Mormon History, Jun 28, 1846. Sunday.

[William Clayton Journal] At daybreak it rained again. We started at 4 o'clock and arrived at Pisgah at 8. Had some conversation with Father [William] Huntington and C[harles] C. Rich. We fed and at 9 started again. We soon saw Brother [Wilford] Woodruff. He was glad to see me. We conversed together some time. From him I learned that Missouri had sent up a committee to Pisgah to search for Forts and Cannon &c. He says the Missourians are terrified and many are moving from the back to the interior settlements. He also stated that we have got a friend in the British parliament and the British had held a private council in relation to the treatment of the U.S. towards us. Britain is making great preparations for war. They have sent 10,000 troops to Canada and a Fleet around Cape Horn to Oregon. They are intending to arm the slaves of the South and have their Agents in the Indian country trying to bring them in war to fight the U.S. After we left Elder Woodruff we passed on and soon met Sister [] Durfee and Brother [Cornelius P.] Lott and his company. He said Diantha was back about [4] miles. Soon after we met Orvile H. Allen and from him learned that Diantha was back at least 12 miles. We continued on and at 2 o'clock fed. We arrived at Father [] Chases between 4 and 5 o'clock. Diantha was very glad to see me and burst into tears. My little boy is far beyond all my expectations. He is very fat and well formed, has got a noble countenance. They are both well and I feel to thank my heavenly father for his mercies to them and Father Chase and family for their kindness to them and may the Lord bless them for it. And O lord bless my family and preserve them forever. Bless my Diantha and my boy and preserve their lives on the earth to bring honor to thy name and give us a prosperous journey back again is the prayer of thy servant William. Amen. At night we had a heavy thunder storm. It rained very heavy. I slept with my dear wife and boy in father C[hase]s wagon . . .

[source: George D. Smith, An Intimate Chronicle; The Journals of William Clayton, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1995,]

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