Mormon History, Oct 30, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] Thursday Octr 30th 1845. Met with the company hands at the Hall as usual and then went to see Br. B. Young on the business of last night. and agreed to meet him at A. P. Rockwoods and then went to do some business for the Company and then took Langley, Hunter & S. Herring with me to Rockwoods as before mentioned to council & after remaining there about till noon & making the necessary arangements for the Herrings and all to the Satisfaction of all concerned I went with George Herring & Hunter to make arraingements for George to go home and then came home about 3 oclock and took dinner and met the police and then went to see H. G. Sherewood who had returned home from his mission with Jas Emmett.he reported all well but Emmett was yet as untempered morter.I came home about 9 oclock.

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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