Mormon History, Saturday, Jun 20, 1846.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Mosquito Creek. About 10 a.m., Presidents Young, Kimball, O. Hyde, P. P. Pratt, O. Pratt, J. Taylor, W. Richards, and their families and the band and many others from the camp started for town, and about 12 stopped at Major Mitchell's, the Indian agent. Many Indians and others were assembled. Half Day and Hoby, two chiefs, were introduced to the Presidency and band. After a few tunes, the Presidency, ladies and band dined with Major Mitchell, 12 at a table, 6 tables. Then music and dancing and songs by Brother Kay till about 6 ½ [6:30], when the party started for home. After Elder Kimball had broken one of his carriages and the Presidency had traded at Mr. SarpeeÂ's store, and arrived home about 8½ [8:30]. All parties appeared highly delighted with the reports and amusements of the day and the best of feelings were manifested by the citizens and Indians toward the Saints. A lady from Fort Leavenworth told Brother Lewis that Boggs started with a company of emigrants for Oregon, heard that 4,000 Mormons were on their way, and for fear they would find him and kill him he had returned home to Independence, Missouri. President Young's best mule died this day, and the first and second ten of the first 50 built a fence round their camp. [From] 10 to 11½ [11:30], President Young was in the post office writing to John D. Lee and W. W. Phelps. Many teams arrived in camp this day. Wind east.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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