Mormon History, Oct 25, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] Saturday Octr 25th 1845. Met at the parade ground at 7 oclock and to command of the Same company and all hands went forth on the prairie as on yesterday.We were out as before and had a joyful time of it.All was peace yet at court.In the after noon I got word from Carthage that the court had adjourned till Monday & that it was the intention of the officers of the court to leave Backenstos in Carthage and all them to come into NauvooSo about 3 oclock Major Warren who had command of the governors troops at Carthage came along as I before had been informed.He was accompanied by the judge and other officers of the court.They drove up and he demanded in an angry manner of us to know what we were there for.We told him nothing but to convey news to & from Nauvoo to Carthage.He accused us of being there for treasonable purposes and contrary to his orders and such like impertinence all of which we denied for we were not armed (as he could See)He then complained that
we were armed with Side
arms.We then demanded of him to know if it was wrong for us to carry private arms to which he answered that it was not but said it was not Politic for us to carry them when he was here to keep the peace for it would raise the prejudice & excitement of our enemies.To which I told him that I had carried private arms ever since 2 of our men had been murdered in jail by them under the protection of the govorner.All we said only made him more angry.He then stood up in his buggy and counted all the men he could see which was fifteen and called them 15 parties of men and asked the judge if he did not think that it was a war like appearance he said it was and after some insinuations was cast that he would do something he drove not however till he had taken my name.In about one hour Col Backenstos and all the brethren who was in Carthage came up to us on their way to NauvooBackenstos was in the hands of H. W. Miller the Coriner.We then went to Nauvoo where w
e arrived at about 6
oclock.After dismissing the men I went to the Masonic Hall and met the police & also the Emegrating company which met at Sun down.I then made a few remarks to the company and appointed tomorrow evening for them to meet again I went with Hunter & A. J. Stout to John Brinleys and took supper which had been prepared for us by his wife.We then went to the Mansion House and there met with some of the 12 and the officers of the Court & Major Warren & heard their ideas.The Major thought we did not pay that respect to him which was due to one who had been Sent here to restore peace.There was much said on both sides.Elder Taylor gave his opinion of them very Severely & told them that they were but a legalized mob.Warren took great umbrage at this and went into another room & I went in company with some others to guard President Young to John Taylors and then went home it was then very late at night. â€"

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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