Mormon History, Saturday, Jul 4, 1846.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Very pleasant. Northwest wind. At 8, in carriage ready to start when P. P. Pratt, W. Woodruff, E. T. Benson, and Solomon Hancock came up on return from raising volunteers as pioneers to go over the mountains. 84 volunteers were reported, and some 50 dollars. P. P. Pratt and Solomon Hancock, about 9, went on to headquarters. Brother Woodruff returned about 20 miles and met his family. Joseph S. Scofield met his wife at the same place and returned to headquarters. President and suite passed Pottawattamie [Pottawatamie] town about sun half hour high and encamped eight miles east with Father Morley, having passed 206 wagons, and met William Weeks, Frank Pullen, Brother Huntsucker, John Murdock, Isaac Houston, Brother Pierce, etc., etc. Brother Young and Richards lay down in Father MorleyÂ's tent about 10½ [10:30]. Soon the rain, thunder, and lightning commenced, blew up the tent; they held it down till someone pinned it, though the ends were gone, and they crawled into Brother Joseph S. Clark's wagon with his family. The storm continued to rage till Father MorleyÂ's tent blew quite down, and other tents in the neighborhood. Water fell abundantly. They lay on the edge of the wagon box, etc., their clothes wet.

[source: Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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