Mormon History, Friday, Jun 26, 1846.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Mosquito. Clear and pleasant. Some little flying clouds. Wind northwest. Council, B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Hyde, P. P. Pratt, O. Pratt, John Taylor, George A. Smith, A. Lyman, W. Richards, N. K. Whitney, A. P. Rockwood, John Smith, George Grant, Levi Richards, assembled in council on the prairie north of headquarters at 11 a.m. Conversed about MitchellÂ's writing to Fort Kearney for troops to take the Mormon leaders and drive off the leaders, as related by Sarpee to President Young yesterday. Voted that O. Hyde and N. K. Whitney go to Major Mitchell and inquire if he has written to Fort Kearney for troops, and if so, learn the cause and get him to write a letter to counteract his former letter. Council adjourned to Major HuntÂ's camp two miles north where they dined, except Hyde and Whitney who had leave to retire and visit Major Mitchell.
After dinner Major Hunt went with the council to headquarters where they separated, and Presidents Young, P. P. Pratt, Kimball, and George A. Smith went to the boat, when Elders Hyde and Whitney came to them and informed them that Major Mitchell said he had written no letter to Fort Kearney except one he wrote some two months ago about Emmett's company; that since his acquaintance with the Mormons his feelings had materially changed, that he had found them gentlemen, and wished them well and would do all in his power to do them good; that he would write to Fort Kearney if the committee wished it, but it was of no use as the officers had taken no notice of his letters, and the officers wanted the Mormons to go forward to their destination.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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