Mormon History, Sep 8, 1844

-- Sep 8, 1844
A special council publicly excommunicates Sidney Rigdon for his succession claim in opposition to the Twelve. Rigdon is not present. Before the membership votes "President Young arose and requested the congregation to place themselves so that they could see all who voted. We want to know who goes for Sidney and who are for the Twelve." Ten Mormons who vote in favor of Rigdon at this meeting are suspended from fellowship pending trial before the High Council, an action to be extended to all "who shall hereafter be found advocating his principles." Benjamin Winchester, a prominent elder, writes: "As regards the trial of Elder Rigdon at Nauvoo, it was a forced affair, got up by the Twelve to get him out of their way, that they might the better arrogate to themselves higher authority than they ever had, or anybody ever dreamed they would have; and also (as they perhaps hope) to prevent a complete exposé of the spiritual wife system, which they knew would deeply implicate themsel
ves." William Clayton writes, "There was a good feeling among the people and a bad feeling among the Rigdonites." A final irony to the meeting was Brigham Young's use of the DOCTRINE & COVENANTS's justification for the High Council to "sit in judgement against any of the first presidency." He tacitly, and possibly unwittingly, admits that a First Presidency is still intact and that Rigdon is still first counselor. (1)

Sidney S Rigdon: Excommunicated and delivered over to buffetings of Satan 8 September 1844; left Nauvoo for Pittsburgh. (2)

-- Sep 8, 1844. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] At the meeting all day and acted as clerk. Elder Rigdon Samuel Bennett, Leonard Soby, George Morey, Joseph H. Newton and John A. Forgens were cut off from the church and Samuel James and Jared Carter disfellowshipped. There was a good feeling among the people and a bad feeling among the Rigdonites. (3)

-- Sep 9, 1844
[Brigham Young] Thomas R Heris one rifel $20.00 for the temple (4)

Parley Parker Pratt: Sealed to Mary Wood 9 September 1844. Four children: Helaman, Cornelia, Mary, and Mathoni. (2)

-- Sep 9, 1844. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] At the Temple Office, had much talk with father about the gospel &c. (3)

-- September 9, 10, 12, 1844. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...P.M. at Phelps office comparing minutes. (3)

-- Sep 10, 1844
Brigham Young, 1844-09-10, marries (aged 43); Clarissa Ross (1814-1857) (aged 30); first marriage; 4 children; mother of Maria Young Dougall and Willard Young (5)

Apostle John Taylor's editorial "ONE HUNDRED YEARS HENCE. 1945," in the NAUVOO NEIGHBOR describes what an angel had showed him. In 1945, a pillar of fire would stand over the Temple of Zion in Independence, Missouri. In that year a new temple would also be under construction "in the 124th city of Joseph" (formerly New York City, which had been destroyed by an earthquake in the 1890's). (1)

The Nauvoo high council releases William Marks as stake president because he favor's Sidney Rigdon's claims. (1)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #3. Ann Alice Gheen, 1827-1879; 5 children: Samuel, Daniel, Andrew, Alice, Sarah (Seckels). (6)

William Marks: Dropped by high council 10 September 1844. (2)

-- Sept 10th 1844
[High Council Minutes]

High Council of Nauvoo met Sept 10th 1844

Councellor Bent nominated Elder Ezra Benson for councillor to fill the vacancy of Leonard Soby dismissed -- all the Council spoke in the case of Elder Benson & approbated him

He was called on to speak & did so -- accepted this appointment and was ordained a Councellor--

It was motioned to dismiss the present Clerk, Viz, Elder Coles after remarks being made by the Council -- it was voted to dismiss him -- It was voted that William Clayton be the Clerk of said Council

The faith, principle and pursuit of Elder Marks was called up -- When it was found that he imbibed a notion different from the apostles or Council -- and was voted that the Council (in future) do business without him at their head.

Council adjourned until Saturday next at 2 o'clock P.M. at the 70s hall.

H G Sherwood

Clk pro tem

NB Voted that Elder H G Sherwood acquaint

Elder Marks of the proceedings -- and obtain

from him the papers - Book &c.

HGS (7)

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