Mormon History, Oct 31, 1845

Letter to Rev. Purcell-- On October 16, 1845, the Quorum of the Twelve again addressed a letter to Wilford Woodruff but no available copy has been located.
On October 31 the Quorum of the Twelve were beginning negotiations for the sale of Church property in Nauvoo to "outside" interests. Judge Ralston of Quincy, Illinois, had suggested that the Quorum invite officials of the Roman Catholic Church to visit Nauvoo with a view of prospective purchase of the Mormon properties. The letter to Reverend Bishop Purcell of Cincinnati and "all other Authorities of the Catholic Church" is a formal invitation to make such a visit. The Roman Catholic Church did subsequently purchase some of the L.D.S. properties which aided the Mormons in their move West as mentioned in the first paragraph of the letter. For additional background see: DHC 7508-509, 537-541.
LETTER to Rev. Bishop Purcell, et al, Cincinnati City of Nauvoo, October 31, 1845. To Reverend Bishop Purcell, and all Other Authori
ties of the Catholic Church-Greeting: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hereby take opportunity to inform you by letter and by our confidential messenger, Almon W. Babbit, Esq., that it is our fixed purpose to remove hence early next spring.
The hand of oppression and the lacerations of the tongue of calumny have compelled us to the determination to dispose of numerous lots, tenements, etc., in this city together with our public buildings, for instance our Temple, the Nauvoo House, the Academy, Seventies' Hall, Concert Hall, and other buildings, also our farms and other possessions in Hancock county even all our effects and temporal interests. The individual members of our community have also determined en masse to do the same with their effects and have empowered agents to sell. The bearer, Mr. Babbitt, is empowered to represent as our authorized agent all our said property and interest in this city and county. Through the suggestion of Judge Ralston of Quinc
y and other friends to your faith we are disposed to invite the authorities of your church, either personally or by authorized agents, to visit our city that we may negotiate with them, at as early a period as possible, the sale of our property. We shall forbear any extensive sales to other communities until we learn your answer to this our epistle. The bearer may be relied upon as our confidential and highly esteemed brother who will furnish you any information preparatory to the proposed negotiation and sale.
With sentiments of high consideration, I have the honor to subscribe myself in behalf of the Council of the Church, your friend and obedient servant, [Signed] W. RICHARDS, Clerk. {1845-October 31-DHC 7:508-509}

[Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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