Mormon History, Oct 7, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] Tuesday Oct 7th 1845. Was very unwell this morning & not able to go to the meeting of the Seventies at 7 oclock A. M.However at 10 oclock and in the after noon I went to Allen Weeks and while there I found the some of Hardins troops had come into town and went into different parts.some had went to where Col Scott had some artillery covered in some corn fodder and put a guard round the lot evidently with the intention of taking it away but Scott put a guard in side with orders to let no man tough itHis guard increased so fast that they soon thought proper to go away and let it alone, Another part of them went and took Daniel Smith & another man as they said for Stealing but I do not know how it is about the matter they were took off by them.When Genl Rich found that they were coming in with out leave and most likely had writs against the 12 & others he gave orders for every man at the Temple to go and get his arms and be prepared for the worst, This creat
ed a great stir and
conference was dispenced with till tomorrow.When I came to the Square the people had assembled in considerable numbers but in a Short time we had word to disperse and be ready at a moments warning as the troops had passed out of town.At 5 met the police and then come homeBr Arnold was with me.Then went to Allen Weeks and Staid all night as I did not like to be at home at that time not knowing but they were Seeking me also as well as some others.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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