Mormon History, Oct 12, 1845

[Hosea Stout Diary] Sunday Octr 12th 1845. Earley this morning I got up and went to see Genl Rich who informed me that he had sent home the troops with orders for them to keep them selves in readiness in case of an alarm and that there had been no writs in yet that there was no appearance of danger at this timeWe went then to Br Hutchings and he shaved us and then to his house and took breakfastWe then went by the Temple to the Masonic Hall all was right there.We then Sent some spys towards Bear Creek & other parts where we thought the mob were gathered and then went to his house again and I there met my clerk who was in search of me to See if I wanted him so I went with him to Weeks and got my journal & papers and then came home & he went to do Some Special business for meWhen I came home I learned that Br Daniel S. Miles one of the First Presidents of the Seventies was deadHe died at Josiah Butterfields.he came to conference and was taken Sick last Sunday at meeting.He was
a fine clever jolly
man.In the troubles in Missouri he was a Captain of ten and I belonged to his company part of the time â€" My wife not being very well I Staid & wrote in my journal at home till 2 oclock and then went to the after noon meeting at the Temple.
The business of this after noon was taken up in organizing companies for Calaforna or the West.I was now apprised for the first time that I was appointed to lead a company myself.President B. Young Stated that as the "Old Police was attached to me that it was my right to have themThis was glad tidings to all the Police who immediately came to me this was about 5 oclock so the police all left the Temple and met near by and I had the guard detailed and after making Some arraingements relative to joining a company I came home Stopping at Weeks & Sabins on my way.I then went to see Br F Harwood who was very Sick and then came home & wrote in my journal till nine oclock.
Pleasant Green Taylor, my wifes brother came to l
ive with me this evening with the expectation of staying untill we move and on the road

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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