Mormon History, Oct 31, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] Friday October 31st 1845. Met at the Hall as usual with the hands at noon went home and then went to see D. McArthur in the woods all was well.I then came back home again and took dinner then met the police as usual and appointed L. N. Scovil, G. W. Langley and Lorenzo Clark to stand at Brigham Youngs as a regular guard and Allen J. Stout & Wilber J. Earl as a regular guard at H. C. Kimballs.This was done to Save time in the company as it disqualified those who had been on guard from work the next day.and these men had business to attend to in the Lodge which kept them from working regular in the company, so it was thought best to detail those who could not do regular word to stand guard and release the rest for the time being as we was now doing our best to prepare to be off earley in the Spring with the first who Should go west I then came home & went to Jas McLellands & back at 8 oclock

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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