Mormon History, Oct 10, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] Friday Octr 10th 1845. This morning heard that troops were coming here from Quincy and that the people there were trying to shoot Backenstos & Swear that he shall not get away alive.Went to Harmons and took him and went to see Daniels who was no better, then to Campbells & so round to the Hall and there selected a Temple guard out of Hunter company & regulated the Commissary department.While there recieved orders from the Lieutenant General by A. P. Rockwood to have the Second Cohort ready to be called out at a moments warning â€" for them not to be far from home and to rally as usual at the hoisting of the flag at the Temple, for them not to give up their gains to our enemies but first to Shoot.I then went home very sick with the head ache & went to bed and lay till Br James Pace came after me in a Buggy to take me to the police which he did though I was hardly able to sit upfrom there I came home about dark Still very Sick.Br D. Candland my clerk came he
re to write out my journal
for me which he did untill about 11 oclock P.M.I was some better after taking Some nourishments.Br Joseph Holbrook & Col Hale now came in and left me orders from Genl Rich for me to have the men of the Second Cohort congregated in convenient parts of town by Regiments or otherwise, and there beseech the Lord for his delivering hand to be extended towards us as from all appearance our enemies were determined to fall upon us, also to have our arms so as to be got in a moment.For we were determined not to let them come in and arrest and take away our men to be murdered in cold blood as had been done.If they should try it we were determined to cut them off from the face of the earth though we all should be exterminated by a government who were always so ready to Sanction the doings and acts of the mobI first went to the Temple than to the Masonic Hall and then to Col Harmons and learned that Rich had given the necessary orders to all the Colonels so I
returned to the Hall again and
Staid till one oclockHuntr and others retired to evade the search of our enemies, then went to RichsSaw him and he thought I had best be concealed so I made arraingements with him to send for me in the event I should be needed in case of an attact.I then sent my Clerk home who had been with me and went to Allen Weeks & there went to bed in his cellar room & Rich was to send me the news &c as it might be necessary from time to time

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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