Mormon History, Friday, Jul 3, 1846.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal] Missouri River. About 9 a.m., Elders Young, Kimball, and Richards, started in President Young's carriage. Called at John D. LeeÂ's encampment, and stopped at the Mosquito encampment. About 1 p.m., fed horses, dined, etc. Passed on at 2½ [2:30] towards Mt. Pisgah, meeting George A. Smith, O. Pratt, and O. Hyde by the way. [At 2:15] 2 1/4, rode on. Strong east wind. Clouds arose in the west. About 5, passed different companies traveling and encamped. One of 9 wagons, one of 6, 5, 7, 25, 28. Hiram Clark and Hosea Stout and etc., one William Clayton, five Galland, twenty Brown. Total 108 wagons. Put up with Eben Brown and Brother Barnard at 9½ [9:30], having traveled about 34 miles, on the creek near the big spring about six miles east of the west branch of the Nishonee Botany. Brother Joseph S. Scofield, Glines, Thomas Williams, George Langly accompanied these carriages on horseback. Very cheerful on the ride, conversed with the brethren about enlisting till near midnight. Nancy B., wife of John Freeman, delivered of a daughter named Rosaline Beal, 6 p.m. Reported by Patty Sessions.

[Apostle Willard Richards Journal]

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