Mormon History, 1826-27

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-- 1826-27
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon reportedly was visited in Ohio by the young Joseph Smith, Jr. -- During this period Rigdon carried on periodic preaching for Baptist a congregation in northern Portage Co., Ohio -- he also visited Mentor, in northern Geauga Co. on occasion. (1)

-- Feb 13, 1826
[U.S. Religious History] The first The American Temperance Society was founded in Boston. It would later be renamed the American Temperance Union and would become a national cause. Within a decade there were over 8,000 like-minded groups with more than 1.5 million members. (2)

-- 1826 March
A criminal complaint is sworn out against Smith for fraudulent use of seer stones. He admits to using them in the past but says he has now given up the practice. (3)

-- Mar 3, 1826
Wayne Sentinel prints discussion to exclude the Apocrypha from scriptures. (4)

-- Mar 20, 1826
Joseph Smith tried and acquitted on charge of being a disorderly person at South Bainbridge, NY. [See din Bookstore. (5)

Joseph Smith (20) the "Glass Looker" (a minor) tried for "money digging" (a misdemeanor) in Bainbridge, NY. by Justice Neely under Vagrant Act. Charged by Peter G. Brigdman. Accused of palpable deceptions with the stone, such as reading pages from a closed book, etc. No sentence, but "condemned" and required to leave area. Told: "Off Off" (Also known as "leg bail.") Trial fee: 2.68. (4)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph is put on trial for disorderly conduct. Charges are dismissed. (6)

[Joseph Smith] During a court examination before Justice Albert Neely, Joseph Jr. states that by looking at a stone he can discover treasures hidden in the bowels of the earth, gold mines, coined money, and lost property. (7)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. is summoned to a judicial hearing at South Bainbridge, New York. Peter G. Bridgeman, Josiah Stowell's nephew, charges him with being a "disorderly" person. Joseph Sr. is a witness. (8)

-- Summer 1826
or 27 Sidney Rigdon reportedly tells Alexander Campbell and Adamson Bentley that a golden book will come out (Bentley says it was in 1827, Campbell recalls it as 1826). (4)

-- 1826 Aug.
[Oliver Cowdery] The office of the Batavia Advocate was burned and publication of William Morgan's Ilustrations of Masonry was delayed until late in 1826. It is possible that Oliver Cowdery lived temporarily with his brother Warren A. Cowdery in LeRoy, Genesee, NY at this time. Oliver may have been hired by the Batavia Advocate (or by William Morgan himself) to prepare a printer's manuscript of Morgan's book. Oliver may have introduced Morgan to Joseph Smith, Jr. at this time also. (9)

-- Aug 24, 1826-27
[Sydney Rigdon] Sydney Rigdon preached a funeral service for deceased Baptist Rev. Warner Goodell in Mentor: he then attended the annual meeting of Mahoning Baptist ministers at Canfield, OH (evidently as an observer representing the adjacent Grand River Assoc.) (1)

-- Sep 19, 1826
[Oliver Cowdery] William Morgan disappeared after having been arrested on Sep. 10 and abducted by Masons at Canandiagua on Sep. 12. He was taken to Fort Niagara on the Canadian border. Rumors soon circulated saying that he had been murdered. (9)

-- Sep 22, 1826
[Lucy Mack Smith] Joseph Jr. makes his fourth visit to the Hill Cumorah. Moroni tells him that if he meets the Lord's requirement he can have the plates next year. From his seer stone, Joseph learns that he should bring Emma Hale with him. (8)

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