Mormon History, Oct 24, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] Friday Octr 24th 1845. Went Earley and took breakfast at Hunters and then went to the parade ground and met the troops as before mentioned and about 8 oclock got them under wayI took command of a company & went towards Carthage and Stopped on the large mound about half way there and flanked the company to the right and left for about six miles.Col J. D. Parker took a company and went in the direction of Camp-Creek and flanked so as to meet my men & Col Turley went down the river & flanked so as to protect that partthen the whole country was guardedWe had an entertaining time of ii about one oclock I called in the men and flanked them again after about an hours time which they were there.About half past 3 I called them in again and returned to Nauvoo where I arrived about 5 oclock and after dismissing the men went and met the police and then went in company with Hunter to Joseph Knights and took Supper and then we went to Elder Taylors to a council and afte
r arraingements were made
for the guard tomorrow I went with B. Young & H. C. Kimball & some of the police to the Hall and there attended to some business & after that went home where I arrived about one oclock

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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