Mormon History, Apr 8, 1844

-- Apr 8, 1844
[Joseph Smith] Conference continues. Joseph wants to continue his sermon, but "it is just as impossible, for me to continue the subject of yesterday as to raise the dead. My lungs are worn out." He does, however, state that "the whole of America is Zion itself from north to south." He also speaks on the "washings and anointings, and . . . those last and more impressive ordinances." He urges the completion of the temple, but is physically unable to speak any longer. Another elder preaches for three hours, then Hyrum Smith speaks. (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:318-21.) (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, April 8th 1844 10 A.M. Pres[iden]t Jos[eph] Smith called the congregation to order. Bro[ther] B[righam] Young, /W[illiam] W. Phelps/ read 15 chap[ter] 1st Corinthians from an old translation. Prayer for some 1/2 Doz[en] sick and opening [of the] meeting by B[righam] Young.

Pres[iden]t J[oseph] Smith said he must give up the subject of yesterday. Made a proclamation. "I have another great and grand Revelation. Great discussion [about] where Zion is. The whole America is Zion that is the Zion where the mountain of the Lord's House shall be, about the central part of N[orth] and South America soon as the Temple is finished. Lord hath ordained where these last and most important ordinances must be in a house, provided for the purpose when we can get a house built first there is the place[, then one can be] Bap[tized,] washed, annointed, sealed &c. for the dead the same as for themselves.

"From henceforth the elders shall build churches where ever the people recieve the gospel[. If there are] sufficient ]numbers] then build stakes to this place. I verily believe that God will establish this place for the salvation of the dead. Those who want to save their dead can come hither. Those who do not wish to come hither to live can bring their families and attend the ordinances and return."

20 mi[nutes to] 11 Elder G[eorge] J. Adams read /17th/ Obadiah "but upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance" Micah 3 chap[ter] latter part fore part [of chapter] 4" chap[ter] Gen[esis] 48 and 49 about to gather up his feet. Deut 33 chap[ter] Isa[iah] 46:12, 13 Paul says as it is written deliverance shall come out of Zion.

Isa[iah] 17 [at the] close. Rushing of the nation [-] to the com[man]d &c. 48 Ps[alms,] 102d P.S.[alms] not give sleep to mine eyes &c. in the fields of the woods 1 Pet[er] 3 and 4 chap[ter]s 24 Isa[iah,] 2d Par[t] Cor[inthians] 15. I declare unto you I bless God for a prophet to tell us what the old Bible means where it don't tell what it means. Hosea [wrote,] "Ephraim what shall I do," quot[e]s him—Jer[emiah] 31 chap[ter] 1 /o'clock/ 16 mi[nutes] closed by A blessing from President Jos[eph] Smith through G[eorge] J. Adams and the conference referred to the Twelve [Apostles] and the Elders notified to meet in 2 hours. Baptism to be attended at 2 1/2 o'clock.

Conference of the Twelve [Apostles] April 8, 1844

15 4 P.M. A large collection of Elders assembled at the stand. Addressed by Patriarch Hyrum Smith on Spiritual wife system. The first one we heard reporting such stories we will report him in the Time[s] and Seasons to come and give up his licence. He was decided against it in every form and spoke at length. President Rigdon Concurred in his remarks following Hyrum. 12 mi[nutes to] 6 adjourned to 8 A.M. tomorrow. (2)

Hyrum Smith teaches: "No marriage is valid in the morn of the resurrection unless the marriage covenant be sealed on earth by one having the keys and power from the Almighty God to seal on earth, and it shall be bound in heaven... The Lord has given Joseph the power to seal on earth and in heaven [for] those who are found worthy; having the Spirit of Elijah and Elias, he has power to seal with a seal that shall never be broken, and it shall be in force in the morn of the resurrection... (3)

[Prophecy] Stakes established in Boston and New York - "In the great cities, as Boston, New York, etc., there shall be stakes" HC 6:319 -- Stakes were established in those cities. (4)

-- Apr 8, 1844, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Monday 8 Er G. J. Adams preached P.M. attended Ers conference (5)

-- Apr 9, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 9th Conference [met] persuant to adjournment at 8 oclok President B Young in the Chair. Elder Amasa Lyman made some appropriat remarks. Had followed men that done more hurt than good flung more obstructions in the way than they took out. Had taken half of his time to remove prejudice caused by unwise Elders. For God sake dont preach a thing you dont know. Dont appear before the public in a capacity you cannot maintain. A man in Iowa Called a Congregation. The first thing he did was to read a Patriarchal blessing which had some strong meat in it. He would have done better to have preached the gospel. I had rather hear brethren appear small th[an] large. I had rather see a man hold his brother up than pull him down. Preach what will save men. The same that converted you will convert them.

Elder B Young arose and [said] the above doc-trin was true and I will add a remark to it. If man tries to rise by pulling another down he will sink as soon as a peace of pot mettle. Preach faith repentance & Baptism. Say nothing but repentance to this generation. Need not go into mysteries. Preach the same over again. When I heard Br Joseph make his proclamation yesterday I thought it was a sweepstakes when he said North & South America was Zion. Any Elder that will be wise when he gets his endowment can go into any city & build up the largest church in the city. This prooves the prophet true, that the priesthood is fitted for the Condition of evry man & woman that was on the earth. Will the elders go out this season & preach the things we tell them to & then stop? Build up churches in all the world is a perfect knock down to mobs. Now Mo Mob away and best let us alone and we will evangelize the world and not make much fuss about it. Mob us & we will do it sooner. We want th
e Elders to electioneer for President Smith and we want to build the temple this season and by the help of God you we will do it. Pay your tithing if you want a seat in that house. Many other usful remarks was made by Elder Young. Conference Adjourned untill 2 oclok.

Met according to adjournment and called to order by president Brigham Young. President Joseph Young proceded to ordain a number of Elders into the quorum of the Seventies.

B Young remarked O ye Elders of Israel you are the first fruits of the kingdom of God on the earth that is to swallow up all other kingdoms on earth. Now be wise and not fools like many smart young men who have sunk themselves in degradation & infamy, when you go out go before God in prayer and faith. Joseph said he was not known in our midst. He might live & die and not be fully known untill he was weighed in the balance in the eternal world. You do not fully know the day of your visitation. The work is beginning to be seen by the Saints. When J. C. Bennet went forth to try to destroy the Saints A little company of us went before God and asked him to take away his power, and it fell like lightning from Heaven. We asked for Duncan not to be Govor-nor. He was not but he is now dead and damned. We asked for Reynolds to be taken away. He soon shot himself & went to Hell. Carlin is dead and so our enemies have fallen on evry hand. Whare is the officers of Government in washingto
n? Seven were hurled into eternity in an instant by the bursting of a big gun. The bitter branches are beginning to be cut off. Take care O man how you oppose this work for their is a God in Israel. Cannot you practice virtue & holiness in this Church? Yes and it is the corrupt & wicked that oppose the work. Go out & do good and work righteousness.

W. W. Phelps said we want to get up a general meeting in Nauvoo as a kind of convention and we want to do the same in all the states. He remarked that General Smith had undertaken a great work even unto the fulfilling of the Prophets relating to this dispensation.

A contribution was taken up for Joseph Smith to meet a debt. $100 dollars was donated another hundred loaned. Conference was Adjurned untill 2 oclok Saturday to hear a discourse from Elder Taylor on politicks. About three hundred Elders volunteered to go out preaching this season. Their names were taken to be published in the Times & Season. (6)

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Mormon History, Apr 7, 1844

-- Apr 7, 1844
[Nauvoo Temple] During General Conference Hyrum Smith indicated that the Church needed 200,000 shingles for the Temple. He continued,"I thought some time ago I would get up a small subscription, so the sisters might do something." He then proposed that it would be a privilege for anyone to give a penny a week to buy nails and glass. He felt that this small subscription would bring in more than a large one and that even the poor could participate in building the Temple. He said he need $1,000. The money could be sent to him and he desired to raised the funds by the Fall. He concluded, "I want to get the windows in, in the winter, so that we may be able to dedicate the House of the Lord by this time next year, if nothing more than one room. I will call upon the brethren to do something." It was at this time that the Sisters adopted Hyrum Smith's suggestion for penny subscription fund. After Hyrum Smith's

death, his wife, Mary, and his sister-in-law, Mercy F. Thompson, received the donations. The Sisters were very successful in their efforts, raising over $600, but ultimately most of the money was not used for the Temple but to pay Church debts. (1)

-- Apr 7, 1844, Sunday
[William Clayton Writings] Sunday 7. At the conference all day A.M. Er Rigdon preached. P.M. Prest Hyrum talked on spiritual wives & after Joseph discoursed on the dead (2)

-- 8Apr44
[Joseph Smith Sermon] Conference of the Church on Monday April 8,

9 3/4 A. M. Prest. J. Smith took his seat on the stand. and requested choir to sing an Hymn.

; His lungs having failed he would call upon Er B. Young to read 1 Cor 15 Ch.

; Er B. Young said to cont the sub of Prest. S discourse yesterday shall commence by reading 18 Cor.--from an old Bible--W. W. Phelps read- ; Prayer by Er B. Young. choir sung an Hymn ; Prest. J. said impos. to continue the subject as to raise the dead Lungs is gone--time to do things must wait--give it up and leave the time to those who can make you hear--will do it some other time.

Monday morning ; Prayer by Pres Young--after which choir sung an hymn ; Prophet it is just as impossible for me to continue the subject as to raise the dead--my lungs are worn out--I will do so anor. day.

Conference met at 10 oclck April 8th ; President J Smith arose and said it is impossible to continue the subject that I spoke upon yesterday in Consequence of the weekness of my lungs.

Prest. J. Smith said he must give up the subject of yesterday.

Proclamation -a Revelation Make a proc to the Ers [Elders]--Wanted you to stay in order I might make this Proc. you know the Ld has lead the Church from rev. Has another rev in rel to economy in the Church Shall not be able as largely as some other. time will give I want a few words to the Elders you know very well that the Ld. has led this Church by revn. I have anr. revn. a great grand & glorious revn. & Yet I have a proclamation to make to the Elders you know the Lord has led the Church untill the present time ; Made a proclamation.--I have another great and grand Revelation-- North and South America Zion 1st prin--has ben great discourse in rel to Zion--prophets-- make a proc that will cover a broad gd. the whole America is Zion itself-- from North to South-- that is the Zion where the Mountain of the Ld shd be-- when Ers take up br will see it--dec. this morning.

this is what I am going to declare--you kno there has been great discusn. where Zion is & when the gathg. of the D is & which I am to--the whole America is the Land itself N. & S itself & is descd. by the Prophets that it shod. be in the centre of the land. the declan. is that I have now a great proclamation for the Elders to teach the Church hereafter which is in relation to Zion, The whole of North and South America is Zion, the mountain of the Lords House is in the Centre of North & South America, great discussion where Zion is.--The whole America is Zion that is the Zion where the Mountain of the Lords house shall be. about the central part of N. & South America.-- Temple Ordinances are calculating soon as Temple finished washing & anointing &c when those last & most impt ordinance can be done--must be in a house--prov made during time of laying found: where men may rec endowment to make K[ings] & P[ries]ts unto the Most H G. having nothin to do with tempo
ral things but K of G. G has provided for a house to be built as soon as the temple & B font is prepd. & so as we can wash & anoint the El of Israel there must be a place prepd. for that purpose--there are provins made until the work is compd. to be as K & P of the mos H. God but as all to do with the h[ou]s[e] of God-- when the House is done, Baptism font erectd and finished & the worthy are washed, anointed, endowed & ordained Kings & priests, which must be done in this life, ; soon as the Temple is finished.--Lord hath ordained where these last & most important ordinances must be in a house.--provided for the purpose.

Center Place is Where the Temple is where we can get a House this the central place & where we can be baptized for dead-- but there must be an express place built for that purpose & when the place is prepared you must go through all the ordinances of the house of the Lord --when we can get a house built first there is the place.--Bap. washed. anointed, sealed &c Ordinances for Living and Dead Must be the Same it is nec. when we want to save our dead we go through all the ordinances same as for ourself from bap to ordination & endt.

for men to be B for their dd for every man who wishes to save the F[athers] & M[others]. B[rothers]. S[isters], & F[riends] must go thro the same--B[aptism]--A. W. & all the protectn. of the powers of the Priesthood same as for themselves-- so that you who have any dead friends must go through all the ordinances for them the same as for yourselves; for the dead same as for themselves.-- Gathering --a Change From henceforth I have rec--inst from Ld that Ers shall build churches where ever they raise branches through the States then build stakes--in the gt cities, Boston &c there shall be stakes-- the Elders of Israel shall build Churches unto the Ld. & there shall they build Churches unto the Ld: & there shall be a Stake of Zion--it is a glorious pro[clamation]--& then the Elders are to go through all America & build up Churches untill all Zion is built up, ; from henceforth the elders shall build churches where ever the people receive the gospel sufficient. then
build stakes to this place.

Must be a Place for Salvation for the Dead reserved the pro. to the last. all this to be und. that this work shall commence after the washing anointing & endowment here ; The Ld has an est law in relation to the matter. there must be a particular spot for the sal, of our dead. I verily believe this will be the place, I reserved it to the last & desn. it to be understd. that it shall be after the washg. & anointg. here--the place that the Ld. has estd. for the Sn. of the dead--there must be a parlar place. I verily belive this to be the place-- but not to commence to do this untill the Temple is built up here and the Elders endowed then go forth & accomplish the work & build up stakes in all North and South America, Their will be some place ordained for the redeeming of the dead I think this place will be the one, so there will be gathering fast enough here.

I verily believe that God will establish this place for the salvation of the dead.-- Vision for Future of Temple Use hence men who want to save their dead can come and bring their families do their work and return to live and wait till the go to receive their reward.

Prophet Must Teach Doctrine Shall leave the rest for the brethren--tis my duty to teach the doctrine--spt is willing flesh is weak. God is not willing to let me gratify you-- but I must teach the Ers and they should teach you He will make me to be God in your stead & they be mouth for me. Have been giving some inst to Er Adams to speak to you & when he makes a mistake will get up and correct him.

& men who wish to save their dead must come here to be B for their dead--& then may go back agn.-- & I shall leave m Brern to enlarge--it is my duty to teach those who err in doctrine-- the Sp is willg. but the flesh is weak--if God made Aaron to be their mouthpiece & Made me to be their K. & their God & if you dont like it you must lump it--I have give instrons to El Adams in some principles--if he makes a mistake I will tell it.

President Smith lungs failed him and he appointed Elder G. J. Adams to occupy the time during the foornoon He however remarked that his proclamation just made was the greatest ever made as all could not come here; but it was necessary that enough should come to build up the temple & get an endowment so that the work could spread abroad.

those who want to save their dead can come hither. those who do not wish to come hither to live can bring their families and attend the ordinances and return. (3)

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Mormon History, Apr 7, 1844

-- Apr 7, 1844
[Joseph Smith Sermon] 10.000 people special conference. [Willard Richards Diary] (1)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] The President having arrived--the Choir sung an hymn Elder Amasa Lyman prayed.

The Prophet while I address you on the subject which was contempd in the fore pt. of the Con. --as the Wind blows very hard it will be hardly possible for me to make you all hear it is of the greatest importance & the mo solemn of any that cod. occupy our attentn. & that is the subj of the dead on the dece of our bror. Follit who was crushed to death in a well--& inasmuch as there are a great many in this congre who live in this city & who have lost friend I shall speak in genl. & offer you my ideas so far as I have ability & so far as I shall be inspd. by the H S. to dwell on his subjt. I want your prayer faith the inspn. of Alm God to say things that are true & shall carry the testimony to your hearts & pray that he may streng my lungs--stay the winds--& let the pray of the Saints to heaven appear--for the prayers of the righteous avail much & I verily believe that your prayers shall be heard before I enter in this investign. fully of the subjt. that is lying before us I w
ish to makea few preliminaries in order that you may understand when I come to it I do not calculate to please your ears with oratory with much leang. but I calculate to edify you with simple truths from Heaven. I wish to go back to the begin: of creation--it is necessary to know the mind decree & ordinatn. of the great Eloi beging at the creatn. & it is necy. for us to have un understandg. of God in the beging. if we start right it is very easy for us to go right all the time but if we start wrong it is hard to get right There are very few who understand rightly the char of God--They do not comprehend any thing that is past or that which is to come & com: but little more than the brute beast if a man learns know nothing more than to eat, drink, sleep, & does not comprehend any of the desn. of God the Beast com the same thing eats drin sleeps-- [k]noes nothing more & how are we to do it by no or. way than the inspn of A. God.

I want to go back to the begin & so get you into a more lofty sphere than what the human being generally understands I want to ask this cong: every man wom: & child to ansr. the questn. in their own heart what kind of a being is God I agn. rept. the questn. what kind of a being is God does any man or woman know have any of you seen, him heard him, communed with him, here is the questn. that will peradventure from this time henceforth occupy your attentn.--The Apos: says this is Eternal life to know God & J.C. who he has sent --that is eternal. life if any man enquire what kind of a being is God if he will search deligently his own heart that unless he knows God he has no eternal life--my first object is to find out the character of the true God & if I shod. be the man to com: the God & I com: them to your heart let every man & woman henceforth shut their mouths & never say anything agst. the man of God & If I do not do it I have no right to revn. inspn. if all are [indeciphe
rable word] to the God they will all be as bad off as I am. they will all say I ought to be d d. there is not a man or wom who wod not breath out an anathema on my head & some wod feel authd. to take away my life--if any man is authd. to take away my life who say I am a false teacher so I shod. have the same right to all false teacher & where wod. be the end of the blood & there is no law in the heart of God that wod. allow any one to interfere with the rights of man every man has the right to be a false as well as a true prophet--If I shew verily that I have the truth of God & shew that ninety nine of 100 are false prop. it wod. deluge the whole world with blood. I want you all o know God to be familiar with him & if I can bring you to him all persecut. agst. me will cease & let you know that I am his servt. for I speak as one havg. authy. and not as a scrib [e] open your ears & eyes all ye Ends of the Earth & hear & I am going to prove. it to you with the Bible & I amgoing
to tell you the desns. of God to the human race & why he interferes with the affairs of man God himself who sits enthroned in yonder Heavens is a man like unto one of yourselves who holds this world in its orbit & upholds all things by his power if you were to see him today you wod. see him a man for Adam was a man like in fashion & image like unto him Adam wakd talked & convd. with him as one man talks & com: with anor. in order to speak for the consoln. of those who mourn for the loss of their friend it is necy. to understand the char. & being of God for I am going to tell you what sort of a being of God. for he was God from the begin of all Eternity & if I do not refute it--truth is the touchstone they are the simple and first princ: of truth to know for a certainty the char. of God that we may conv [erse] with him same as a man & God himself the father of us all dwelt on a Earth same as Js. himself did & I will shew it from the Bible--I wish I had the trump of an Arch A
n. Icod. tell the story in such a manner that pers: shod cease for ever--J. Sd. as the Far. hath power in himself even so hath the Son power to do what the Far. did that ansr. is obvious in a manner to lay down his body & take it up--J--did as my Far. laid down his body & take it up agn. if you don't believe it you don't believe the Bile the Scrip says & I defy all hell all learng. wisdom & records of hell togr to refute it here then is Etl. life to know the only wise and true God you have got to learn how to be a God yourself & be a K. & [DEL: God :DEL] Priest to God same as all have done by going from a small capy to anr. from grace to grace until the resn. [DEL: of :DEL] & sit in everlasting power as they who have gone before & God in the L D. while certn. indivals are proclaimg. his name is not trifling with us--how consoling to the mourner when they are cald. to part with a wife, mother, father dr. relative to know that all Earthly taber shall be dissolved that they sha
ll be heirs ofGod & jt. hrs of J. C. to inherit the same power exaltn. until you ascd. the throne of Etl. power same as those who are gone bef. what J. did I do the things I saw my Far. do before worlds came rolld. into existence I saw my Far. work out his K with fear & trembling & I must do the same when I shall give my K to the Far. so that he obtns K rollg. upon K. so that J treads in his tracks as he had gone before. It is plain beyond comprehensn. & you thus learn the first prin of the Gospel when you climb a ladder you must begin at the bottom run [g] until you learn the last prin of the gospel for it is a great thing to learn Saln. beyond the grave & it is not all to be com in this world. I sup I am not alld. to go into investign. but what is contd. in the Bible & I think there is so many wise men who wod. put me to death for treason I shall turn commentator today. I shall go to the first Hebrew word in the Bible the 1st sen: In the beginning--Berosheat --In by thro.
& every thing else.Roshed the head when the Inspd. man wrote it he did not put the 1st pt. to it. a man a Jew witht. any authy. thot. it too bad to begin to talk about the head of any man. "The Head one of the Gods brought forth the Gods" is the true meang. of the word--if You do not believe it you do not believe the learned man of God--no man can tell you more than I do thus the H God brot. forth the Gods in the Head council--I want to bring it to English. Oh ye lawyers ye doctors I want to let you know that the H G. knows something as well as you do--the Head God called togr. the Gods & set in Grand Council &c when I say a lawyer I mean a lawyer of the Scrip. I have done so hither to let the lawyers flutter & let everybody laugh at them. some learned Dr. mit. take a notn. to say thus & so--& are not to be altd. & I am going to shew you an error I have an old book in the Latin Greek Hebrew & German & I have been readg. the Germ: I find it to be the most correct that I have
found & it corresponds thenearest to the revns. that I have given the last 16 yrs years it tells about Jachabod means Jacob--in the English James--& you may talk about James thro all Eternity in the 21 v. of 4th Mat: where it gives the test. that it is to Jacob & how can we escape the dn. of hell witht. God reveal to us. Latin says that Jackobus means Jacob--Hebrew says means Jacob--Greek says Jacob German says Jacob thank God I have got this book & I thank him more for the gift of the H G. I have all the 4 Test. come here ye learned men & read if you can. I shod. not have brot. up this word [DEL: unt :DEL] only to shew that I am right when we beg to learn in this way we beg to learn the only true God & when we be [g]in to know how to come to him--he begins to unfold the heavens to us & tell us all abt. it bef our prayers get to his ears at the bo now I ask all the learned men who hear me wher. the learned men who are preachg. Saln. say that God created the Heavens & the Ear
th out of nothing & the reason is thatthey are unlearned & I know more than all the world put togr. & If the H.G. in me com: more than all the world I will associate with it--What does Boro mean it means to organize same as you wod. organize a Ship.--God himself had materials to org. the world out of chaos which is Element & in which dwells all the glory --that nothing can destroy they never can have an ending they coexist eternally--I have anor. to dwell on & it is impossible for me to say much but to touch upon them--for time will not permit me to say all--so I must come to the resn. of the dead--the soul the in [ne]r Spirit--all man says God created in the beging. the very idea lessens man in my idea--I don't bel. the doct: hear it all ye Ends of the World for God has told me so I am going to tell of things more noble--we say that God himself is a selfexisting God, who told you so, how did it get it into your head who told you that man did not exist in like manner-- how d
oes it read in the Heb. that God made man & put into itAdams Spirit & so became a living Spirit --the mind of man--the mind of man is as immortal as God himself--hence while I talk to these mourners--they are only separated from their bodies for a short period--their Spirits co
existed with God & now converse one another same as we do--does not this give your satisfactn. I want to reason more on the Spirit of Man for I am dwelling on the body of man on the subjt. of the dead-- [DEL: the SP of man :DEL] I take my ring from my finger and liken it unto the mind of man, the im [mor]t. Sp. bec. it has no beging. Suppose you cut it into but as the D [evil] lives there wod. be an end all the fools & wise men from the beging. of creation who say that man had begin--they must have an end & then the doc of annihilitn. wod. be true--but if I am right I mit. with boldness proclaim from the housetop that God never had power to create the Sp of Man at all-- [DEL: it is ne :DEL] God himself cod. not create himself--intelligence is self existent it is a sp. from age to end & there is no creatn abt. it

the first principles of man are self exist with God--that God himself finds himself in the midst of Sp & bec he saw proper to institute laws for those who were in less intelligence that they mit. have one glory upon another in all that knowledge power & glory & so took in hand to save the world of Sp: you say honey is Sweet & so do I. I can also taste the Sp of Eternal life I know it is good & when I tell you of these things that were given me by Insp of the H S. you are bound to rece it as sweet & I rej more & more. Mans rel. to God & I will open your eyes in rel to your dead all things which God of his inf reason has seen fit to reveal to us in our mortal state in regard to our mortal bodies are revd. to us as if we had no bodies & those revns. which will save our dead will save our bodies. & God reveals them to us in the view of no eternal dissn. of the body--hence the awful responsibility that rests upon us for our dead--for all the Spirits must either obey the gospelor
be d--d solemn thot. dreadful thot. is there nothing to be done for those who have gone before us without obeyg the decrees of God Wod. to God that I had 40 days & nights--to tell you all to let you know I am not a faln prop--what kind of characters are those who can be saved altho their bodies are decaying in the grave--the greatest responsibility that God has laid upon us to seek after our dead--the apostle says they without us cant be Perfect --now I am speaking of them I say to you Paul, you cant be perfect witht. us.--those that are gone before & those who come after must be made perfect--& God has made it obligatory to man--God said he shall send Elijah &c I have a declarn to make as to the provn. which God made from before the foundn. of the world. what has J. sd. All sins & all blas. every trans. that man may be guilty of there is a Saln. for him or in the world to come --every Sp in the Et. world can be ferreted out & saved unless he has comd. that Sin which cant be
remd tohim--that God has wrot. out saln. for all men unless they have comd. a certn. sin. a friend who has got a friend in the world can save him unless he has comd. the unpard sin & so you can see how far you can be Savior there is no thing that a man can commit the unpardonable sin after the dissn of the body & there is a way possible for escape. not Part [icul]arly st [ate]d those that are witht. wisdom until they get exalted to wisdom [DEL: so long as man will not give acct. of his sins :DEL] a sinner has his own mind & is in his own comdemner [DEL: for the G :DEL] will the torment of the mind of man is as exquisite as a lake burng. with fire & brimstone --I know the Scriptures I understand them--no man can commit the unpardonable sin after the dissn. of the body but they must do it in this World--hence the Saln. of J. C was wrought out for all men to triumph over the devil--for he stood up for a Savior--J. contd. that there wod. be certn. souls that wod. be condemned &
the d [evi]l sd. hecod. save them all --as the grand council gave in for J. C. so the d I fell & all who put up their heads for him. All sin shall be forgiven except the sin agt. the H. G. he has got to say that the Sun does not shine while he sees it he has got to deny J. C. when the heavens are open to him. & from that time they begin to be enemies like many of the apostates of the Church of J. C. of L.D.S.--when a man begins to be an enemy he hunts him--for he has the same Sp. that they had who crucd. the Lord of life--the same Sp. that Sin agt. the H. G. I advise all to be careful what you do--stay--do not give way--you may find that some one has laid a snare for you be cautious--await--when you find a Sp. wants bloodshed murder same is not of God but is of the devil out of the abundance of the heart man speaks--the man that tells you words of life is the man that can save you--I warn you agt all evil characters who sin agt. H. G. for there is no redempn. for them in th
is world nor in the world to come Ican enter into the mysteries--I can enter largely into the eternal worlds--for J. sd. [DEL: where my :DEL] In my Fars. mansion there are many mansions &c There is one glory of the moon sun & star &c we have the reason to have the greatest hope & consoln. for our dead-- for we have aided them in the 1st princ for we have seen them walk in the midst & sink asleep in the arms of J. & hence is the glory of the Sun--you mourners have occn. to rejoice for your husband has gone to wait until the redn. & your expn. & hope are far above what man can conceive--for why God has revd. to us--& I am authd. to say by the authy. of the H. G. that you have no occasn. to fear for he is gone to the home of the just--don't mourn don't weep--I know it by the test of the H. G. that is within me--rejoice O Israel--your friends shall triumph gloriously--while their murderers shall welter for years.--I say for the benefit of strangers I have a Far. Bror. Friends wh
o are gone to a world of Sp--they are absent for a momt.--they are in the Sp. then shall we hail our Mor. Fars. Friends & all no fear of mobs--&c but all one Eternity of felicity--Mothers you shall have your Children for they shall have it--for their debt is paid there is no damn. awaits them for they are in the Spirits--as the Child dies so shall it rise from the ded & be living in the burng. of God. --it shall be the child as it was bef it died out of your arms Children dwell & exercise power in the same form as they laid them down

The Bap of Water witht. the B of Fire & the H G. attg. it are necy he must be born of W. & Sp in order to get into the K of God & in the German text bears me out same as the revns. which I have given for the 14 years--I have the test to put in their teeth that my test has been true all the time You will find it in the declar of John the Bap (reads from the German) John says I bap you with Water but when J comes who has the power he shall adm the bap of F & the H. G. Gt. God now where is all the Sect. world. & if this is true they are all d--d as clearly as any Anathama ever was--I know the text is true--I call upon all to say I--(shouts of I) Alex Campbell --how are you going to save them with water--for John sd. his bapm. was nothing witht. the bap of J. C. One God, Far., Jesus, hope of, our calling, one baptism --all three bap make one. I have the truth & I am at the defiance of the world to contradict.

I have preached Latin Hebrew Greek German & I have fulfilled all I am not so big a fool as many have taken me for--the Germans know that I read the German correct--Hear it all ye Ends of the Earth--all ye Sinners Repent Repent--turn to God for your reln. wont save you & ye will be d--d but I do not say how along--but those who Sin agt. the H. G. cannot be forgiven in this world or in the world to come but they shall die the 2nd. death --but as they concoct scenes of bloodshed in this world so they shall rise to that resurn. which is as the lake of fire & brimstone--some shall rise to the everlasting burning of God & some shall rise to the dn. of their own filthiness--same as the lake of fire & brimstone--I have intd. my remarks to all--to all rich & poor bond & free great & small I have no enmity agst any man. I love you all--I am their best friend & if persons miss their mark it is their own fault--if I reprove a man & he hate me he is a fool--for I love all men especially
these my brethren& sisters--I rejoice in hearing the test of my aged friend--You never knew my heart. No man knows my hist--I can not do it. I shall never undertake--if I had not experienced what I have I should not have known it myself--I never did harm any man since I have been born in the world--my voice is always for peace--I cannot lie down until my work is finished--I never think evil nor think any thing to the harm of my fellow man--& when I am called at the trump & weighed in the balance you will know me then --I add no more God bless you. Amen--The choir sung an hymn at 1/2 p 5. [Thomas Bullock Report] (1)

1 - The Words of Joseph Smith by Joseph Smith by Andrew F. Ehat and Lyndon W. Cook

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Mormon History, Apr 6, 1844 (Saturday)

-- Apr 6, 1844 (Saturday)
A conference, which lasted five days, commenced at Nauvoo. The Prophet spoke to 20,000 Saints on the 7th, and on the 8th declared the whole of North and South America to be the land of Zion. (1)

-- Apr 7, 1844
Joseph Smith delivers the funeral sermon for a member named King Follett, saying that God "was once a man like us." He begins the discussion by interpreting the Hebrew for "In the beginning created God," in a manner only extant in the opening paragraphs of the ZOHAR, the classic text of the Jewish Kabbalah. Joseph Smith undoubtedly has learned this from the Jewish Convert Alexander Neibauer who published a Kabbalist treatise in the LDS periodical a year before, and with whom Joseph Smith's diary notes he is studying in 1844. Later in public-media interviews President Gordon B. Hinckley is evasive and dissembles on whether or not Mormons believe that God was once a man. (2)

[Joseph Smith] Delivers King Follett Discourse, a doctrinal landmark. (3)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith delivered the King Follett Discourse about the nature of God and man, memorializing his friend who had died on March 9, 1844. (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, April 7th 1844 A very pleasant morning. The people began to assemble and by 10 o'clock there was the largest congregation ever seen in Nauvoo and the choir sang an hymn "Ye Slumbering Nation that have Slept a Long Night" when the meeting was called to order by the Marshal, and the choir sung "The Spirit of God &c".

President Rigdon presented the request of 3 or 4 sick and offered a prayer in their behalf /and all the congregation said Amen/ followed by G[eorge]. J. Adams in prayer and singing by the choir.

President Joseph Smith requested that the congregation would keep good order and in the name of the constitution, continental congress, and God Almighty I command the police to keep good order.

President Rigdon arose and continued his subject "The Church of Christ." The kingdom of heaven is a government that enters into every principle of government. God has set up his kingdom to restore the power of salvation to the world. Salvation is a complete victory over every thing. The Gospel is to prepare the way for the kingdom of God. The salvation /of any man/ turns upon the si/m/ple act of the mind.

/After notice of attention of baptism during intermission at the front of Main St. and singing/ [expression of] Faith, 12 o'clock, adjourned till 2 o'clock.

3 1/4 P.M. Joseph commenced speaking on the subject of the Dead relative to the death of Elder King Follet who was crushed in a well by the falling of a tub of rock on him.

If men do not comprehend the character of God they do not comprehend themselves. What kind of a being is God? Eternal life [is] to know God. If man does not know God, [he] has not Eternal life. If I am so fortunate as to comprehend and explain the [blank [concept]] let every one sit in silence and never lift your voice against the servants of God again.

Every man has a right to be a false prophet as well as a true prophet. In the beginning before the world was Is a man like one of yourselves. Should you see him to day, you would see a man in fashion and in form. Adam was formed in his likeness.

Refute the Idea that God was God from all Eternity. Jesus said as the Father had power in himself even so hath the Son power to do what the Father did. Lay down his body, take it up again. You have got to learn how to make yourselves God, Kings, Priests, &c. by going from a small to a great capacity till they are able to dwell in everlasting burning and everlasting power.

How consoling when called to part with a dear friend to know their very being will rise to dwell in everlasting burning, heirs of God and ascend [to] a throne as those who have gone before. I saw the Father work out his kingdom with fear and trembling. God is glorified in /salvation/ Exhaltation of his ancestors &c. Not all to be comprehended in this world. The head, as the head one, the head one of the Gods, brought forth the Gods. D[octo]rs and Lawyers that have persecuted [us should know that the Holy Ghost knows something about the topic]. The head one called the Gods together in grand council to bring forth the world. Example of error as [[follows] . . . ]

Yacobam /Jacob/ the son of Zebedee [is transliterated in the King James Bible] to form James the son of Zebedee, 4 Mat[thew] 21. Greek, Hebrew, German, and Latin [all say Jacob]. In the beginning the head of the Gods called a council of the Gods and concocted a scheme to create the world. Soon as we begin to understand the character of the Gods he begins to unfold the heavens to us. Doctors say, [God] created the Earth out of nothing. [The Hebrew word] Borau [is said to mean that God] creates it [when it] means to [be] organized. God has materials to organize the world. Element[s], [that] nothing can destroy. No beginning, no end.

The soul, [according to] doctors of Divinity, [is part of what] God created in the beginning[. I think this] lessens the character of man. Don't believe it. Who told you God was self existent? Correct enough, in Hebrew [God created man and] put into him his spirit which was created before. Mind of man coequal with God himself. Friends separated for a small moment from their spirits coequal with God and hold converse when they are one with another [as we do on earth].

If man had a beginning he must have an end. Might proclaim [annihilation]. God revealed [that he did not have] power to create the spirit of man at all.

Inteligence exist[s] upon a self existent principle, no creation about it. All minds and spirit[s] God ever sent into the world are susceptible of enlargement. All things God has seen fit proper[ly] to reveal while dwelling in mortality are revealed. Precisely the same as though we were destitute of bodies[, these things are revealed to our spirits].

What will save our spirits will save our bodies. Our [actions in our earthly] tabernacles [will determine the future] for our spirits. All spirits who have not obeyed the Gospel must be damned[, all those] who have not obeyed the decrees of [the] Son of Man.

We are looked upon by God as though we were in Eternity. The greatest responsibility resting upon us is to look after our dead. They without us cannot be made perfect without us. Meet Paul 1/2 way. Hence the saying of Elijah. God made provisions before the world was for every creature [to be saved;] in all sin[s] shall [man] be forgiven in this word or world to come, except one.

Salvation for all men who have not committed a certain sin[. God] can save any man who has not committed the unpardonable sin. Cannot commit the unpardonable sin after the dissolution of the body. Knowledge save[s] a man. [If one consents to obey the gospel, one is saved, otherwise one must be punished for sin.]

No way for a man to come to understanding but [to] give his consent to the commandment[s]. Damned by mortification. A lake as of fire of brimstone as exquisite [as] the dissappointment of the mind of man.

Why? Must commit the unpardonable sin in this world, [because a man] will suffer in the Eternal world until he will be exalted. [Jesus is the savior of all men who will obey him.]

Work of the Devil [is coercion]. The plans of the Devil laid to save the world [by force]. Devil said he could save them all. Lot fell on Jesus. All sin &c. forgiven except the sin against the Holy Ghost. [A man has] Got to deny the plan of salvation &c. with his eyes open. Like many of the apostates of Christ of the Church of Jesus Christ of [the] last Days.

Let all be careful, lest you be deceived. Best man brings forth best works.

To the Mourners your friend has gone to wait the perfection of the reunion. The resurrection of your friend in felicity while [those of some] worlds must wait myriads of years before they can receive the like blessings. Leave the subject bless those who have lost friends, [they are] only gone for a few moments.

Shall mothers have their children? Yes. They shall have it without price. Redemption is paid[. The children who die will never grow but will be resurrected] possessing all the intelligence of a God. The child [will be] as it was before it died out of your arms. Thrones upon thrones. Dominion upon dominion just as you.

Baptism of water, fire, and Holy Ghost are inseparably connected. [I have] Found in the German Bible to prove what I have taught for 14 years about baptism. I baptize you with water, but when Jesus comes having the keys, he shall baptize you with the baptism of fire and Holy Ghost.

Leaving the principles of [the] doctrine of baptism &c. one God, one baptism, and one baptism i.e. all three.

Called upon all men Priests and all [men] to repent and obey the gospel. If they do not they will be damned. Those who commit the unpardonable sin are doomed to Gnolom without end. God dwells in everlasting burnings. Love all men but hate your [sinful] deeds.

You don't know me. You never will. I don't blame you for not believing my history had I not experienced it [I] could not believe it myself.

5 1/2 [P.M.] closed. Sang.

[Evening of] 7 April [page left blank] (5)

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Mormon History, Apr 6, 1844

-- Apr 6, 1844
William Law: Not released at conference 6 Apr. 1844 defended by Hyrum Smith in reconciliation attempt (1)

First counselor Sidney Rigdon tells general conference: "There are men standing in your midst that you can't do anything with them but cut their throat & bury them." (2)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, April 6th 1844 I made a few introductory remarks to an immense number of the saints assembled on the 14th anniversary of Church in the grove 1/4 miles east of the Temple on Young St. [at] 10 A.M. Weather warm. Brisk air from the South.

Prayer by W[illiam] W. Phelps. Singing. Pres[iden]t Sidney Rigdon arose and said it is 5 years to day since I met the saints on such an occasion on account of ill health and named for his text "The Church of Jesus Christ in the Last Days." Gave a brief history of the origin and progress of the Church. We know this is the Church of God.

/4 Lamanites [Indians] and interpreter came in and took a seat on the stand/ [Rigdon] Referred to the wondrous wise men who had been in the Church [who] knew more than God himself. To those among us [who think they are wiser than the church, salvation requires subordination to the Kingdom of God. There are men who have] studied how to be [exempt] and know how far they could go and not get punished by the law.

12 [o'clock noon] Pres[iden]t Rigdon gave way and after singing Elder J[ohn] Taylor spoke. I/4 to 1 [P.M.] Elder Taylor gave way for singing The Red Man ["O, Stop and Tell Me, Red Man"].

P.M. 1/4 to 3 Commenced by singing. Prayer by J[ohn] P. Green. Singing. President Rigdon resumed his subject of the morning, "The Church of Christ" [and how it will continue to] rise [because of its] authenticity. Light to those concerned. Those who have turned away and say they did not believe it like the adversary. Reasons of our secret associations at the commencement nothing but what will become public property at the proper time. Sat with the President[, and others] before him [on the stand, in shackles in the Richmond Jail]. Before God under lock and keys for weeks. 30 men come upon them [shouting] God dam[n] you to hell /&c. &c/ [wrenched emotion] from every heart. While we were thus shut up the heaven's opens opened to us.

A gentleman from Mexico come and spent some days with us. He slipt out some dark night[. We] saw some armed men come in, armed themselves and chased them [him] 1/2 a mile, [and] after[wards] the mob tarred and feathered him &c. Mob us into the secret place and then say why don't you work in public. Men in your [ . . . ] The kingdom of God is at the defiance of all earthly laws and yet breaks none.

A little before 5 o'clock the assembly were dismissed without ceremony /till 10 next morning/ on the appearance of a shower. The people had scarce time to retire before a heavy shower of rain, wind, thunder, and lightning followed. Leaves began to show themselves on the trees. (3)

[Sermon] Joseph Smith: Character and Being of God - Creation - Salvation of the Dead - The Unpardonable Sin - Resurrection - Baptism of the Spirit, Etc., JD 6:1 - 11 (4)

-- Apr 6, 1844 (Saturday Morning)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: In Grove, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Times and Seasons 5 -1 May 1844-: 522 -Words of Joseph Smith, 338) Conference Minutes

Conference met pursuant to appointment, on Saturday the 6th of April, 1844.

Present, President Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Sidney Rigdon and William Marks.

Of the Twelve, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Willard Richards, Wilford Woodruff, John Taylor, and George A. Smith.

The members of the High Council, an immense number of elders, and an innumerable concourse of people

Saturday, April 6, 1844.

Presidents Joseph, and Hyrum Smith came to the stand at 1/4 past 10 o'clock, when the meeting was called to order by elder Brigham Young. The choir sung a hymn, after which President Joseph Smith rose to state to the congregation the nature of the business which would have to come before them. He stated that it had been expected by some that the little petty difficulties which have existed, would be brought up and investigated before this conference, but it will not be the case; these things are of too trivial a nature to occupy the attention of so large a body. I intend to give you some instruction on the principles of eternal truth, but will defer it until others have spoken, in consequence of the weakness of my lungs. The elders will give you instruction, and then, (if necessary) will offer such corrections as may be proper to fill up the interstices. Those who feel desirous of sowing the seed of discord will be disappointed, on this occasion. It is our purpose to build u
p, and

establish the principles of righteousness, and not to break down and destroy. The great Jehovah has ever been with me, and the wisdom of God will direct me in the seventh hour; I feel in closer communion, and better standing with God than ever I felt before in my life, and I am glad of this opportunity to appear in your midst. I thank God for the glorious day that he has given us. In as large a congregation, it is necessary that the greatest order and decorum be observed; I request this at your hands, and believe that you will all keep good order. (5)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: In Grove, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Willard Richards Diary -Words of Joseph Smith, 340) Special [meeting] at the stand 1/4 m E [of] Temple. (5)

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Mormon History, Apr 5, 1844

-- Apr 5, 1844
The Masonic Temple is dedicated, with 550 Masons from various parts of the world attending. The Nauvoo Brass Band parades from Henry Miller's house to the hall. Worshipful Master Hyrum Smith dedicates the building; Erastus Snow, Dr. Goforth, and Joseph Smith also address the assembly. (1)

[Joseph Smith] Attends dedication of Nauvoo masonic temple. (2)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] Nauvoo Neighbor 2 (1 May 1844)

At 10 o'clock I attended near the Temple, where the word of God was proclaimed by Mr. A. M. Lyman, and others, and at the close of whose addresses Joseph Smith in a plain and familiar style satisfactorily closed. The text was 104th verse of 119th Psalm (through thy precepts I get understanding &c). [Thomas Bullock Diary] (3)

[Masonry] Joseph Smith speaks at the dedication of a Masonic hall with Worshipful Master Hyrum Smith presiding. About 550 masons attend, who are investigated by a non-Mormon lodge calling them "clandestine Masons of Nauvoo." (4)

-- Apr 5, 1844 (Friday)
The Masonic Temple, which had been erected at Nauvoo, was dedicated. About five hundred and fifty members of the Masonic fraternity from various parts of the world were present. (5)

-- Apr 6, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] [6] A Special Conference held at Nauvoo April 6th AD 1844.

Conference assembled at 10 oclock AM April 6. President B. Young called the conference to order. President Joseph Smith said He should not occupy time in speaking of any difficulties that might have occured in our midst. Said He was not a fallen prophet, & never in any nearer relationship to God than at the present time, & would show before the conferen[ce] closed that God was with him.

Prayer by W. W. Phelps, after which Sidney Rigdon arose & said it was with no ordinary feelings He arose to speak, A privilege which he had not before enjoyed in the same capacity for five years. And the circumstances of the occasion points out to me my text which is the saints of the last Days. I remember in 1830 All the church met in a log cabin, whare we conversed extensively about laying the foundation of this kingdom. Our minds expanded far & wide while contemplating this subject even in that day we talked as large then as now. We spoke of Great things that the world Could not bear & that is the reason why we were in secret. The world would laugh & consider us fools & even mob us because we talked about things that were true & have and will come to pass yet things that looked impossible to them because they did not view them by faith as we do. And if we should still convers about things in secret it would be upon the same principle for we are not willing to bear the sco
ffs of the world any longer unnessarily. Had we told openly & talked openly of the things of God that have & will come to pass our Blood would have been shed. We should not have been here this day. But we hid ourselves up in secret. There we talked wept, & prayed & the Angels Administered unto us & the spirit of God was with us & the heavens opened unto us. But we should now have been in our grave had we proclaimed unto the world what God showed unto us, notwithstanding it was for the benefit of man, & for his salvation, & not for evil.

The appearance of this congregation this day shows the fulfillment of the revelations of Jesus Christ given in those days. No incident has taken place in this day but what we spoke of at that early period. All those things were deeply impressed upon the mind by the God of Heaven. How Could you be made to believe that you did not live in Nauvoo & have not got habitations? Neither Could we disbelieve this to be the Church of God. We cannot disbelieve it for we see hear & feel. I have always known it to be. I Cannot see otherwise. Have I not seen Gods glory by the visions of Heaven? Yea I have. Then what have we to do with the little difficulties on earth? Nothing.

Those were the beginning of Good days shut up in a little shop with nothing to eat but a little Jonny Cake & milk & water ownly as we would occa-sionlly shoot a squirrel & we lived in an old smokey house. Still we rejoiced in the things God was revealing unto us.

Many think it hard to live in Nauvoo but we counted those good days. God had given us great things. Dont think [it] strange if men dont think of great things. When I obtained a great & glorious principle I felt like locking it up lest the people would laugh at me. And while we were together & telling one thing we would learn another; I speak of these things to do away with the notion or feelings about our secret meetings. Was their any thing wrong then? No, neither will their be now. No, I have no fear of it. What God does is for my salvation & the salvation of man, & I say go ahead.

I have spoken of the grand principle of the beginning, & I have marvelled at one thing ie after the foundation of the church men crept in that were vary wise. More so than God. Professed to know more some of them. It has kept the Church in a continual broil. It was so in the days of Moses but he disposed of them. He killed them or the Lord destroyed them.

I will leave this subject & show why Salvation belongs to the Priesthood of God & why it belongs to us as a people. Men labor under a mistake ie Salvation is distinct from goverment. Salvation is always the result of goverment. Evry man has a right to govern himself in a goverment. As evry good is a part of the goverment & the laws is for the defence of a man, we see the need of laws in this city for their is evil dispose of here. I have seen some trials in this city whar some persons were tried for insulting the Marshall. But any other man is as good as the Marshall. Many other usful remarks were made by the speaker when he gave way untill the Afternoon.

Was followed with many usful remarks from Elder Taylor. The stand was occupied with with eleven Lamanites chiefs braves &c.

At 2 oclok the conference Assembled & [Sidney Rigdon] resumed his subject. Said we were discusing in the morning service upon the History of the Church of Jesus Christ. Its a miserable man that Could not manufactor his own tex. I have known many a sermon spoiled by a bad tex. The Church of Jesus Christ then. The Hights of testimony, & amount of evidence that many of those have had that have fallen away has been of such a nature that when they say they dont believe this work to be true they lie. The things that were done in secret in the begining are now seen openly and their is nothing secret now but what all will know in time to come.

I am aware their is many things I did not Hint at. I will speak of them now. I have seen the time when the Presidency of the Church Sitting now before me, were locked up with me in secret places waiting upon God. We did not go out at all but to eat &c. But it was soon found out, & a mob Came saying God damn you to Hell, & threatend our lives. It was at this time we sat for hours in the Visions of heaven around the throne of God & gazed upon the seenes of Eternity.

One evening a Mexican called upon us & he went out armed to see a dozen armed men in the cornor of the fence. He wanted to shoot them. Afterwards the mob came in & broke the door, took me & dragd me out through the streets by my heels with my head pounding over the frozen ground. Another company took president Smith, & tar & featherd him. They tried to tar and turn Aquiphertos down our our throats. This is the reason why we were in secret under lock & key.

Now if you will let us work openly we will not work in secret. We will work openly as much as you want. I think I have said enough already to show that the Church has Come up through great tribulation. Let this suffice then upon this subject.

Their is men Standing in your midst who are not afraid of men or devels & men whos mouths cannot be stoped unless you take their lives. For they will speak in defence of the innocent of virtue & truth while they live.

Their is men in your midst who have learned their is a great God who can do as he pleases take up the Hills as a little thing, & such men do not fear death. They know about Heaven. They have seen it & know all about it.

Their is men in your midst which you must Sustain or go to Hell. Save them & you save yourselves. Reject them & you go to Hell. We are 14 years of age now. Chuse your guardeen and when you get to be 21 then do business for youselves. You can save yourselves or Damn yourselves.

You have just men among you & the reason is because God has taught them chose & ordained them & this is the reason why they are so.

You have men in your midst who will not turn to the right hand or left. If you are in their path you must get out. You cannot Cort by favor or welth or any thing els. They do not ask Poleticians kings or people for favor. They ask God for it alone. If the world make them rich or poor they never ask for it. The man whom God has raised up to lay the foundation of this work is placed in such a situation that He cannot fall and He is so lovely that I cannot get mad at him.

This is an important part in the History of the Church. The cry of some is I shall not get office if these men are not put down. Well God intended to keep them fearing. When God sets up his kingdom He will sustain it above all laws & kingdoms of the world & the world has no power over the kingdom of God. The laws will be so strict that the world will make to try to ketch the saints that it will hang themselves by the wholesale. We want to build up the Laws of God in Hancock Co. I dont care anything about all the laws in the world for I will live above them. God teaches his servants to respects kings Gov[ernors] Presidents, & men in authority. But I have a right to proclaim myself a king and priest unto the most High God. Yet I will not transgresss your laws. But dont do as they did in Missouri kill people because they would not have break the law.

I dont want any office in this goverment for I am determined to be a king in the kingdom of God. What be king in heaven and quarrel about the office of constable on earth?

The kingdom of God may rise up in the midst of the kingdoms of the world and live above all laws, and not be a law abiding man. I will live above all law. I will pay my taxes & obey all requirments that the goverment has upon me. The reason we was mob in Mo was because we would not have any thing to do with the laws. We did not break any. We lived above them so they sent a mob. upon us. The kingdom of God to the world would be a light in a dark place. The kingdom of God Could be set up in any kingdom or country & not Break the law but live above it. Conference Adjourned till tomorrow morning. (6)

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Mormon History, Apr 2, 1844

-- Apr 2, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 2d I worked in the garden & made some beds. (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, April 2d 1844 At home. Somewhat unwell and kept my house this day. John P. Green, Marshal and Andrew and John Lytle police force arrested by warrant of R[obert] D. Foster on complaint of F. M. Higby for false imprisonment. As case was going to trial the prisoners were taken by Habeus Corpus before Municipal court and tomorrow P.M. 1 o'clock set for trial. Strong wind. Warm this eve[ning]. (2)

Erastus Snow polygamous marriage to Minerva White (3)

Joseph Smith teaches that "that same sociality which exists among us here will exist among us there [in the Celestial Kingdom], only it will be coupled with eternal glory, which glory we do not now enjoy. (See D&C 130.) Erastus Snow marries his first plural wife, Minerva White. (4)

-- Apr 3, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 3d I worked in the garden. (1)

[Joseph Smith] Presides at Nauvoo court. (5)

[Joseph Smith Diary] April 3rd 1844, Wednesday 1 P.M. I presided in the municipal court. J[ohn] P. Green, Andrew Lytle and John Lytle on Habeus Corpus, taken away from R[obert] D. Foster's court, where they had been arrained on complaint of Chaunc[e]y L. Higbee for false imprisonment. Prayer of Petitions [were] granted and court decided that Chaunc[e]y L. Higby was a very disorderly person. (2)

-- Apr 4, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 4th + I met in Council with the quorum & others. (1)

Heber C. Kimball records in his journal, "I Heber C. Kimball recieved the washing of my feet, and was annointed by my wife Vilate fore my burial, that is my feet, head, Stomach. Even as Mary did Jesus, that she mite have a claim on Him in the Reserrection." (6)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith had an interview with 11 visiting Indians who wanted counsel. (7)

[Joseph Smith] Orson Hyde leaves Nauvoo for Washington in order to assist Orson Pratt and John E. Page in interesting President Tyler in Joseph's offer to raise 100,000 volunteers to control national boundaries. (8)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, April 4th 1844 In council [with Council of Fifty] in reading Room from 9 to 12 A.M. and from 1 to 4 P.M. O[rson] Hyde was at council and left for Washington immediately after council [to present Joseph Smith's memorial to Congress]. (2)

Orson Hyde: Left Nauvoo 4 April 1844. (9)

The Council of Fifty meet. (4)

-- Apr 4, 1844, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] Thursday, April 4. In Council of the Kingdom. Eleven Lamanites appeared and wanted council. We had a very pleasant and impressive interview. (10)

-- Apr 5, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 5th + * I attended the dedication of the Nauvoo Masonic Hall which was truly grand and interesting the first dedication of the kind I ever attended. The procession was grand being Composed of about 500 members.

In the fore part of the day President Joseph Smith was to have preached the fun[er]al sermon of King Follet but in consequence of Ill health He omitted it & called upon Elder A. Lyman to take the stand & he arose & gave an interesting address to the vast multitude who had assembled for the purpose of hearing a discourse from President Smith. (1)

Hyrum Smith dedicates Nauvoo's Masonic temple, which Joseph Smith calls "the most substantial and best finished Masonic Temple in the Western States." Joseph Smith was scheduled to give the funeral sermon of King Follett but had to postpone it for two days due to ill health. (6)

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Mormon History, Mar 31, 1844

-- Mar 31, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 31 Sunday Spent the day at home. (1)

William Clayton, Joseph Smith's personal secretary, writes that his two wives "received their anointing for which I feel thankful . . . my greatest desire is to so live that I may secure for myself and mine the highest degree of exaltation and glory which is possible for me to obtain, and to be with my friend Joseph smith in the eternal world." The "anointing" Clayton speaks of is the endowment. They didn't receive their second anointing until Jan 26, 1846. Joseph Smith signs his petition to the U.S. Government to allow Joseph "the privilege of raising 100,000 [military] volunteers to protect the Texas, Oregon, &c." (2)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith signed two petitions to the United States Congress and one to United States president John Tyler that he wrote the previous day. (3)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, March 31st 1844 At home this morning. At 9 [A.M.] went to my reading room and signed a Memorial to Congress for the privilege of raising 100,000 volunteers to protect the Texas, Oregon, &c. dated 26th. Also a Memorial to the Presi[dent] for the same purpose if the other fail and an introductory letter to Orson Hyde who was going to car[r]y the Memorials to Washington.

About noon the funeral of Gen[eral] Wilson Law's wife was attended.

About this time Bro[ther] Mills, one of the police, informed me that [blank [Chauncey]] Higby /&c/ drew a pistol on him the night before &c. I instructed him to make complaint to Esqu[ire] Wells and have him apprehended. A very cold time for a week past. (4)

-- During 1844, March
[Joseph Smith] In a meeting with the Twelve Apostles and others, charges the Twelve to govern the Church in the event of his death, explaining that he has conferred upon them all the ordinances, authority, and keys necessary to do so. (5)

-- During Mar 1844
Joseph Smith gives the power of the Church to the Apostles [per the Apostles]. (6)

[Nauvoo Temple] A second crane was erected and rigged during the month. Elisha Averett was the principal mason who worked from this crane. He was called the "principal backer up," because he laid the inside courses of stone. His assistants were his brothers, Elijah and John, as well as Truman Leonard. Those who hoisted stone on the crane were John Harvey, Thomas M. Pearson, George M. Potter and William L. Cutler. (7)

-- During Mar. 1844
[Joseph Smith] Delivers Last Charge to the Twelve Apostles, putting responsibility for the work of the kingdom on their shoulders. (8)

-- During March 1844
Concerned with protecting his people's rights, Smith sent Pratt to Washington, D.C., in March 1844. There Pratt published the Prophetic Almanac. When he learned in late July that Smith had been assassinated the previous month he returned to Illinois. In Nauvoo, the apostles defended their right to leadership of the church, worked to complete the temple, and introduced the Saints to the temple ceremonies. Meanwhile, Orson Pratt went to New York to preside over the church there and to publish The Messenger. (9)

[Relief Society] Four meetings were held in March 1844, but because of Emma Smith's stance against plural marriage, and her use of the society as a forum for her protests, further meetings were proscribed. (10)

-- During March-April 1844
[Nauvoo] Joseph Smith conferred the keys of temple work upon the Twelve Apostles. (11)

-- Apr 1, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] April 1st I went out onto the praire & I finished sowing my spring wheat. I put in four acres in all. (1)

Heber C. Kimball writes in his journal: "Apriel the first day 1844 I Heber C Kimball received the washing of my feet, and was annointed by my wife Vilate fore my burial. that is my feet head Stomach. Even as Mary did Jesus, that She mite have a claim on him in the Reserrection" [original spellings retained] (2)

[Joseph Smith] Several minor lawsuits are held concerning the Higbees, Foster, and others. (12)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, April 1st 1844 Easton was brought up as being accessory to whipping Chism. I referred the case to Alderman Wells. On investigations, it appeared to the satisfaction of the court that he had been on trial for the same offence before Robert D. Foster and acquitted. It was evident to all present that it was a mock trial and so conducted designedly to frustrate the ends of justice, but it was thought best to acquit Easton and appeal from /to/ county court.

Francis L. Higby was fined $10.00 by Alderman Wells for abusive language to the Marshal. Francis L. Higby and Chaunc[e]y L. Higby were brought up for assualting the police before Wells and acquitted. Cool and windy. (4)

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Mormon History, Mar 27, 1844

-- Mar 27, 1844
Several affidavits are filed that testify that secret meetings were held about March 15 for the purpose of formulating an opposition to Joseph Smith. (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Wednesday, March 27th 1844 This morning started to go to Ramus in co[mpany] with Bro[ther] Amasa Lyman but found it so muddy [we] turned back. [We] rode up as far as the Temple.

Issued warrant for Ianthus Rolf for stealing 2 stone cutter's tools on complaint [of] Vernon H. Bruce. This evening Dr. Reynolds of Iowa City lectured on Astronomy in my study. (2)

-- Mar 28, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28th I spent part of the day at the Printing Office. We counted out all the Times & Season & the List on the following Page is an account of the IVth vol of the Times & Seasons which I have on hand for binding.

The following list of 4th vol Times & Seasons is on hand: ... (3)

[Brigham Young] --28-- Attended a meeting at the stand in the forenoon, President Hyrum Smith preached, I followed him; afternoon I met with the Twelve and seventies in their hall; evening, attended prayer meeting. (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, March 28th 1844 Transferred Rolls trial to Aaron Johnson Justice [of the] Peace. This afternoon had my study plastered where the same had been knocked of[f] &c. (2)

-- Mar 29, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29th A sever Cold. Hail, rain & freezing day. Ground froze hard. (3)

[Brigham Young] --29-- Attended special session of the city council. (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Friday, March 29th 1844 At home. This P.M. Mr. and Miss Cole had a public exhibition of their school in my reading room, which closed their 2d quarter. (2)

William Law records that a few days previous Hyrum Smith approached him seeking peace. (5)

-- Mar 29, 1844, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] Friday 29th ... night clothed & offered up prayer for W. Heber /his child was sick with the measles like the rest of them only worse (6)

-- Mar 30, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30 A little more mild. (3)

[Brigham Young] --30-- I met with the Prophet and Hyrum Clark at my house, pertaining to the business affairs of the Church in England. (4)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith investigated a robbery of the Keystone Store. (7)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith prepared a written message for United States president John Tyler, requesting permission to enlist 100,000 men to help protect Americans seeking to settle in Oregon and other areas within United States territory, and to help provide security for the independent republic of Texas. (8)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, March 30th 1844 This morning I heard there was some disturbance on the hill. Rode up and found it reported a robbery had been committed at the Key Stone Store. Mr Rollosson [had been robbed] of some $14100] or [$] 1,500 and some goods and they were suspicious of a certain black man. I issued a general search warrant and returned to my office where I found the black man Chism [was in distress] with his back lacerated from his shoulders to his hips with 20 or more lashes. My clerk, Dr. Richards, kept him secreted and called Aaron Johnson a justice who issued his warrant for [blank] a Missourian who had boardered at my house a few days and on testimony fined him five dollars and cost for whipping Chism. One Easton a witness said he could not testify without implicating himself and he was apprehended and held in custody. Marr Esq[ui]r[e] refused to testify because he was counsel. (2)

-- March 30th 1844
[High Council Minutes]

High Council met according to adjt at the residence of Presidence of President Marks. No buisness. Adjd till saturday the 20th day of April next.

Hosea Stout Clerk. (9)

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Mormon History, Mar 24, 1844 (Sunday)

-- Mar 24, 1844 (Sunday)
Joseph Smith spoke in public meeting against Chauncey L. Higbee, Robert D. Foster, Wm. and Wilson Law and others, as conspirators against his life. (1)

[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: At Temple Stand, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Thomas Bullock Diary -Words of Joseph Smith, 338) Went to the Temple Joseph spoke about a conspiracy to kill himâ€"he said he would not say anything about the characters of the Laws, Jackson, Dr Foster, or Higbeeâ€"but if he was driven to it, he would tell all he knew . . . Joseph again spoke [after Orson Spencer and Sidney Rigdon] and shewed that his Power was in the Doctrines he taught and defied all men to upset itâ€"he called aloud "as the voice of one bawling in the wilderness Repent ye Repent ye for the Kingdom of God is at hand"â€" (2)

-- Mar 25, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 25th I went on to the prairie with Br Hale & Bullock to Br Pulsiphers & commenced plowing & sowing spring wheat. We sowed about 1 1/2 bushels & harrowed it in. (3)

[Brigham Young] --25-- Spent the day in general council--Elder J. [Jedediah] M. Grant and William Smith were present. (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, March 25th At home in the morning. Rode out A.M. After dinner rode up to the upper landing to see the "St. Louis Oak" steamer. Emigrants from England are expected soon. Called at my office on my return and read Memorial to Congress [requesting authorization to raise an army of 100,000 to explore and protect settlers in Oregon and Texas,] which my clerk had been writing as committee of council [of Fifty] of Thursday last. Was pleased with the instrument. (5)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Emma C. Salisbury, sixth child and third daughter of Katharine Smith Salisbury and Wilkins J. Salisbury, is born at Fountain Green, Hancock County, Illinois. (6)

-- Mar 26, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 26th A rainey day. I met in council with the brethren. + (3)

[Brigham Young] --26-- Spent the day in council.

April 4,-- I attended council. (4)

[Council of Fifty Members] Greene, John P. (1793-1844). Admitted 26 March 1844. (7)

Joseph Smith asks U.S. Congress for permission to establish unit of 100,000 armed men to protect settlers in Oregon and other Northwest areas [several Missourians had already settled in the Oregon area]. (Congress rejects request.) Church population 26,000. (8)

Joseph Smith petitions Congress to commission him to a U.S. army officer and authorize him to enlist 100,000 armed volunteers to move at his direction through the western territories. (The LDS population at this time is 26,000 worldwide.) (9)

Joseph Smith meets with the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in what is his last opportunity to address the group before his martyrdom. This is probably when he gives his "last charge" and bestows on them the keys, rights, and responsibility to lead the kingdom. (10)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph, having recently become aware that President Tyler has asked Congress to establish military posts to protect pioneers going on the Oregon Trail, petitions Congress to empower him as a military officer to raise 100,000 volunteer troups to open up the unsettled sections of the American West and to protect American borders. On Mar. 30, 1844, Joseph sends a similar petition to Pres. Tyler. Orson Hyde takes both petitions to Washington. On May 25, 1844, John Wentworth of Chicago tries to present the bill to Congress, but Wentworth's motion to suspend certain rules so that the petition might be read is defeated. (11)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, March 26th 1844 From 9 to 12 in council [with Council of Fifty]. From 2 to 5 P.M. in council. [several lines left blank] Warm, some wet. (5)

Council of Fifty meet. Joseph Smith gives his "last charge to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to carry forth both the Church and Kingdom of God. (12)

-- Mar 26, 1844 (Tuesday)
Joseph Smith petitioned Congress to protect the citizens of the United States, emigrating west; this he did in view of the Saints going to the mountains in the near future. (1)

-- Mar 27, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 27th Still rainey. I Settelled all accounts with Elder John Taylor & passed receipts on Settlement.

I wrote a Letter to Br Dwight Webster. Advised him to come via Albany, Cleaveland Beaver St Louis. (3)

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Mormon History, Mar 22, 1844

-- Mar 22, 1844
The endowed quorum meets for prayer. (1)

-- Mar 22, 1844, Friday
[William Clayton Writings] Friday 22nd. P.M. met the Twelve in prayer at B. Youngs. (2)

-- Mar 23, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 23d I spent the day drawing 100 rails from Mr Middletons to the Lot I bought of Hiram Kimball. (3)

[Brigham Young] --23-- Returned to Nauvoo and attended a political meeting. (4)

Joseph Smith gives "the charge" to the apostles and other members of the Council of Fifty. William Clayton writes in his Journal: "A.M. rode with President Joseph and brother Neibaur to Doctor [Robert] Fosters. He was gone to appanose and his wife was at Mr. Gilmans. We went down there and saw her. President Joseph asked Sister Foster if she ever in her life knew him guilty of an immoral or indecent act. She answered no. He then explained his reasons for asking and then asked if ever he had used any indecent or insulting language to her, she answered, never. He further asked if he ever preached any thing like the spiritual wife doctrine to her only what he had preached in public. She said no! He asked her if he ever proposed to have illicit intercourse with her and especially when he took dinner during the Doctors absence. She said no. After some further conversation on the subject we left. Mrs. Gilman was present all the time." (5)

Joseph Smith is informed that William Law, Wilson Law, Robert D. Foster, Chauncey L. Higbee, and Joseph Jackson are conspiring to kill the Smith family. (6)

-- March 23rd 1844
[High Council Minutes]

High Council met according to adjournment at the residence of Prest W. Marks. No buisness. Adjourned till next Saturday the 30th at 1 o'clock P.M.

Hosea Stout Clerk (7)

-- Mar 23, 1844
[Joseph Smith Diary] Saturday, March 23rd At home. Rode out and spent the day in councilling. Warmer. (8)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith and William Clayton appealed for donations for supplies for Latter-day Saint lumbermen laboring in Wisconsin. (9)

In the presence of witnesses Joseph Smith confronts R. D. Foster's wife to diffuse rumors R. D. Foster had been spreading about the Prophet. (1)

Joseph Smith is warned by two non-members concerning plans laid by William and Wilson Law, R. D. Foster, Chauncey L. Higbee, and Joseph H. Jackson. The Warsaw Signal publishes "The Buckeye's First Epistle to Jo, probably penned by Wilson Law. (1)

-- Mar 23, 1844, Saturday
[William Clayton Writings] Sunday 24th ... A.M. ... went to the Temple heard Pres. J. speak a little also O. Spencer and S. Rigdon (2)

-- Mar 24, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 24th March Sunday I met with the saints at the Temple. When I arived President Joseph Smith was speaking. The following is the substance of what I herd him say:

I have been informed by two gentleman that a conspiricy is got up in this place for the purpose of taking the life of President Joseph Smith his family and all the Smith family & the heads of the Church. One of the gentleman will give his name to the public & the other wishes it to be hid for the present. They will both testify to it on oath & make an affidavit upon it. The names of the persons revealed at the head of the conspiracy are as follows: (Chancy Higby Dr Foster, Mr Jackson, Wm. & Wilson Law). And the lies that Higby has hatched up as a foundation to work upon is, he says that I had mens heads Cut off in Missouri & that I had a sword run through the hearts of the people that I wanted to kill & put out of the way. I wont sware out a warrent against them for I dont fear any of them. They would not scare of an old setting hen.

I intend to publish all the iniquity that I know of. If I am guilty I am ready to bear it. Their is honor among enemies. I am willing to do any thing for the good of the people.

I will give the names of one of the gentleman who have divulged the plot. His name is Eaton. He will sware to it. He is a bold fellow. Jackson said a Smith should not be alive 2 weeks not over two months any how. As concerning the Character of these men I will say nothing about it now but If I hear any thing more from them on this subject I will tell what I know about them.

Elder O. Spencer Addressed the people as follows: I thought of a figure ie. if a physician was going to dissect a body he would not begin at the limbs but cut the head of first. So the Adversary has laid a plan to cut off the head of the Church with the intention of scattering & destroying the whole body. It was so in the days of Jesus Christ. The enemies sought to kill him that the body might be destroyed, which was also the case in the days of Elijah, Daniel, & many of the ancients.

I once herd a man say who was opposed to this work that it might be true but it gave Jo Smith Power. True said I. But if his power be subordinate to the power of God it is right. If a man set up a kingdom by the power of God then let others seek power from the same source. God sets up kingdoms & pulls down kingdoms. This makes men mad that will not submit to the kingdom of God.

We all know the result of the power of Moses who was the representative of God. Judging from what is past how will it be when God sets up his kingdom in the last days? Whether their is a conspiracy now or not I dont know, but no doubt their will be if not know for it has always been so. In the days of the Nephites they had their Gadianton robers. I have not any doubt but that the Apostates will Join with the others wicked powers to try to put down the power of God. And I am glad to have the power of the kingdom of God tested & when it is fully tried it will stand.

I care not what sacrifice I am Called to make for such a kingdom, if its friends, welth or even life at the purchase of such a kingdom it is Cheap. Did the ancient Apostles, Prophets or Saints who died pay two much for that kingdom? They did not. It is necessary that men be put in possession of the knowledge & mysteries of the kingdom of God in order to sin as far as they wish that they may go to the highest pitch. How often men lay down their lives for their country & other purposes. Much better then to die for the cause of God.

Good and righteous men will administer Justice & rebuke evil & the Church should be Clensed from bad men & the Lord will take his own way to Clens the Church. We should lift up our voice against wickedness of all kinds.

But will the rulers of our land do it? No they will not. They will be Cowards untill their is no man to fight & then be brave. When goverment will not do it some man should take the helm of government that will do it. Will it be called treason if the God of heaven should set up a kingdom? May the Lord give you more & more of his spirit light & intelligence untill you are cemented together in union & love. Amen.

President S Rigdon arose & addressed the assembly in an interesting manner for a length of time. The following are a few Items of his remarks:

If according to the remarks in the morning A conspiracy does exhist with the persons that have been named, It is one of those kind of associations that Could not exhist in any thing except against the kingdom of God.

A word Concerning power. History refers us back beyound Civilization in treating upon this subject. In consequence of power, their is strength & glory. Whare their is no power it is like flies without any order or rule. I have viewed the nations of the earth & the way they are relaxing in power & the course they are persuing. One hundred years will not pass away till there would not be a man or woman on the earth, and nothing but the hand of God can save it, & this is why God would send Elijah to do his work, for all the power the nations will soon have is to destroy each other. For soon nation will be against nation party against party the rich against the poor & the poor against the rich untill they are destroyed from under heaven.

Tradition says the pope destroyed the Church of God. Rome followed the Church as long as their was a saint & now you say the pope killed fifty millions of Christians. You lie sir. Their was not a Christian on Earth, for when rome killed the Christians & would not have God rule they wanted a pope & God gave them one or permitting them to have one & he killed fifty millions, its true. But they were not Christians for they wer already dead, but it was of their own number ownly differed from them in sentiment. Here was power with a vengance.

But as soon as God sends a man to use the power of God then they are afraid of power. Now the world says the religion of Jesus shed this blood & the bible &c but men must be vary ignorant of the bible & the religion of Jesus Christ to, to say such things. For it was for the want of religion & the bible that Caused the blood to be shed. For God Jesus Christ nor religion had any more hand in it than you had. The power of God & Jesus Christ & religion would have saved if they had had it.

(President Joseph Smith again arose & said In relation to the power over the minds of mankind which I hold, I would say it is in consequence of the power of truth in the doctrins which I have been an instrument in the hands of God of presenting unto them & not because of any compulsion on my part. I will ask if I ever got any of it unfair. If I have not reproved you in the gate. I ask did I ever exercise any compulsion over any man? Did I not give him the liberty of disbelieveing any doctrin I have preached if he saw fit? Why do not my enemies strike a blow at the doctrin? They cannot do it, it is truth. And I am as the voice of one crying in the wilderness repent of your sins & prepare the way for the coming of the son of Man, for the kingdom of God has come unto you and henceforth the ax is laid unto the root of the tree and evry tree that bring-eth not forth good fruit, God Almighty (and not Jo Smith) shall hew down & cast it into the fire.) (3)

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