Mormon History, Jul 3, 1846

[Hosea Stout Diary] Friday July the 3rd 1846. We started very earley & drove hard and my oxen give out after we went about 12 miles & the company went on and left me. It was a point of timber after crossing a creek and a good place at which there was a beautiful spring that I had encamped[.] Here I was left in a destitute situation[.] For my provisions had given out while at the Nodaway and we were driven to the necessaty of boiling corn to sustain life[.] When we started to travel after finishing the bridge we prepared some to travel on which had now given out and left us with nothing for our supper untill we could boil more which could not be done tonight.I will here state that while with Br Billings, a man by the name of Henry Nepeker, who did not belong to the church kindly let me have the use of two of his cows which furnished us in milk but not as much as we needed[.] He also in the mein time gave me a piece of bacon and lent me ten pounds of flour and was in fact very kind to me.I mention this because I tried to procure provision of the brethren who would not let me have it for the money neither lend it to me They knowing my situation.
We were now left without the use of the cows and entirely left destitute and what to do we knew not[.] But a Br Daniel Wood and his company came up after a while & he let me have a peck of meal very reluctantly[.] I also procured a few pounds of flour from another man which relieved us.this time & we felt again satisfied.
Before night this encampment was filled with a large camp for the brethren were coming in untill dark.
A short time before dark we saw a carrage and horsemen coming from towards the Bluffs & many supposed that it might be the United States officer & some one thing & some another[.] But it proved to be President Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball and Willard Richards of the Twelve and they were escorted by G. W. Langley James H. Glines Thomas Williams and Joseph S. Scofield
They were on their way to Pisgah & Garden Grove. I had a few minutes interview with President Young who briefly told me that they were going to comply with the requisitions of the President of the United States and furnish the 500 men demanded and that there was a good feeling existing between us and him & all was right & that they were going to Pisgah & Garden Grove to raise the men &c.Their presence seemed to give new life to all the camp who flocked around them and asking so many questions that they could not answer any of them[.] But after a few words of comfort to us they went on.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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