Mormon History, Oct 29, 1845

[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Letter: Letter to Brigham Young from Illinois Politicians -- John J. Hardin and Others -- States that the State of Illinois will assign marshals to ensure that the Saints are actually planning to leave in the Spring like they have announced.
- Letter: Part of a Dispatch from the Governor -- Gov. Thomas Ford -- States that there is no legal provision which would force the expulsion of the Saints, and he will not resort to such measures, but admits that the public opinion desires the Church to leave.
- Letter: "To the Anti-Mormon Citizens of Hancock and the Surrounding--" -- John J. Hardin and Others -- Publishes their belief that the Saints will not leave unless completely forced to do so.
- Reprinted Story: "Public Opinion" - Mobbing of the Saints -- Editorial -- Prints views from different newspapers about what is being done to the Saints. Includes articles from the N.Y. Herald and the N.Y. Mirror.
- Reprinted Story: "Evils of Fanaticism" - Why the Ch
urch is being Mobbed -- The People's Organ -- Describes the problems associated with strong feelings, both those of the mob and those of church members.
- Reprinted Story: "The Governor and the Mormons" -- The Ottowa Constitutionalist -- Provides a defence for allowing the Church to remain in Illinois.
- Reprinted Story: "The Mormon War" -- The Missouri Reporter -- States the view that punishment can be given to the Church for the crimes it is alleged to have committed, but that bloodshed and mobbing is not the answer.
- Reprinted Story: "Mormon Difficulties" -- The St. Louis Reveille -- States that the Church has a right to settle where they would like, and mobbing and terror are not proper punishments for law breaking.
- Reprinted Story: "The Mormon Removal" -- The St. Louis Reveille -- States that the Church is willing to sacrifice everything for peace.
- Reprinted Story: "The Mormon Question" -- The St. Louis Reveille -- States that even if all the accusations again
st the Church are true, they have still suffered more than the penalties would have been.
- Story: "To Our Patrons" - Discontinuance of the Paper -- Editorial -- Announces the discontinuance of the newspaper, in order to make preparations to leave. States that the Times and Seasons will continue to be published.
- Story: "The Prospect &c. in Hancock" - Peace Restored -- Editorial -- States that several of those who burned Mormon homes are found in the police ranks "searching" for those who need to be prosecuted.
- Story: "General Conference" - Review -- Editorial -- States that a full accounting is given in the Times and Seasons.
- Story: "Bill of Particulars for the Emmigrants Leaving this Government--" -- Editorial -- Provides a list of needed supplies for the Saints who are leaving Illinois.
- Story: "Captains of Companies" & "List of Committees -- Editorial -- Provides a list of the captains of the companies, and list of committees for the migration.
- Story: "Adde
ndum! In Hancock Circuit Court" -- Editorial -- Describes the legal battles currently taking place in Hancock County, in response to the mobbings.
- Announcement: Deaths -- Editorial -- Elder William Barkwater (63), Orpha Maria (6 months), Patty Gates (69), David L. Rising (30, Inflammation of the Bowels).


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