View of the Hebrews in Poultney, Rutland, VT and had it published on the press of the Poultney Gazette, (after Dec. called the Northern Spectator. It is possible that Oliver Cowdery was employed at the Poultney Gazette as a printer's devil or assistent type-setter during 1822 and early 1823. (4)

-- 1823 summer?
[Oliver Cowdery] Oliver Cowdery probably left VT to take a job as a printer's assistant in western NY. He may have lived briefly in New York City and then settled for a time in Canandaigua, Ontario, NY. If so, Oliver probably worked on a publication like the "Plain Truth" which was then being published in Canandaigua. During this period he probably also visited his brothers in Arcadia, Wayne, NY, Cattaraugus Co., NY, and Youngstown, Trumbull, OH. (4)

-- Jul 11, 1823
[Sydney Rigdon] Winter's group excluded Rigdon and denied him the "liberty of speaking in self defense;" the Rigdon group of "seventy to eighty members and the smaller Winter group each claimed to be the First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh;" declaring "non-fellowship" and expelling each other. (2)

-- Jul 24, 1823
[Joseph Smith] A $300 assessment increase on land shows improvements on the Smiths' Manchester property. (5)

-- 1823 Aug
[Sydney Rigdon] Threatened with expulsion of his Brush Run Church from the Redstone Association, Alexander Campbell and the newly formed Wellsburg Church joined the Mahoning Association (thus avoiding excommunication) (2)

-- 1823 September
[Joseph Smith] [Joseph Smith] First Moroni visitation. (6)

-- Sep 21, 1823-22
Joseph Smith visited by Angel Moroni and told of Book of Mormon record. Joseph viewed Gold Plates buried in nearby hill (Cumorah). [See Book of Mormon Plates & Records; Moroni, Visitations of.] (7)

-- 1823 21-22 September
Moroni visited Joseph Smith and showed him gold plates buried in Hill Cumorah. (8)

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