Mormon History, Monday, Jul 6, 1846.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Pleasant. Arose at 4, washed and rode on at 4 ½ [4:30]. Breakfast at 8 with Ezra Chase about four miles east of Bramble Hill, having taken the new route on the left. In the course of the day met or passed Brothers Stokes, Fields, Samuel Gully, Yates, Groves, Fare, Eldridge, Baum, and after bating our horses on the prairie about 11 miles from Mt. Pisgah, met C. C. Rich and Brother Little, presiding elder of Northeast and New York, Daniel Russell, prayed for his wife, and stopped at Father CutlerÂ's and Elder CahoonÂ's camps about three miles from Mt. Pisgah. Had tea with Sister J. P. Green. Elder Kimball tarried overnight. The others rode to Mt. Pisgah, about 7½, and put up with Father Huntington and General Rich. Brothers Rich and Little returned to Mt. Pisgah with the Presidency.
Brother Little was direct from Washington by way of Nauvoo, having been to see the President about emigrating to the western coast, and had an understanding with him that the Saints might enlist to go to California, etc., the same mission that Captain J. Allen was on, and Rich and Little were on their way to Council Bluffs to see the council during the day. The PresidentÂ's carriage met or passed 241 wagons, besides 63 encamped on the creek opposite the town of Mt. Pisgah, making in all between the encampment at the Bluffs and Mt. Pisgah, 800 wagons and carriages.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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