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-- Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Typically, when new sources are added to the Mormon-Church-History database, entries preceeding the current date are not posted. However, because of its importance, Mormon-Church-History will 'catch up' on the newly added John Taylor journal. It will span some 50 entries starting December 26, 1844 up through Feb 19, 1845. Once these entries have been posted, Mormon-Church-History will continue in typical fashion, presenting multiple sources in chronological order continuing from Feb 19, 1845.
-- Thursday, December 26th, 1844
[Apostle John Taylor diary] I attended the dedication of the Seventies' Hall.  The services commenced under the direction of Pres. Joseph Young, who organized the meeting in the following order: The stand was occupied by the seven presiding presidents of the Seventies; and the Twelve or as many of them as were present. The senior president of each Quorum was seated on the right, the choir of singers on the left, and the brass band in front. The second and third quorums in order, with their families, might in turn, participate in the privilege of the dedication, according to their respective quorums, there being fifteen quorums, whose claims were equal, two of which convened in the Hall each day, beginning with the second and third.

 The excellent melody of the Choir and Band, mingled with the devout aspirations of a congregation of all saints, gave the commencement of their services an air of interest, felicity, and glory, at once feeling, touching, pathetic, grand, and sublime.

 A hymn composed by Elder W. W. Phelps,  or the dedication, entitled 'a voice from the Prophet: come to me,' was sung; and a supplication to the throne of grace made.

 The dedication prayer by President Brigham Young,  was in substance as follows: Thou God who dwellest in the midst of thine own Kingdoms, and doeth thy pleasure in the midst of the same. We realize that we are thy children, although we have long wandered from thee. Yet we feel that it is thy good pleasure to bless us, when we come unto thee with hearts of humility.

 Therefore we desire to present ourselves before thee as dutiful children to an earthly parent, knowing that we are thine, and ask thee for those [p. 3] things we need. We feel, our Father, that we are in a world of darkness, trouble, and death, where we cannot behold thy glory; yet we come unto thee in the name of Jesus Christ, thy son, and ask thee to forgive our sins and past offences. Fill us with thy spirit, and accept our praise, while we dedicate ourselves unto thee, and as we have approximated to behold this beautiful morning, the day in which begins a new year, do thou, our heavenly Father, look down in compassion upon us, the creatures of thy care and protection, who dwell upon thy footstool. Increase our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, that we, thy servants, may be enabled to administer salvation to thy people, even as thou hast committed a dispensation of the same unto us; and while we call on thy name we desire union in thy presence, our Father, to dedicate unto thee this Hall, the ground upon which it stands, and all things that appertain unto it. We ask thee to let thy blessing rest upon thy servant Edward Hunter,  our beloved brother, who has donated to us the ground upon which this sacred edifice has been erected. We pray thee to enrich him and his family, not only with the good things if this world, but with the riches of eternity also. We ask thee, our Father, to accept the dedication of our hearts this morning, and may we feel the prelude of that power and authority with which thy servants shall be clothed, when they shall go forth and open the door of salvation to the nations and kingdoms of the earth; even thy servants, the Seventies, upon whom the burthen of thy kingdom does rest, and to whom the keys of the same shall be committed from time to time. We now dedicate this hall unto thee, our Father, and ask thee in the name of thy son Jesus Christ, to sanctify it and make it holy, and may no foul spirit be suffered to enter it, but may it be filled with thy spirit that it may be called the gate of heaven, and may all who enter within its doors be made to feel thy love and power.

 We ask thee to pour out thy spirit upon the presidency of the Seventies; wilt thou endow them with knowledge and understanding that they may be enabled to instruct the servants over whom they are called to preside; and do thou let the same blessings flow upon each quorum, that all thy servants may be filled with thy spirit, and become mighty men before thee that they may go forth and gather the pure in heart, Zion redeemed and Jerusalem rebuilt,'1/2--Help us, O Lord, to separate ourselves from all iniquity, that evil doers may not exist in our midst, but may this people become a holy people, peculiar to thyself, to show forth thy praise in all the world. Our Father in heaven, we humbly beseech thee to shield and protect us in this city; provide for and sustain us by the power, that we may be enabled to accomplish the work which thou hast commanded us to do. Assist us to build the Temple and Nauvoo House;  that the truth and light of the everlasting gospel may shine forth from this place, to the honor and praise of thy holy name.

 Regard in mercy the quorum of the Twelve, at whom the arrows of the destroyer are directed. Preserve them O Lord, by thine own omnipotent power, that they may stand in holy places and be enabled to disseminate the knowledge to thy kingdom to the inhabitants of the earth; wilt thou sustain us, our Father, that we may perform and accomplish the mighty work whereunto we are called. We feel to lament and mourn the loss of our beloved brothers, Joseph and Hyrum, the Prophet and Patriarch, whom thou hast suffered to be martyred for the testimony of the truth; but we thank thee Father, that although they have been taken from us for the present, yet that same spirit which animated their bosoms, the fruits of which is peace and charity, still remains amongst the people.'1/2--We now commit ourselves into thy care, and ask thee to guide and control us by the council of heaven, through all the shifting and various scenes of mortality, that the number of our days may be filled up in usefulness, and we be prepared from that exalted station and rest that remains for the people of God, and the honor, praise, and glory of our salvation, we will ascribe unto thee; for thine is the kingdom, power and glory, worlds without end: Amen.

 A hymn composed by me for the dedication of the Seventies' Hall, and dedicated to President Brigham Young, was sung by Elder John Kay,  assisted by the band, entitled 'the Seer.' Elder H. Kimball  addressed the congregation in plain though impressive language, and in his usual philanthropic manner, used a chain as a figure to illustrate the principles of graduation, while in pursuit of celestial enjoyment in worlds to come.

 Elder George A. Smith,  offered some very appropriate remarks relative to union. He referred to the Zion camp, and their expedition to Missouri, and after giving an interesting account on that subject, concluded with an exhortation to union, firmness, and perseverance. He said that if we were of one heart and mind, we might be as the angels are. Perfect union and harmony exist among them. Hence their concept of action, and consequently their influence and power with God; and the same principle (continued he) we could make a heaven wherever in the dispensation of providence, we might be placed, possessing this principle, consonant with the honors, glory, and immortality of angels.

 At -12 o'clock, a recess of one hour was given each day at 1 o'clock the house was called to order by President Joseph Young.

 Elder O. Hyde  took the stand, and continued the same subject, and introduced for a comparison, the circumstance of the Assyrian King, who gave his son a bundle of arrows bound in a quiver, and commanded him to break them which he in vain attempted to do while they were firmly bound together; but when they were unbound and separated, the object was effected.

 This circumstance he likened to this people, and said that if we were united we would be able to stand against all the fiery darts that could be hurled upon us by the adversary of our salvation. Some having a knowledge of this fact, have used every effort to divide this people, in order to accomplish their wicked designs. Some few have been led to the North, others to the West, and some to the East. Those who have separated may be broken;'1/2-- but those who remain together firmly united can never be broken.

 After speaking of authorities in the Church or Kingdom of God, he observed that apostles in the primitive age of christianity were first witnesses to all the nations of the earth. They afterwards made judges of that same people. Hence the saying of the Apostles, know ye not that the Saints will judge the world? that is that generation or people to whom they were sent as witnesses. (See 1st Corinthians, 6 chapter 2, 3, verses.) Indeed they were competent to sit in judgment upon them, having had an experimental knowledge of their course of conduct and barbarous treatment towards the servants of God that were sent to establish peace among them.

 Many of whom they did not only reject, but tortured and slew them in a cruel manner. This was the fate of the Prophets and Apostles who vainly attempted to restore them from their wickedness, assuring them, to use the language of the scripture: As you mete out to others so shall it be measured to you again.

 The declaration of John while on the Isle of Patmous, through the spirit of God, declaring things which would come to pass, says: she had double for all her sins. The reason is obvious. The debt was of long standing; she had exercised unceasing tyranny over the servants of God, and refused them justice and mercy. Therefore as they meted out, double measure shall be given them in return. I have no doubt, said he, but the old Scribes, and Pharisees, after scourging the saints in the most horrid manner, and causing many to seal their testimony with their blood, would go into the Temple with all the sanctity imaginable and ask God to forgive their sins; when in reality he would have nothing to do with the matter until they first obtained forgiveness from those whom they had injured, by making ample satisfaction to them. For proof of this fact examine the declaration of Jesus to the Apostles:'1/2--Whosoever sins ye remit on earth, shall be remitted in heaven. And if they were retained in heaven also. [p. 8] Neither can this generation get forgiveness from God, for the great injuries that they have done us as a people, without first rendering perfect satisfaction to us whom they have injured. The elders of this Church have been swift witnesses to Missouri, and all the world. Hence in vain may they plead to have their sins remitted until the proper steps are taken.

 Our Prophet has been slain, and the burthen of the kingdom has fallen upon us (the Twelve) and our lives are sought after; but while the angel that administers to man is still in attendance, his life is protected, for the guardian angel is stronger than death; but when he is withdrawn, humanity is easily overcome. Hence it was with the son of God while upon the cross, that even he, the Savior of the world, could but exclaim: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me! Referring to the protecting angel whom the Lord had called away, leaving Jesus in the arms of death; that he might be taken away from this world of misery and pain, to the mansions of God, where he should turn and rule the nations with a rod of Iron. For proof of my assertion I have only to call upon the same individual who exclaimed on the cross: My God why hast thou taken away my protecting angel.

 At the time of his arrest he commanded Peter to put up his sword and gave him to understand that [if] it was the will of God that he should not drink of the bitter cup (death) that he could call on his Father for ten legions of angels who would eagerly fly to his assistance. But had he been delivered from the cross, how could the scriptures have been fulfilled, which says the saints are the salt of the earth. Another word respecting the arrows, which by the spirit of God was made manifest to me last summer. There were certain persons who endeavored to divide and draw away the saints from this place, by telling them in secret councils: I have the wink from the Twelve; their minds are to sanction our going to build up, &.

 I have got my work laid out by revelation; but you must not say a word to them (the Twelve) about this matter, for if you do, you will not get any satisfaction, they will disclaim in public any knowledge of such a move; but I understand them; all is right; and thus hold them in ignorance; also, bind them by solemn oath, not to disclose the matter to any human being, not even to their wives, under the penalty of death. Through hypocrisy and false statements, a few, and but a few, have been deceived and torn from the bundle of arrows, by those who have led off from this place. This is an aspiring spirit and is from the devil; and every spirit that refuses to make manifest, is from Lucifer, the prince of darkness. Now let the Saints, from this time forth be guarded against all such secret councils or confirmations.

 Elder Amasa Lyman  expressed his gratitude to God for the favorable circumstances under which we are placed at present. Said he, when we contemplate the exalted station and high calling of this august body of men, we can but associate it with their future destiny. They, as a people are only forming a character for heaven and immoral happiness. This certainly should stimulate each man of you to action, and remove every drowsy, careless, idle, feeling from their minds, while in each heart the most lively sensations of joy should spring up. He advised them to embrace every opportunity afforded them to improve their minds and obtain useful knowledge. Just take the saints out of the world, said he, and soon destruction would sweep the land, as was the fact with Sodom and Gomorrah.

 In speaking of the Seventies Library and Institute Association, he remarked that the Seventies were designed to be messengers to every land and kingdom under heaven, and consequently they will have ample opportunity to gather many antiquities, with various books, charts, &., to deposite in the Library for the advancement of art and science, which, with just principles, will go heart and hand unto perfection; being built upon truth, the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ the chief corner stone, which shall sound out from this voluminous Institute, and with its benign influence organize and harmonize the vast extent of terra firma. (2)

1 - Note from the editor
2 - 'The John Taylor Nauvoo journal, January 1845-September 1845,' BYU Studies 23:3 (1983) edited by Dean C. Jessee

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Mormon History, Feb 19, 1845

-- Feb 19, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 19th I took 3d class cars & rode through a deep vale, vary mountaineous each side to Brig house the nearest Station to Bradford. I here took Coach & rod 7 miles to Bradford. It was an exeeding Cold morning & I got much Chilled both on the Cars & Coach making 41 miles travel before 10 oclok in the morning. I called upon Br Edward Milnes on Bower street Manchester Road, Bradford. He is the Presiding Elder of the Bradford Branch. I spent the day with him.

In the afternoon Elder Sheets came from [--]. Came over from America with Elders Straten & Davis. We were truly glad to once more meet to gether though on a foreign shore.

We attended a prayer meeting in the evening. I herd the testimony of many of the Saints & I occupied some time in teaching them. We spent the night at Br Child's in Wellington street in company with Elders Sheets & Ure. Distance of the day 45 mil.

I wrote a letter to Elder Davis of London. (1)

- Announcement: Hymn - Dedicated to President Brigham Young -- C.W. Wand II -- Poem written to the tune of "Thou, thou 'dwell'st in this bosom."

- Story: "Remarks--House of Representatives--to Repeal the Nauvoo Charter" -- Editorial -- Describes the remarks of Lewis W. Ross, in favor of repealing the Nauvoo Charter.

- Story: "Arrest of Elliott" - An Assassin of Joseph and Hyrum -- Editorial -- Describes the arrest of a deputy sheriff in connection to the murders of Joseph and Hyrum.

- Story: "Encouraging" - Saints growing in St. Louis -- Editorial -- Includes a petition from Elder Reed, the Church's agent in St. Louis, for 50 copies of the Nauvoo Neighbor to be sent to St. Louis for the members there.

- Letter to the Editor: "Examination of John C. Elliott" - Suspicious Visitor -- Signed, "L.O.L." -- Provides a transcript of court proceedings and questionings of a strange visitor to Nauvoo, who admits to being party to Joseph's assassination. Probably written by L.O. Littlefield

- Announcement: "Notice" - Living Constitution Trades Meeting -- Editorial -- Describes the weeklong meeting schedule for Trades Meetings. (2)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Hannah Holbrook on February 19 1845]

A blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Hannah Holbrook, daughter of Rufus and Hannah Flint, born July 18, 1806, Township of Braintree, Orange County, State of Vermont.

Sister Hannah in the name of Jesus Christ I seal a father's blessing upon thee. Thou has obeyed the gospel and the Lord is well pleased with thee. Thou art a daughter of Abraham and an heir to all the blessings that was sealed upon the former day Saints and Priesthood which was sealed upon the fathers in former days with all the blessings and powers sealed upon thy companion. The destroyer shall have no power in thine house. Thy children shall be healthy and thou [sic; thine] house shall be a peaceable habitation. Angels shall administer unto thee. Thou shalt be blessed in thy basket and in thy store with every desire of thine heart. Thou shalt live to be a comfort to thy companion and assist him in all his labors, even be satisfied with life according to the blessing sealed upon thy companion come up in the first resurrection with him to inherit thrones and dominions in the house of Israel forever. I seal all these blessings upon thee and thy posterity in common with thy co
mpanion if they faith does not fail, not one word of it shall fail, Amen. (3)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Joseph Holbrook on February 19, 1845]

A Blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Joseph Holbrook, son of Moses and Hannah Holbrook, born January 16, 1806, Florence, Oneida County, State of New York.

Brother Joseph I lay my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ and seal upon thee a father's blessing. Thou art of the house of Jacob and an heir to the blessings and Priesthood which was sealed upon the fathers with all the benefits and privileges accompanying the same. The Lord hath called thee to preach the gospel to this generation to warn hem that destructions are determined upon Babylon. It is left to thy choice in what part of the vineyard thou labor. Thou shalt go forth as a mighty man. Thou shalt stir up the hearts of the honest in heart to repentance but the wicked and rebel[l]ious shall be angry and seek to destroy thy life but the Lord hath given his angels charge to preserve thee from all thine enemies and thou shalt have power over them. Thou shalt be blessed with wisdom and intelligence to confound the wise of this generation, bring many to the knowledge of the faith and gather them with the saints with much riches. Thou shalt have a numerous posterit
y and thou shalt rejoice exceedingly because of their righteousness. Thou shalt live till thou shalt know that the prophets have spoken right concerning Zion, be satified with life and every favor which is calculated for the happiness of man and thou shalt enjoy all the blessing[s] of the Redeemer's Kingdom on the earth and a new name with the sanctified forever. I seal all these blessings upon thee in faithfulness and I seal thee up unto eternal life, Amen.


-- Wednesday, February 19th, 1845
[Apostle John Taylor diary] Chiefly at home. (4)

-- Feb 20, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Feb 20th 1845 This was a solmen & gloomy day to my feelings in some respect, in consequence of walking over the ground which oft had been trod by the much lamented & worthy ELDER LORENZO D. BARNES And also of viewing the tomb whare sleeps his sacred Dust.

I Left Bradford in company with Elders Sheets & Ure. Br Sheets is presiding over the Bradford Conference the one that Elder Barnes was presiding over when he died. Br Ure is presiding over the sheffield conference. We left Bradford to gether for the purpose of visiting the grave of Elder Barnes in Idle Yorkshire 3 miles from Bradford.

When we arived about half way we have a fair view of Idle & the Church whare lies the grave of Elder Barnes. We had a beautiful green vale to pass through before ariving at Idle, which is on top of a hill. The fields of grass were as green as may, though in Febuary which made a splendid appearence. We travelled on the Road that Elder Branes had walked over many scores of times in Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. I felt solumn indeed. Was filled with meditation untill I arived at Idle Containing a Population of about 7,000 inhabitants & a branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints of 37 members.

We Called upon Elder Thomas Cordingly & his family who had the Care of Elder Barnes through his sickness & death. They Pointed out the house & room to me whare he was sick spent his last hours, passed through his last sickness afflictions & Death.

After getting some refreshment we walked to the Church yard & I gazed upon the silent grave of our beloved Brother & Elder Lorenzo Barnes. My feelings were keene & sensitive. As I stood upon his grave I realized I was standing over the body of one of the Elders of Israel of the horns of Joseph of the Seed of Ephraim, one of the members of zions Camp who had travelled more than 1,000 miles in 1834 for the redemption of his persecuted, afflicted brethren. Offered to lay down his life for their sake. One who had the hearts & affection of thousands both in America & England, one who felt a deep interest in the welfare of his parents and kindred, One whose fidelity was stronger than death towards his Lover, his brethren eternal truth, & his God. While Standing upon his grave I offered up my vocal Prayer to Israels God, that I might die the death of the righteous when Called away & that my last end might be as wise & safe as his & that his sacred dust might be called forth in the
morn of the first resurrection.

I decreed in my heart I would not return to my native country untill I had caused to be erected a tomb stone over his grave to say to his friends that should Chance to pass that way that here sleeps the worthy LORENZO D. BARNES The first of Zions Camp who has found a grave in a foreign Land. I bowed my knees upon [--] grave & plucked some pebbles in memory of his worth. I thought of his <[--]> Lover, his Mother, his Father, his kindred & the Saints for they all loved him, & would have thought it a privilege blessing to have been permitted to have droped a silent tear upon his lonely bed.

O Lorenzo thou has fallen, in thy youth as it were A marter for the truth, in a foreign land. But if thy God permits me to tread again the Courts of his house, in Zions land, & have access to the sealing powers, endowments, & keys of the kingdom of God I'll remember thee & pray that thy exhaltations may not come short of the Chiefest of thy quorums.

I retired from his grave in company with my brethren meditating upon the life of Br Barnes. I made dilligent enquiry of the family whare he died & of others concerning his sickness & death And I obtained the following information:

That Elder Barnes during the last of Sept walked one day about 13 miles vary fast to get to the rail road in time to get the cars. Some part of the way he run, got into a high state of perspiration & ownly had time to step on board just as they were about starting. He rode on the rail road about 20 miles during which time he became entirely Chilled, which flung him into a sever Cold that settelled upon his lungs brought on the quick consumption from which he never recoverd. He attended a conference & Preached several times afterwards but was vary feble. The last time he Preached was from the following words: "There remaineth therefore a rest for the people of God."

After he was confined to his bed he was asked if he would have a Physician his answer was deffi-nately [no. If] he Died he wished to Die a natural death. If he lived he should live unto the Lord. If he died he should die unto the Lord. He manifested a great desire to live if it was the will of God that he might again return to Nauvoo. He was deprived of his reason during some portion of his sickness. His whole conversation at such times was about Nauvoo, how he should get there, & his friends. Spoke of his mother freequently. The night before his death, he had his reason & bore a strong & faithful testimony of the truth of the fulness of the Gospel as taught by the Latter Day Saints. Stated that it would not be long before the Kings & great men of the earth would Call for the mountains & rocks to fall upon them to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb of God that was to be poured out upon the earth for soon would the nations of the earth be deluged with the judgments of God,
& with many other words did he testify of those things that would spedily come to Pass.

I learned that Elder Barnes suffered by going with poor boots & wet feets from place to Place. He was slow to make his wants known to the brethren & some were to slow to administer to his wants untill he got sick. But evry attention was paid him after he was confined to his bed but it was to late.

I enquired if their was any writings that he left as a Journal but could find nothing but the following lines as a Correspondance in Poetry between himself & his intended Miss Susan Conrad which shows the strong fidelity of his heart which was Characterestic of the man throug evry action of his life. ...

During the evening I preached in Idle to a good congregation, many of which had heard Elder Barnes preach. Elder Barnes was beloved by the Saints in England the same as he was in America. The congregation gave good attention. I spent the night with Br Cordingly. Distance of the day 4 m. (1)

1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,
2 -
3 - Patriarchal Blessings
4 - 'The John Taylor Nauvoo journal, January 1845-September 1845,' BYU Studies 23:3 (1983) edited by Dean C. Jessee

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Mormon History, Feb 16, 1845

-- Feb 16, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Sunday evening prayer circle meeting "at the Trustees' Office" . (1)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 16th Sunday Met in a special Conference with Elders Hedlock, Ward, Holmes, Hardy, Ross, Miller, & manny others. W. Woodruff the president of the Churches in this relm took the chair as president of the meeting acompinied by his Councillors viz Elders Hedlock & Word. Conference opened at 10 oclok their being present the Presidency of the realm 5 High Priest 30 Elders 31 Priest 21 Teacher & 4 Deacons.

Meeting opened by singing & Prayr by the President. The meeting was Addressed by Elder Hedlock, & followed by Elder Ward who presented many important principles & truths to the Conference. I followed them. The spirit of the Lord was with us & we had an interesting time.

I dined at Br Thomas Shelden's with Elder Holmes. I truly felt to rejoice to have the privilege of associateing with Br Holmes in England as we had travelled much together in america.

We met with the Officers in the Hall before meeting & lade before them the business of the day.

We then met a vast assembly of the Saints. The Hall was crouded. Elder Hedlock arose & lade before the meeting the changes we thought wisdom to make in the manchester Conference. Was followed by Elder Ward. I arose & made some remarks upon the subject. It was then moved by Elder Charles Miller that Elder Milton Holmes be appointed to preside over the Manchester Conference. The motion was second & carried by A unanimous vote. Elder Holmes accepted the appointment. It was then moved & Carried with a unanimous vote that Elder James D Ross be appointed the Presiding Elder over the Manchester branch. He accepted the Apointment. Sacrament was then administered to the vast Congregation which took untill dark.

I went & took tea at Br Sheldons, met again at 7 oclock & had a good time. Elder Hedlock spoke of the plans that would be well to enter into for the temperal as well as spiritual welfare of the Church such as entering into the Manufacturers of various branches of trades &c all of which was interesting. When he Closed, He & Br Ward had to leave for Manchester Liverpool. They could scarcely get out of the house so many wish to shake hands with them.

After they left I arose & spoke about half an hour & enjoyed myself well. The spirit of the Lord was with us. Love & union pervaded the congregation. I was made glad with the seene of beholding so many saints united in the New & Everlasting Covenant.

I often thought I would like to see President Joseph Smith meet with a conference of Saints in England but he has gone. We can go to him but it is not expected he will come to us.

Our Conference closed with the best of feelings. A good impresion was made upon the minds of many. Their are many warm hearted Saints in the Manchester Conference. At the Close of the meeting I went home with Br Flint & spent the night. 4 m.

This day fulfilled a prophecy which I predicted in the house of the Lord in Kirtland Ohio in 1837 that I should attend a Conference with Elder Milton Holmes in one of the British Isles.

We had one of the most interesting conference I ever attended abroad in the vineyard. Much of the spirit of the Lord & union rested upon the vast Congregation of the Saints. I lade hands upon 12 & administered to them for sickness. At the Close of the Conference I went home with Br Flint & spent the night, And had the following Dream:

I visited the flouring mill in Farmington Ct. whare I found my Father Aphek Woodruff who had attended those mills for the last 30 years. I looked upon my father who appeared to be so infirm & feeble he could not walk & said he felt strang. I went to his help. He seemed to be struck with death. He fell into my arms. I called upon Uncle Ozem Woodruff who was present to come to my assistance. He did so & it seemed that father was about breathing his last, & I awoke, & their was a deep impression left upon my mind by the dream. I some fear I shall not behold my fathers face again in the flesh but time will determin.

I recieved a letter from Br H Clark. (2)

-- Feb 17, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17th In Company with Elders Holmes Hardy Ross & Miller I rode to Newton Heath Manchester to Br John Armstrong. Had a good pudding for dinner containing a sixpens silver peace. Their was ten of us. The pudding cut into 10 peaces, I had the good fortune to get the sixpens. We had a piesent time together. We spent the evening teaching principle & singing.

I then returned to Manchester in Company with Elders Holmes Hardy Miller, Ross & Br & Sister Shelden Br & Sister Dunn Sisters Bradbury & Hewett. We called at Br Millers. Administered to his wife. Br Holmes & myself spent the night at Br Sheldens. Br Holmes has taken up his abode their whare he was made comfortable by the kind treatment of sister Shelden who is a worthy sister indeed. (2)

-- Feb 18, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 18th I wrote a letter to Elder H. Clark. I spent the fore part of the day at Br Sheldens. I visited Mr Thomas Holbrook at 37 Oxford Street Manchester. His Lady is a Saint at heart.

+ * [Asterisks are Woodruff's.] In the afternoon in company with Elders Holmes, Hardy, Miller, Ross, & sister Shelden, I visited the Mechanics Institution a regular Museum. Many intereting paintings, sculptures, machinery, & a great variety of ancient works. Among other things we saw the happy family consisting of a great variety of animals & birds such as cats, rats, squirrels, monkeys, hedgehogs, pigs rabits, dogs & a great variety of other animals & birds all in the same cage taking care one for the other. We saw many electerized.

We all returned to Br Sheldens & took tea. We each got our likeness taken or profile. We paid 6/ each.

In the evening we held a council with the officers of the Manchester in the Manchester branch. We had a good time.

I spent the night at Br John Druce No 6 Sand-ford street Broughton Road Salford near Manchester. 12 miles. (2)

1 - Quinn, D. Michael, The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power, Signature Books, 1994, Appendex: Meetings and Initiations of the Anointed Quorum, 1842-45,
2 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,

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George Albert Smith, Selected Chronology

The Priesthood / Relief Society manual "Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith" will be studied by Latter-day Saint men and women in 2012. LDS-Church-History will present a selected chronology of the life of George Albert Smith, 8th president of the L.D.S. Church, providing further insight into his life.
George Albert Smith was born of a "royal" Mormon heritage. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all members of the Quorum of the Twelve and First Presidency. His great-grandfather was a brother to Joseph Smith Sr., and George Albert Smith's wife was a grand-daughter of Wilford Woodruff. Genealogical information of his ancestry will be presented, as well as major events from their lives where available.
His father, John Henry Smith, kept a detailed journal, which sheds light on the childhood and family life of George Albert Smith. When George Albert Smith became an apostle, he and his father were the first father-son pair serving at the same time in the Quorum of the Twelve. Entries from John Henry Smith's journals provide valuable insight into the first forty years of the life of George Albert Smith.
Aspects of his life as an apostle will also be drawn from other sources, including his own journals, the journals of his fellow apostles, and also from President Heber J. Grant's. Major issues dealt with by the Quorum of the Twelve will also be included.
Upon the death of Heber J. Grant, George Albert Smith became the 8th president of the church. This chronology will include aspects of his life, presidency and major events in the administration and history of the church during his presidency.
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Mormon History, Feb 12, 1845

-- Feb 12, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 12th I recieved a letter from Elder Clayton. I walked to the office. Spent the fore part of the day. In the evening I accompinied Mrs Woodruff & Clark to Br Tysom's & took tea. 5 m. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Announcement: Married -- Editorial -- Nathaniel Johnson married Mary Cole, performed by Elder William Kay.

- Poetry: "The Chariot of Israel" -- W.W. Phelps -- Poem, written in the format of a song, written about The Saints.

- Reprinted Story: "Mormon Meeting" - Denial of Crimes -- The Quincy Herald -- Speaks of a meeting where members of the Church created a resolution stating their innocence from the crimes that rumors state they committed.

- Letter to the Editor: Letter Concerning a Dam in the Mississippi -- A. Ripley -- Gives Joseph Smith the credit for the idea, and states that a dam in the Mississippi could power sawmills or machinery.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Hyrum S. Griffith (infant, Canker), Alonzo W.N. Whittney (20, Lung Fever), Mary Holden (1 month). (2)

-- Feb 12, 1845, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] Wednesday. Feb. 12. 1845. At the office all day copying records of the Kingdom (3)

-- Feb 13, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Thursday prayer circle meeting of "the Twelve and others" in "the Temple." Heber C. Kimball apparently also listed unendowed people who attended an after meeting social: "Br. Woodard, Br. Vance," and their wives . (4)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 13th I recieved two letters one from P. P. Pratt & S. Brannan No 7 spruce Street New York & one from John Taylor Nauvoo Also 2 Nauvoo Neighbors. 4 m. (1)

-- Feb 14, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Prayer circle meeting of Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Pratt, George A. Smith, Willard Richards, Newel K. Whitney, George Miller, Alpheus Cutler, Reynolds Cahoon, Isaac Morley, Orson Spencer, Joseph Young, and William Clayton, "to pray and ask God to thwart the plans of the mob and deliver the brethren out of their hands" . (4)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 14th I wrote Elder J. M. Grant of Philadelphia a letter. I also recieved 2 more Neighbors & five Prophets. P. P. Pratt Is over the eastern Churches. Their appears to be a prospect of another riot or outbreak about Nauvoo, from the mob according to the last Neighbor. I spent most of the day at the Office. 4 miles. (1)

John M. Bernhisel is appointed as a "Traveling Bishop" to visit and regulate wards. Hosea Stout, Nauvoo chief of police and head of Temple Guard, records in his diary, "Today Lucretia Fisher came to live with me." They are married a little over two months later. (5)

-- Feb 14, 1845. Friday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...In the evening the following brethren met together to pray and ask God to thwart the plans of the mob and deliver the brethren out of their hands viz. B. Young, H. C. Kimball, O. Pratt, G. A. Smith, Wd. Richards, N. K. Whitney, Geo. Miller, A. Cutler, R. Cahoon, Isaac Morley, O. Spencer, Joseph Young and myself. We have a very good time and the Lord blesses us and I believe we will have the desires of our hearts. After prayers it was voted that Father [Isaac] Morley move in to Nauvoo as soon as possible and that Solomon Hancock be appointed to preside over the Lima Branch in his stead. It was also voted that Dr. [John] Bernhisel be appointed a traveling Bishop to visit the churches. We had also some conversation on the subject of sending six brethren with brother Lewis Dana to the West, and especially to Texas. (6)

-- Feb 15, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15th In company with Elder Leonard Hardy & James Darling Ross I rode in the rail road to Manchester. Met with Elder Milton Holmes. I spent the night with Br Flint. Distance 33. (1)

Sidney Rigdon asks, in the LDS newspaper MESSENGER AND ADVOCATE "Did the Lord ever tell any people that sleeping with their neighbor's wives and daughters had any thing to do with preparing the way of the Savior's coming[?]" Ridgon's daughter, Nancy, had been approached by Joseph Smith and asked to become a secret plural wife. This caused a rift between Rigdon and Smith. (5)

[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints met according to adjournemtn at Councellor Henry G. Sherwoods' and opened by prayer from Councellor Alpheus Cutler.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Councellors Present.

Samuel Bent James Allred.

Lewis D. Wilson Alpheus Cutler

David Fulmer George W. Harris

Thomas Grover Aaron Johnson

Newel Knight William Huntington

Phineas Richards

Presidents John Smith and Chas C. Rich Presiding with President Bent.

The case to be tried (being an appeal from Bishop D. Evans Court of Dec. 21 1844) was not acted upon in consequence of the parties not presenting themselves.

Calvin C. Pendleton was ordained a high priest under the hands of Presidents John Smith, Saml Bent, and Chas. C. Rich

Closing prayer by President John Smith.

Voted to adjourn till next Saturday to meet in this house at ten o'clock A.M.

C. C. Pendleton Clerk (7)

1 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,
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3 - Fillerup, Robert C., compiler; William Clayton Nauvoo Diaries and Personal Writings, A chronological compilation of the personal writings of William Clayton while he was a resident of Nauvoo, Illinois.
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7 - Minutes of the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Nauvoo Illinois: Nauvoo Hancock County Illinois,

LDS History Timeline
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Mormon History, Feby 8th 1845

-- Feby 8th 1845
[High Council Minutes] Horace Burgess.

Voted that two on a side shall shall speak

Thomas Grover & Newel Knight, Council for Plaintiff

Aaron Johnson & William Huntington, Council for Defendant.

After much deliberation and many pertinent and impressive remarks by the presidents and council, Brother Brooks was dismissed from the charges prefered, and, Voted unanimously to continue fellowship with him.

A Vote of the congregation present, approving the proceedings of the Council, was taken, which was general.

Voted that William Snow fill the place of Henry G. Sherwood, who is from home on Church business. Closing prayer by President Brigham Young.

Voted to adjourn and meet in this Hall on next Saturday at one o'clock P.M.

C.C. Pendleton Clerk (1)

-- Feb 9, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Feb 9th I wrote A letter to Elder Davis of London. I spent the day at the office. I perused the 9th No of the Star Containing a long address to the Saints in the British Islands which I wrote. 4 m. (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] Br Kimball and myself Preached at Br Horner's Mill had a first meeting with the Bretherin and a large congration came here spent the evening with Br G. Young at Doct Richards (3)

-- Feb 10, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 10th Sunday A severe cold snow storm. I Preached at the music Hall in the morning partook of the Sacrament in the Afternoon, & preached in the evening again, from Rev 14 ch. 6 v. Spoke of the origin of the Church Joseph recieving the Administration of the Angel. I Confirmed two, lade hands upon 6 sick consecrated 4 bottles of oil. Walked 8 miles. (2)

-- Feb 11, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 11th Went to the Office & spent the day. Distance 4 m. (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] Tausday 11 Eliot one of the murders of Joseph & Hyram came in town was taken up and braught before Square wells and Johnson proved gilty sent to Carthage on thursday morning the 13th spent my time at the temple did not attend the trial The subject of the dispensation of the fulness of times ------- EPHESIANS I. 9-10

9=Having made & known unto us the mystery of his will, acording to his good pleasur which he hath purposed in himself.

10= that in the dispensation of the fulness of times, he might gather together in one all things in Christ both which are in heaven and which are on Earth even in him--

(New T:Ephesians 1:9-10)

Gen 3-9-10 9 And the Lord God called unto Adam and said unto him where art thou?

10 and he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, ( ) and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid my self.

(OldT:Genesis 3:9-10)

I Gen 4=4 4 and Abel, he also braught of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. and the Lord had respect un to Abel and to his offering: (OldT:Genesis 4:4)


The Nauvoo city council "Passed an ordinance authorizing and licensing Brigham Young to run a ferry across the Mississippi at Nauvoo in place of Joseph Smith, martyred." (4)

Letter to Elder Woodruff in England-- This letter from the Quorum of the Twelve to Wilford Woodruff in England is more informational than instructional. It appears here and in all printed sources however in an abstracted form. The original is in the files of the Church Historian's Office. For additional background see: DHC 7:373; RCH 2:73-74; Brigham Young, the Man and his Work by Preston Nibley, p. 63. (Future references to this last source will be by the following abbreviation: BY-Nibley)

PRESIDENT YOUNG'S LETTER to Elder Woodruff in England It will rejoice your heart to hear that we have a remarkable mild winter, clear and pleasant, no snow, and peace in the city, as it does ours to live here and enjoy it. Though the papers report a total repeal of the Nauvoo Charter by a large majority in both houses, we remain undisturbed, the city affairs go on as usual. We expect to appeal to the U. S. court.

The stone is nearly hewn for the Temple; a stone font is about to be erected, the woodwork is progressing rapidly under a temporary roof in the basement story, and we hope to commence the endowments next fall or early in the winter. We will not send many elders to England until after the endowment.

You will please call at Stationer's Hall, London, the first opportunity, and get or by some means procure a copy of the "copyright of the Book of Mormon" and safely keep it until further notice. The saints are more engaged than ever to finish the Temple, and it is desirable that tithings be forwarded from all branches at the earliest safe conveyance.

The different quorums are becoming perfected in their several organizations, by which means the elders are learning their duty. Union, love and peace were never more universal among the saints at Nauvoo, than at the present time. Brother Willard is convalescent, collecting materials for history and much regrets the absence of Elder Woodruff's Journals. {1845-February 11-DHC 7:313} (5)

-- Feb 11, 1845, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] Tuesday. Feb. 11. 1845. At the Office all day copying records of the Kingdom (6)

1 - Minutes of the High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Nauvoo Illinois: Nauvoo Hancock County Illinois,
2 - Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,
3 - Brigham Young Journal (1801-1877) Journal #2 July, 1837- Mar. 1845
4 - Advent Adam website (defunct) - based on
5 - Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)
6 - Fillerup, Robert C., compiler; William Clayton Nauvoo Diaries and Personal Writings, A chronological compilation of the personal writings of William Clayton while he was a resident of Nauvoo, Illinois.

LDS History Timeline
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Mormon History, Feb 6, 1845

-- Feb 6, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] Thursday 6 Br Lorenzo young started for ohio with Lorenzo Snow Br Folk took them in his carage to Lyma I Preached Br Whitney funral Surmon in the consert hall a large congration took dinner with Br Orson Spencer supper with Saria Whitney (1)

-- Feb 6, 1845, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] Thursday 6th. ... Evening clothed to offer prayers for Wm. H. & Vilate R. who are both very sick. (2)

[William Clayton Writings] Thursday Feby 6. 1845. At the office all day recording minutes of Council. &c (2)

-- Feb 7, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Feb 7th 1845 I recieved 2 letters from Elder McCuen the Presiding Elder over the Conferences in Herefordshire. 4 m. (3)

-- Feb 8, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 8th I attend the council of officers in Liverpool this evening. A trial was on hand. I descove[re]d the Arch enemy was deeply rooted in the hearts of several men who wer Elders & they were watching for iniquity & on the road to aposticy & through their influence the Council was detained untill one oclock in the morning. Those elders if they do not repent will go out of the church. Gen-nis was the Plaintiff. 4 mile. (3)

[Brigham Young Journal] Saterday 8 attended city councel the old councel desolved & the new councel took there place they proceded to a pont there officers for the citty Br Kimball took dinner with me jest at night we went to Br Chases on the Praira stad all night (1)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #14. Lucy Walker (Smith), 1826-1910; 9 children, including John Heber "Don", Lydia (Loughery), Ann Spaulding (Knox), Eliza (Woolley), and Washington Heber, time only. (4)

[Nauvoo Temple] William Weeks stated that he felt all the stone for the temple would be cut within six weeks. (5)

-- February 8. 1845
[Nauvoo City Council] City Council Rough Book commencing February 8. 1845. ½ past 10 A.M. - Names of members called, a Quorum present - prayer by Ald. G. W. Harris - Minutes of last meeting read and accepted - A discussion took place on the subject of swearing in the new Council -

G. A. Smith motioned that the 2 Councils sit together till noon"- carried - & then withdrawn

Ald Wells, spoke on the Election- some illegality may have taken place - it must be approved by this Council before they can take their Seats -

Moved and seconded that we hear the Report of our Recorder - and he read same -

" " it be accepted -- and carried -

Ald Orson Spencer, we are satisfied of the Election, and of the Council having taken their Oath of office -

Ald Wells moved "that we approve accept of the Election, and of the new members" and that we request the old Council to remain during the day as a matter of courtesy.

Recorder said there is business on this table, that none but the old Council can attend to -

Mayor suggests that an action be taken on it -

Ald. Wells. said this is the Regular Session - & if the Old Council accept of the New Council, they (the new Council) must do that business -

Co. Young spoke of his time as an old Co. being expired -

Co. G. Miller the Old Aldermen must necessarily act, until the new ones are fully authorized -

Co. Phelps replied - Ald. Harris the old Ald: need no new Commission: G. Miller - the old ones must act until the new ones are qualified - Co. Taylor the Council is complete as there is a majority without the Old -

Co. Phelps spoke, Young requested to know if we are not dissolved - there is no more Old Council - & the new Council must do what they please -

Co. Miller moved that we invite them to stay with us this day -

Ald Harris, it falls on the Old Mayor to ask the new one to take his seat -

Co. Wright I understand it requires a Commission from the Govr. before he can act - I consider the new Mayor cannot act until he receives his authority

Co. Miller dissents from the Ex. Co. Young in regard to a new mayor - If I conceive aright the City Charter - we are a disorganized body without a head - and the Old Mayor will have to act until the new one is qualified & I renew my motion that the Old Co. be invited to remain -

Co. Young moved that the Old Co. be dissolved -

Co. Richards - if I understand it the Old Mayor c Ald: must act, until the new ones receive their commission to act, but the Councillors - when they take their Oath of Office - they can act -

Co. Phelps it only requires a majority of the Council to act - & I move that we invite the Old Councillors to remain with us -

Co. Pratt the Mayor has a right to sit without a commission -

Co. Young said we all appear to be wanting to talk - I am satisfied that the old Co. is dissolved the new roll was called -

Orson Spencer moved "that Danl. Spencer continue to hold his seat until the New Council call upon the new Mayor to take his Seat"- seconded and carried -

Co. Miller moved "that we invite the old council to sit with us this day" carried -

" that we appoint a Committee to wait on them & seat them - carried -

" that G. W. Harris, Orson Spencer & Phinehas Richards be the Committee and they made the request - the report accepted, & carried -

Ex Co. Young returned thanks & they took their Seats again.

Moved & seconded that we appoint Willard Richards to be the Recorder - and carried -

do do A. P. Rockwood to be the Marshall carried

Orson Spencer spoke on the proper officers to continue -

Moved and seconded that we appoint W. W. Phelps be Registrar of Deeds do

" " " Wm. Clayton City Treasurer do.

Co. Phelps read report of the Supervisor of Streets

Ex Co. Young - it will be necessary for the City Co. to have an active standing police - that there may be a Supervisor in each Ward to a good advantage - I suggest this for your consideration -

Co. Phelps if we have a Supervisor in each Ward we can have advantage taken for benefit, it will be a good thing to have one or two Constables in each Ward -

Co. Young it feels hard for some men not to have a Street to his own house, and yet have to work out <his street labor> in another Ward -

Ald D. Spencer said the Supervisor of Streets had been instructed to work out, on Streets most used -

Ald Harris asked Supervisor of Streets if he would be satisfied to have one Ward -

Mr. Allred spoke - After Joseph's death, I have obeyed every word that the new Mayor has ordered me to do. I have done the best I could -

Co. Phelps spoke - suggested & motioned "that we hear the Report of the Recorder"-

Ald. Wells read the City Charter section - & sd. it wod. be best to appoint 4 Asst. Supervisors c make them Constables - mit. let the old Supervisor nominate them -

Co. Wright thot. it best for the council to appoint them - Ald Harris, Co. W. W. Phelps - would like to have four Supervisors-

Co. Wright moved that Jose James Allred be Supervisor -- over the 4th Ward -

Co. Miller " do appointed Supervisor of Streets for the City of Nauvoo together with three assistants" carried -

Ald. Rich it is for this Council to say who the men shall be - & "moved that Co Lorenzo Clark - Benjn. Jones & J. P. Harmon - be the 3" - they are good men & are getting no pay <for their services> - carried -

Ald Wells moved that D. Hendrix be one for 2nd Ward - not seconded - moved that the old business be disposed of -

Co. Miller "appoint 4 Constables" named Benjn. Boyce 1st Ward)


E. J. Sabine 2nd " )

) carried

Howard Egan 3rd " )

D. M Repsher 4th " )

"Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Nauvoo

Resolved that there be three assts. Supervisors appointed for the next two years"

Co. Sloan I recollect a former time when there were certain persons appointed, it was fully discussed

Co. Richards replied -

Co. Phelps the officers are appointed - we can put the Ordinance first in the Ordinance book

Ald Wells moved that the appointt. of 3 Assistant Supervisors be reconsidered - c that the men hold the two officers -

Co. Miller spoke - Co. Young if a man takes charge of a Ward - he will get some remuneration. & he may gain a little from his office - it was my idea to have different persons appointed the Ordinance is just right to my mind - Ald Wells replied -

Co. Young I dont believe in a Constable or Marshall's be being idle for one hour - to sit in his house until some one comes to tell him he is wanted - they ought to search out the very characters & have their eyes about them -

An Ordinance creating Assistant Supervisors read 1 time - 2 time by Title - 3 time - bill pass - satisfied with the Title

Mr. Allred spoke - of the way he conducted his business - I had three City Wards worked in 3 days my bill has been 63.00 of a year the highest -

Co. Phelps replied - recorder spoke - Co. Young spoke - Allred replied - Harris "that the People of the several Wards are not to be taken out of their own Ward into another -

Co. Phelps motioned "that we take up the accounts rescind the former vote of 3 Asst. Supervisors" as we are now drawing up an Ordinance in order to put it in the proper place - carried

Ald Rich we went to work & created 4 Supervisors for the different Wards -

Motioned & seconded that Lorenzo Clark be Supervisor of 1st Ward Carried-

Jesse P. Harmon 2nd Ward Carried -

Benjamin Jones 3rd carried

Co. Miller Spoke to appoint the men for the object of giving them some remuneration for their labors for the City.

Adjourned for one hour. 1 o clock P M.

2 oclock P. M. met pursuant to adjournment - names of members called - a quorum present Standing committees made out, and accepted - Co. Wright will the unfinished business now in my hands, have to be transferred to the new Marshall, I wish to know - I have no choice -

Co. Phelps moved that Orson Spencer be appointed in the place of the Committees that Daniel Spencer is now in

Co. Phelps spoke on the Marshall's business - & moved "that the accounts <of the old Council> be referred to the Committee on claims" carried -

Motioned that Orson Spencer & Edwd. Hunter fill the Committee on claims this afternoon.

Motioned that the fine against Orson Hyde be remitted - carried

Recorder spoke on his bill that would be allowed him according to the Ordinance of the City I have left out all accounts - the whole amount has cost me 50.00 to carry out the business - it has always been my object to save expence to the City - he also submitted the Clerks Report of dues, to the Municipal Court - there now remains due 188.45 3/4 - to the Court - W. W. Phelps repeals relinquished his amount due to him from the Court.

Motioned and carried seconded that James Sloan be Notary Public carried

do. Stephen Markham be Market Master carried-

do H. G. Sherwood City Surveyor do

do Daniel Carns Flour Inspector do

Benjn. Boyce

do Lorenzo Clark Fire Wardens 1st Ward do

E. J. Sabine

do Jesse P. Harmon " 2nd do do

do Howard Egan " 3rd do do

do, D. M. Repsher " 4th do do

do. John D. Lee Collector of 4th Ward do rescinded

do Theodore Turley Sealer of Weights & Measures do

Co. Wright enquired why a Collector was is appointed in my dis if there is no cause it will throw me out of a situation

Co. Phelps presented a petition from Benj Aber & 17 others for the remitting of a fine for selling Spirituous Liquors (against Rufus Beach)

Mayor spoke upon the fine, and gave an account of the circumstances - & recommended that it be remitted -

Co. Phelps said Rufus Beach came voluntarily & fined himself confessed judgment - he sd. he intended strictly to abide the ordinances of the city -

Co. Miller remarked & proposed that Col. take immediate action on it - & referred it the Com: of the whole house - carried -

Ald. Rich - I do not know if it has passed all the regular course - it is a hard case to be fined under the circumstances. there are other men also fined - we have got to have the whole difficulty brought before us at once.

Co. Phelps I am acquainted with the whole facts of the case - Pulaski Cahoon has let the day pass so that he cannot carry it to the Municipal Court - this Court is the only place that can remit the fine - Mr. Beach labours under difficulties -

Ald. Harris - Br Beach actually undergoes grievances - if he means to do right, he ought not to be lashed for his refractory family - moved "that Br Beach's fine be wholly remitted" carried -

Phelps replied - I have no doubt Wm. Marks will try to get his remitted - I have no doubt we shall <have> some trouble with it -

Co. Orson Spencer I agree with the remitting of this fine - if he cannot control his family - put it away - Co. Wright spoke on the subject - there is no parallel case to this - Ald. Rich replied - Petition of Hosea Stout & others to open Munson St. from Fullmer St. granted

Petition G. A. Smith & D. H. Wells - to abate taxes not laid out in City Lots - put abated

Ald. Rich spoke in full on the above petition - c the

Petition of James Alred for 35 days labor - motioned "that he suspend collecting for the old debts until ordered to collect by the Mayor" carried and referred his pay bill to Committee on claims - allowed his claim 35.00 - report accepted

Co. Richards motioned that <the name of> Warsaw St. be changed. - withdrawn -

Ald. Rich replied there is no way of bounding land by but by the names of Streets - & I should be sorry for the people to lose any thing by it -

Committee on Claims find the Recorders accounts very correct - and report favorable - that he dont get paid for his duties - and allowed 75.00 for extra services

Co. Phelps moved that the Committee be discharged from any further duties - <do - - - the Report be accepted - - - carried> carried & that the clerk be instructed to draw on the Treasury for the amount

Bill of J. H. Hale for 11.10 - moved that it be allowed

Clerk ordered to his issue his Certificate on the Treasury for the amount in the Disbursement book - all except Marr & Rollasons bills

Co. Phelps read an ordinance concerning Steam Boats - passed Dec. 16. 1843 - Ald: Rich nominated John D. Lee - carried - and to have 50 cents each dollar as last year - carried -

Moved and seconded that Jesse P. Harmon be Pound master -

Co. Sloan there was an order to restrain the Treasurer from issuing City Scrip - & moved that the Wharf master make out his report

Co. Phelps moved that the Treasurer make out his report at our next Regular session carried

Recorder read his report of Finance - and Ald. Harris moved its acceptance & carried -

Co. Richards spoke about Bro. Horner - Flour Inspector - & was replied to by Mayor.

do. young man horse racing &c in the Public Streets - Orson Spencer moved that an Ordinance be drawn out - Co. Miller spoke about a committee being appointed to revise all the City Ordinances - Co. Phelps. said that a committee was appointed for that purpose, we have a tolerable pretty good set of laws now - it may be necessary for us to make some little thing of this sort - it is a great desideratum for us to get together the Ordinances - and it will be a great benefit to the City - Strangers - and all persons -

An Ordinance to prevent horse racing in the Streets read 1st. 2 by the Title 3 time bill pass - satisfied with Title

Co. Phelps spoke on the subject - Ald: Rich it is a great curse to have too much law - Ald Orson Spencer followed - Co. Miller suggested an alteration in the wording of the Ordinance - Co. Phelps stated the case of Keegan -

Bill for of N. K. Knight 2.00 for meal for the Police - allowed -

Co. Richards spoke - Recorder spoke - it is wisdom for me to do what I am going to do I simply resign the office of Recorder and appoint nominate Thomas Bullock Recorder - <the Recorder Elect nominated> and Dr. Willard Richards be Deputy to Mr Bullock. <to be his Clerk - and both carried -> Dr. Richards spoke that it is the wisdom of God that this Motion was made - and my endeavors will always be for the good of this City -

Co. Wright spoke about some labor having been done on the Streets - Orson Spencer followed. Adjourned till next Regular Session - (6)

1 - Brigham Young Journal (1801-1877) Journal #2 July, 1837- Mar. 1845
2 - Fillerup, Robert C., compiler; William Clayton Nauvoo Diaries and Personal Writings, A chronological compilation of the personal writings of William Clayton while he was a resident of Nauvoo, Illinois.
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5 - Brown, Lisle (compiler), Chronology of the Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction of the Nauvoo Temple
6 - Nauvoo City Council Rough Book

LDS History Timeline
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Mormon History, Feb 4, 1845

-- Feb 4, 1845
Ezra Thayer: Dropped from Council of Fifty 4 February 1845. (1)

Brigham Young reconvenes the Council of Fifty which votes him as its "standing chairman." This is the council's first meeting since the death of Joseph Smith. The council releases all non-LDS members and Mormons who reject Young's leadership. This leaves the council with only 40 members; they vote to "fill up the Council at some future time." (2)

Lyman Wight: Dropped from Council of Fifty 4 Feb. 1845 (3)

-- Feb 4, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] Met at the 70s Hall with the Council of the Kingdom. 126 There were only 25 members present viz: B[righam] Young, S[amuel] Bent, John Smith, Alpheus Cutler, R]eynolds] Cahoon, W[illiam] W. Phelps, G[eorge] Miller, P[eter] Haws, Josh Fielding, Levi Richards, J[ohn] D. Parker, L[ucien] Woodworth, H[eber] C. Kimball, O[rson] Spencer, P[hilip] B. Lewis, D[avid] D. Yearsley, C[harles] C. Rich, O[rson] Pratt, A[masa] Lyman, J[oseph] W. Coolidge, O[rrin] P[orter] Rockwell, G[eorge] A. Smith, E[rastus] Snow and W[illar]d Richards and myself. This is the first time we met since the massacre of President Joseph and Hyrum Smith. The Council was reorganized and President B. Young appointed standing chairman as successor to President Joseph Smith by unanimous vote. The vote then passed for absent members according to their ages and stations and resulted as follows viz. Ezra Thayer, Amos Fielding, N[ewel] K. Whitney, C[ornelius] P. Lott, J[ohn] M. Bernhisel, Elias
Smith, O[rson] Hyde, W[ilford] Woodruff, P[arley] P. Pratt, D[avid] S. Hollister, John Taylor, W[illia]m Smith, A[lmon] W. Babbitt, J[edediah] M. Grant and B[enjamin] F. Johnson were unanimously sustained and received into the new organization. The following were rejected and dropped from the Council: Uriah Brown, W[illia]m Marks, Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight, James Emmett, Samuel James, Edward Bonny, Alexander Badlam, Geo[rge] J. Adams, Merinus G. Eaton and Lorenzo D. Wasson. President Joseph and Hyrum two of the members were martyred for the truth and John P. Green is dead, so that there is only 40 members left in the Council. It was voted to fill up the Council at some future time. The weather is extremely cold and the Council adjourned at 2 1/2. (4)

-- Feb 5, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 5th I spent the day at home looking over my Journal. (5)

[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple to sister Fanys took diner with L Young (6)

- Reprinted Story: "The Priesthood" - Old Testament Questions -- Noah's Messenger -- Questions about the qualifications of Priests in the Old Testament, and their answers.

- Story: Nauvoo May Scede from the Union -- Editorial -- Discussion about how to keep the Saints happy has resulted in some talk of the Saints creating their own Country, with laws and other systems designed by the Saints.

- Letter: Brigham Young to John Taylor - Where are my Newspapers? -- Brigham Young -- Brigham asks John Taylor to make good on his promise to forward the Nauvoo Neighbor to him while he is preaching the Gospel. (7)

-- Feb 6, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 6th I spent this day at home aranging my Journal And looking over my labours & travels in the morning during the last eleven years of my life commencing with 1834 to 1844 inclusive & the following is a true account & result of my travels & labours:

In AD 1834 I travled 1,238 miles through 6 states.

In 1835 I travelled through 4 States 3,248 miles held 170 meetings esstablished 8 preaching places planted 3 Churches Baptized 43. Three were preachers. Confirmd 35. Ordained 2 Teachers 1 Deacon. Wrote 18 Letters Procured 22 subscribers for the papers 70 signers to the petition to the govornor of Mo. Had 3 mobs rise against me.

So I took the account of each year & the following is the sum Total:

Travelled 50,572 miles through 20 of the United States twice through the Canidas, on three Islands of the sea crosted the Atlantic three times, visited 20 of the largest Cities & towns in England, & in wales. Held 963 meetings Attended 61 Conferences & 100 Councils. Baptized 491, including 60 Preachers 2 Clarks of the Church of England 3 Sea Captains, 10 Kindred, Assisted in baptizing 133 others. Ordained 2 Patriarchs 3 High Priest 149 Elders 134 Priests 62 Teachers & 14 Deacons. Esstablished 74 Preaching Places Planted 55 Churches Numbering 1,565 members. Blessed 171 Children. There were 218 Cases of healing under my hand. I married 14 Couple. Was baptized for 36 Dead friends. Baptized for 135 Dead. Reported & recorded in my Journals 30 of President Joseph Smiths sermons, & 25 of the quorum of the Twelve. I wrote 563 Letters recievd 257 Letters. Procured 205 subscribers for the Latter Day Saints Papers & 70 signers to the Govornor of the state of Mo. for redress of wrongs i
n the persecution of the Saints. Had 11 mobs rise against me. I had charge of the business part of the Printing office in Nauvoo for two years. I procured for the House in Kirtland $91. I gave for the Temple in Nauvoo $200 & obtaind of others for the Temple $500. (5)

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LDS History Timeline
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Mormon History, Jan 30, 1845

-- Jan 30, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] Thursday Jan 30th 1845 went to the temple and other places held a councel with the City Concel high councel Ad Poles & others had a good meeting was at Br Snows in the evening stoped at Br Woodwards She gave me a purse (1)

-- Jan 31, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 31 I spent the fore part of the day writing. (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] thursday had visiters at my house a bout 25 visited till after midnight (1)

-- During 1845 January
The Illinois Legislature repealed the city charter of Nauvoo. May, The nine accused murderers of Joseph and Hyrum Smith were acquitted upon instructions of the court. (3)

Nauvoo Charter repealed by Illinois legislature. (4)

-- During Jan 1845
Illinois revokes Nauvoo's charter. (5)

John Taylor: Co-designed the "seal of the Twelve Apostles," based on an illustration in a famous Rosicrucian book Jan 1845 (6)

-- During January 1845
During this month the legislature of Illinois repealed the city charter of Nauvoo. (7)

William E McLellan: Living in Hampton, Rock Island County, Illinois, January 1845. (8)

-- Feb 1, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Feb 1st I spent the day at home. (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] the first had my famely at my house on a visit Br J & L young Stay and others of our famely (1)

George Albert Smith: Sealed to Nancy Clements 1 February 1845. One child Nancy Adelia. (8)

-- Feby 1st 1845
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Chrsit of Latter Day Saints met according to adjournment at Councellor H. G. Sherwoods and opened by prayer from Councellor Lewis D. Wilson.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The case to be acted upon was pos[t]poned by permission in consequence of the Plaintif[f]'s inability to procure an essential witness.

Voted that said case be laid over for action on Saturday the 15th i[n]st. at one o'clock P.M.

The Councellors Present

Saml Bent Jas. Allred

Lewis D. Wilson Alpheus Cutler

David Fulmer Geo. W. Harris

Thos Grover

Voted to adjourn till two weeks from to day at one o'clock to meet at Co[u]ncellor Sherwood's.

Closing prayer by President Chas C. Rich.

C. C. Pendleton. (9)

-- Feb 2, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 2d Sunday I preached in the fore part of the day. Elders Hedlock & Ward dined with me & spent the afternoon with me. In the evening I Preached to an attentive Congregation. I lade hands upon 4 sick persons. 4 m. (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] I Preached in the Concert Hall a ful house & a good meeting spent the evening at home with my famely (1)

-- Feb 3, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 3d I spent a part of the day at the office. 4 m. (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] monday 3 went to the 3 Feb 1845 election of the city councel there was a bout 9 hundred vots without eney operision, went to Br Gleson on the Praria staed all night (1)

George Miller: Elected member of Nauvoo City Council 3 February 1845. (8)

-- Feb 4, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 4th I spent the day at home writing. (2)

[Brigham Young Journal] tuesday 4 had a councel with the fifty righted up & organized we droped a number of the members (1)

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Mormon History, Jan 27, 1845

-- Jan 27, 1845
The Illinois legislature repeals Nauvoo's city charter. Brigham Young responds on Apr 7 by renaming the community "The City of Joseph." On Apr 16 he uses the general incorporation law of Illinois to protect the temple, Nauvoo House, and other public buildings by creating a one-mile-square "Town of Nauvoo." (1)

The Illinois legislature repeals Nauvoo's city charter, leaving the community without any municipal organizations or police protection. (2)

-- Jan 27, 1845. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...P.M. talked with S[ara] A[nn] and Brother Whitney who reminded me of some items of law which proves that M[argaret] cannot get away unless I break the covenant. I talked with M[argaret] again and told her these things and she seems more satisfied. (3)

-- Jan 28, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28th I spent the day at home draying off one of my Journals. (4)

[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple herd a letter from Wm. P. Richards, Macumb concerning emagration to some other place (5)

[Nauvoo Temple] The Church issued circulars with the names of agents who were to collect funds of the Temple. (6)

-- Jan 28, 1845. Tuesday.
[William Clayton Journal] At the office all day. Talked with Brother Kimball, who confirmed Brother Whitneys remarks and is of the same mind. He said he will converse with A[aron] and show him that he is handling edge tools, for it cannot go down in as much as I hold more authority than he does.

. . . At 11 o'clock President Young, H. C. Kimball, J. Taylor, N. K. Whitney, Geo. Miller, Elias Smith, R. Cahoon and myself (who are members of the Council of fifty) also John E. Page (not a member) went up into the council room...At noon I told M[argaret] what Brother Kimball said and she seems to feel much better. (3)

-- Jan 29, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 29th I spent the day at home writing in my Journal. (4)

[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple had a councel with the trustes & community I think good will result from it came to Elders Kimballs assisted him to prepare his journal for the paper Br Kimball named his son Brigham Willard & I Blesed him (5)

The Quorum of Twelve votes to exempt apostles, two general bishops, and the Nauvoo Temple Committee from the obligation to pay tithing. The Illinois State Legislature votes to repeal the Nauvoo City Charter. In the preceding debate Governor Ford had admitted that its privileges had been much abused, but urged the legislators to amend the charter rather than to repeal it: "This is republican and cannot be denied without injustice," he said. "I do not see how ten or twelve thousand people can well do in a city without some chartered privileges." However, after considerable debate, the assembly revokes the city charter in its entirety by a bipartisan vote of twenty-five to fourteen in the Senate and seventy-five to thirty-one in the House. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Story: "Illinois Legislature - Repeal of the Nauvoo Charter" -- Editorial -- Discusses the recent repeal of the Nauvoo Charter by the Illinois Legislature.

- Story: "Trades Meeting" -- Editorial -- States that the meeting last week was not published, but all is well in the Trades Meetings.

- Letter to the Editor: Gov. Ford and the Illinois Legislature -- W. Trow Ridge -- Discusses Governor Ford's role in the repeal of the Nauvoo Charter.

- Poetry: "The Seer" - Dedicated to Brigham Young -- John Taylor -- Poem written to be read at the dedication of the Seventy's Hall, and dedicated to "President Brigham Young."

- Letter to the Editor: Trip to St. Louis - Meeting with the Saints There -- Orson Hyde -- Describes his trip to St. Louis and his meeting with the Saints there.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Sylvester Dazette (17), Chloe Spencer (20, Inflammation of the Lungs), Anna Fifield (41, Numb Palsy), Julia Ann Sessions (29, Consumption). (7)

-- Jan 30, 1845
[Anointed Quorum] Thursday prayer circle meeting; anointing and endowment for Joseph B. Noble, Zina D. Huntington (Jacobs, Smith, Young), and--probably also on this date--Mary Elizabeth Rollins (Lightner, Smith) . Between 30 January and 20 March, Sylvia P. Sessions (Lyon, Smith, Kimball), Harriet Page Wheeler (Decker), and Mary A. Be(a)man (Noble) were anointed and endowed . (8)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 30th I spent the day at home writing in my Journal. Elder Clark left today for a mission. (4)

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Mormon History, Jan 26, 1845

-- Jan 26, 1845
George Miller: Proposed building hall for high priests quorum 26 January 1845. Opposed by Brigham Young. (1)

John Edward Page: Received endowment 26 January 1845. (1)

-- Jan 26, 1845, Sunday
[William Clayton Writings] During the early part of January, 1845, the High Priest quorum entered into an investigation of the propriety of building a hall for their accomodation. On the 26th, President Young and some others of the quorum of the Twelve attended the meeting of the quorum, when the subject was again discussed. President Young made some remarks on the subject and concluded by advising them, instead of building a hall, to go to work and finish the upper room of the temple, and by this means they would soon have a room to attend to the ordinances and save much expense. A vote was taken on accepting President Young's proposition, which was carried without a dissenting voice. The brethern immediately commenced bringing in their donations to the bishops for that purpose. This matter served as a new stimulul among the Saints to use every exertion to finish the temple as speedily as possible. (2)

[William Clayton Writings] Sunday 26th. Spent the day very pleasantly with D. F. for I felt so bad about Margt. I did not like to go to meeting. Evening met with the quorum. John E. Page & J. C. Kingsbury were received also Sara Ann Whitney, Hellen M. Kimball, Eliza R. Snow, ____Page, ____Pratt, Olive G. Frost, Lucy Seeley, Louisa Beeman, Aaron Farr has been talking again to M. and has succeeded in alienating her feelings much. Jesse, John Taylor Journal 54

Evening met with the quorum. John E. Page & J. C. Kingsbury were received also Sara Ann Whitney, Hellen M. Kimball, Eliza R. Snow, Page, Pratt, Olive G. Frost, Lucy Seeley, Louisa Beeman. (2)

-- Jan 27, 1845
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 27th I spent the day at home in writing. In the evening I called upon Br Ward four doors above the Lamp in sheriff street out of great Omer street. A snow storms in the night. 1 m. (3)

[Brigham Young Journal] Monday 27 attended to sending the Brethren of on there mision (4)

[Brigham Young Sermon] At a meeting of the Seventies Council, Brigham Young arose and said:

When men have come into our midst who were as corrupt as the devil himself, many have supposed it would have been better to have cut their throats with a feather and exposed their sink of corruption, and let them go to hell where they belonged, than to have borne with them as Brother Joseph Smith did; but this course would meet with a conflicting argument. To stop a man in his career would be taking away his agency. Cain was permitted to live, peradventure, he might repent of his wickedness, and redeem a portion of his time, and thereby obtain a glory and salvation, though not a full salvation; and this is the reason that Brother Joseph bore so long with Jackson and others, that peradventure they might, notwithstanding they had been guilty of murder and robbery, come to the waters of baptism through repentance, and redeem a part of their allotted time. If they were cut off from the earth they might with propriety come up in the day of judgment and say we took away their agen
cy, which if we had let alone, they would have repented of their sins and redeemed a part of their time. The presidents of seventies should be men of wisdom and know how to save men instead of destroying them; for example let a hot-headed president stand at the head of a quorum and let some of the members of his quorum be overtaken in a fault, it would make no difference how small or great the offense might be, the first steps that would be taken (instead of going in a private manner, as a prudent reflecting president should and teach the guilty the law of redemption, bind up the breach and thereby save a soul from ruin) would be to have the offense made public---have the accused arraigned before the quorum in order to ferret out the crime, thus increasing the wound, especially if it should be an interruption between a man and his wife; the offense having become public, confidence is lost, not only in the accused, but the parties concerned lose confidence in each other, thei
r reputation sinks, consequently despair rushes into the troubled soul, who is thus rashly treated and he or they suppose they have not a friend on earth, consequently imagine it is useless for them to try to redeem their former standing, and in fact instances have been known of individuals under like circumstances giving up to intoxication and finally become the most miserable dissipated and abandoned wretches on earth; whereas, had wisdom been used, the soul might have been reclaimed and saved by casting the mantle of charity around them and thereby covering up a multitude of sins. This is what is meant by the mantle of charity that Paul speaks of [covering a multitude of sins].

We should be charitable, liberal, patient and forbearing with each other and above all never blast each others' characters, rather hide each others faults with the mantle of charity; for when but few know your faults they seem but few, but expose them and they become multitudes. [Nauvoo, Illinois - HC 7:366-367] (5)

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Mormon History, Jan 24, 1845

-- Jan 24, 1845
Revelation to Brigham Young, President of the Quorum of the Twelve, received at Nauvoo, Illinois, on 24 January 1845

I inquired of the Lord whether we should stay here [Nauvoo] and finish the temple

the ansure [answer] was we should

(Brigham Young Journal, 24 Jan. 1845, LDS archives, typed copy) (1)

Reynolds Cahoon: Received patriarchal blessing 24 January 1845 from John Smith. (2)

-- Jan 25, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] saterday 25 Br Cambel is ingraven our Priest seal for the Twelve ben to the temple this morning (3)

[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints met at Henry G Sherwoods according to adjournment and opened by prayer from Councellor Jas. Allred.

Councellors Present.

Saml Bent Jas. Allred

Lewis D. Wilson Alpheus Cutler

David Fulmer George W. Harris

Aaron Johnson

Newel Knight William Huntington

Phineas Richards

Presidents John Smith and Chas C. Rich Presiding

A charge prefered against Jonathan T. Packer and Widow Mortley, (for unchristianlike conduct in not settleing a difficulty between them.) by Nathan W. Packer and Wm Thompson; was recd to be acted upon Saturday the first day of Feby next Said case is an appeal from the Court of D. Evans, Bishop holden on the 21 st of Decr 1844.

Voted to adjourn till next Saturday at ten o'clock A.M. to meet in this house. Closing prayer by Prest John Smith.

* Note, All the previous minutes of the Council which had not been read, were read and approved

Calvin C. Pendleton Clk (4)

[Nauvoo Temple] Heber C. Kimball prayed privately, asking if the Saints would finish the Temple. The answer was, "Verily yes." (5)

Revelation to Heber C. Kimball, member of the Quorum of the Twelve, received at Nauvoo, Illinois, on 25 January 1845

The same Ev[e]ning I sat down in my hous[e] in the presents [presence] of my wife and inquired of the Lord by the Rod as follows, If we should finish the Temple,

it was ver[i]ly yes, that my sins ware [were] fore given [forgiven] and that I should over come, and get my Ap[p]ointment of my inheritence [inheritance] while in the probation and that the Temple commity [committee] ware [were] not Enimes [Enemies] to the Twelve Apostles.

(Heber C. Kimball Journal, 25 Jan. 1845 as cited in Stanley B. Kimball, ed., On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball [Salt Lake City: Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, 1987], 93; original journal in LDS archives. Stanley B. Kimball wrote concerning the rod that Heber C. Kimball used in obtaining this revelation, "This was a rod about three and a half feet in length given to Kimball by Joseph Smith" [65n9].) (1)

-- Jan 25, 1845. Saturday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Aaron Farr seems to be working to get Marg[are]t away from me. We had a long talk together on the subject. (6)

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LDS History Timeline
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Mormon History, Jan 21, 1845

-- Jan 21, 1845
Brigham Young writes for "the saints in Kirtland to come to Nauvoo, that all who have faith in the latter-day work may be united with us in building the Temple." He also writes to "Elder Jedediah M. Grant, Philadelphia, counseling him to forward all the young men and other available help he could to build the Temple." (1)

[Nauvoo Temple] Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball met with the Temple Committee and William Weeks. (2)

-- Jan 22, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] th 1845 went Br Richards Printing office at Br Woodard visiting yesterday John Mc Cuingham aganst Br R. Person Daughter (3)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Reprinted Story: "Mormons - Charter Repealed" -- The Cincinatti Gazette -- Describes a vote by the Illinois House to repeal the Mormon Charters. Very anti-LDS sentiment. Includes a rebuttal by the editor of the Neighbor.

- Reprinted Story: "Regulations for the Publishing Department of the LDS in the East" -- Parley P. Pratt -- Pratt asks, in an article originally published in the New York Prophet, if the Church is aware of the many LDS authors writing on behalf of the Church. He suggests the approval of the Twelve before writing.

- Letter: "To The Public - Sherriff Kelting's Letter" -- Joseph A. Kelting -- Kelting, the deputy Sherriff of Hancock County, writes the Saints about some stolen property.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- Elias Hutchings (60,Cholera Morbus), Frederick Ott (26, Fit of Apoplex), Elizabeth Thompson (1, Canker), Eunice Wormmoth (81, Quick Consumption), Hanna Elzina Benjamin (14, Consumption and Canker), Isaiah Barkdoll (19, Fever). (4)

-- Jan 22, 1845, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] Wednesday 22nd. ... Bought two rings and gave one to S.A. Whitney for painting aprons. (5)

-- Jan 23, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] want to Doc Richards rote to Br Benson & sister A. C. went to the temple from there to Doct R. to H. C. K. N. K. W. A. Lymons T. Turles John Taylor Br Patrick home then to O. Hydes got a box for sister Hadlock come home. Br John Scott was at my house said Br Aaron Smith had jest returned from Apanos he said Wilson was up there lecturd to the mob he told them they must drive the mormons from Nauvoo before the temple was don or they never could (3)

Brigham Young and John Taylor supervise the construction of a woodcut for the -seal of the Twelve.- It has a phrygian crown over an all-seeing eye, surrounded by nine stars, not twelve as one would expect in a symbol of the apostles. Rather than an original design, the -seal of the Twelve- is based on an illustration from Bacob Boehme-s THEOSOPHICAL WORKS, favored by Rosicrucians and Christian Kabbalists for two hundred years. The only part of this seal that would be familiar to Mormons of every background is the inscription, -Holiness to the Lord,- which was also on the main magic-parchment (-Lamen-) in Hyrum Smith-s home at his death. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Lucy dictates a letter to William explaining that she is writing her memoirs and asking him to raise the funds necessary to publish it. She also tells William that the Twelve and church are "waiting to receive you with open arms." (6)

-- Jan 24, 1845
[Brigham Young Journal] Frida 24th 1845 Brs H. C. Kimball and N. K. Whitney was at my house we washed and anointed and Praid had a good time. I inquired of the Lord whether we should stay here and finish the temple the ansure was we should

Br Hyde arived from St. Lewis Jan 24 Thursay 24 had a good succes thare (3)

The Illinois legislature repeals the powerful Nauvoo Charter, disincorporating the city as well as the Nauvoo Legion. The vote is nearly two to one, making it clear that the Mormons have little political support in the state. Brigham Young writes in his diary: "Brothers H.C. Kimball and N.J. Whitney was at my house we Washed and Anointed and Praid had a good time. I inquired of the Lord whether we should stay and finish the temple-the answer was we should." (1)

[Nauvoo Temple] The High Priest agreed to postpone the construction of their hall, which was to be a similar building as the Seventy's Hall, so as to complete the upper story of the temple, where they would receive their endowments. (2)

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of James Newberry on January 24, 1845]

A blessing by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of James Newberry, son of John and Jemima Newberry, born May 29th 1791, Warwick, Orange Co., N.Y.

Brother James I lay my Hands upon the head and seal upon the[e] A father-'s Blessing even all the Blessings of Abraham Isaac and Jacob for thou art of Jacobs family but of what branch it is not made known to me nevertheless Thou art intitled [sic] to an Inheritance with the sons of Joseph because thou hast obeyed the gospel passed through manny [sic] perils and afflictions and has not fainted. Thou art A lawful heir to the holy priesthood and when you receive your annointing [sic] and endowment in the house of the lord whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you lose on earth shall be loosed in heaven thou shalt be blessed in thy basket and in thy store and in thy family for they shall increase until they become numerous thou shalt also be blessed with wisdom to know how to counsel in righteousness for thou art called to be a counseller [sic] in the house of Israel and thou shalt be blessed in all Thy labours at home and abroad on the land and o
n the seas thou shalt have faith to do miracles thou shalt convert manny [sic] to the truth and thou shalt have riches for inasmuch as thou art liberal God shall be liberal with the[e]. Thou shalt Also have a companion to comfort the[e] in Thine old age thou shalt be joined by thy former companions in the resurrection according to the desire of thy heart in righteousness. Thou shalt ever live to a good old age and rest in peace come up in the first resurrection to inherit eternal life in as much as thou art humble and endure in faith to the end These words shall be made sure unto The[e] for I seal these upon Thy head and thy posterity after The[e] forever in The name of Jesus Christ and by authority of the holy priesthood. Amen. (7)

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