Mormon History, Jul 5, 1846

[Hosea Stout Diary] Sunday July the 5th 1846. This morning I went on it being warm clear & pleasant. We did not go more than a mile before we came to some camps which were the outer camps of the main encampment although the Ferry across the Missouri was yet twelve miles.We did not go for [far] from this first part of the Grand encampment before I went on and left the teams to follow as fast as they could.
I went on in search of Elder Orson Hyde as he was the one now to consult in the absence of the president. I found him on a fine ridge which I called Hydes ridge He was just starting to meeting.I made known to him my situation and the orders of Brigham to me and desired him to let me know what to do.He was entirely ignorant of what was wanted or required of me.He seemed to manifest a soft feeling for my situation and requested me to come & camp by him.He then went to meeting & I to meet my teams which were now not for behind.I accordingly encamped by him as he had requested my cattle being now worn down again.
After resting while I piched my tent and prepared to be as comfortable as I could for I expected to stay here some time
In the evening I went with my wife to see her mother who was about one mile down on the point of this ridge[.] Our feeling on meeting was very tender without a word being said we all burst into tears in remembrance of the loss of my little son Hosea.
From Mother Taylors I went, leaving my wife there to see Captain James Allen the United States officer and found him on another ridge neatly situated under an artificial bower near his tents with several men in attendance having the "Striped Star Spangled Banner" floating above them. He was a plain non assuming man without that proud over bearing strut and self concieted dignaty which some call an officer-like appearance.I came up and commenced a conversation with him.In a short time after which he at my request related in a short consise and intelligable manner, the circumstances of which led to and the famous battles fought on the 8th and 9th of May last on the Rio Grande near Metamoras between the United States & Mexico and which was beginning of hostilities between the two nations.
The particulars of which I need not relate I was much pleased with his manner as a gentleman notwithstanding my prejudice against, not only him but also the government which he was sent here to represent[.] From here I returned to Mother Taylors after my wife and went home

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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