Mormon History, Jul 2, 1846

[Hosea Stout Diary] Thursday July 2nd 1846. We commenced moving again to day[.] There was a general rush to cross the bridge. Every one seemed to be afraid that he could not get over before it would be gone.Which created a great deal of confusion and some feelings[.] In fact the bridge looked as though it would not last long for as the water [rose] it put in something of a "bad fix"
The bridge which was about one mile ahead and had also been finished yesterday came very near breaking down. But it was soon arrainged so that it was safe
There was large companies of Indians followed us today for several miles and in fact they thronged around us all the time we were building the bridge & at times would come in droves to the camp but they were very civil friendly & good natured and done none of us any injury while we were here.
They would amuse themselves sometimes by swimming in the creek in large numbers and sometimes at playing cards at which they seemed to be very dexterous. They appeared to be much interested at our opperations while at work which seemed to be a great novelty to them.
We traveled about 18 miles today and encamped in the prairie just after crossing a small deep stream. Here we found a good cool, clear spring of water.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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