Mormon History, Nov 11, 1844

-- Nov 11, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] th held a council with twelve Bishops high councel Mair & Paleseman (1)

-- 12,13,14,15,16, [Nov 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] went and visited Elder Heber C. Kimball. and the Trustees in trust, also Dr. Richards- (2)

-- Nov 12, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] went to the temple cauld to Br Richards & Br Kimball found them boath better they had ben sick-- Ormel Bats Andras Reskaus James Lyttle Andrew Lyttle Charles Shumway William L. Cutlar Cummins James H. Glynes Howard Egan Joseph Helton Loveland P. P. Pratt Lymus Daniels Edmand Elsworth Joseph W. Johnson Jessey D. Hunter G. D. Watt Jacob Wilder Alexander Nibaur Daniel L Thomas Thomas Lewis David Lewis Milo Andrus Issac Perkins Lorenzo Clark David Langley James Clemson 500 Marget Clk 500 Daniel Clark 500 Dolley Joseph Bissel 500 (1)

-- Nov 13, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Announcement: "Delay" - Late Newspapers -- Editorial -- States that the paper could not be printed on time, for lack of paper.

- Story: "Trades Meeting" - Synopsis -- Editorial -- Describes the meeting, and states that another meeting will be held next week.

- Letter: Engraved Likeness of Thomas C. Sharp -- The Illinois State Register -- Includes an engraved image of Thomas C. Sharp to aid in his capture.

- Announcement: "Another Mormon Book" - Written by Charles Thompson -- Editorial -- Describes a book with evidences to the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

- Reprinted Story: Description of Illinois Landscape" -- The Springfield Republican -- Describes the landscape and areas of Illinois, including Nauvoo and Carthage.

- Letter to the Editor: General Thoughts about the Church -- Signed, "Philadelphia" -- States that Emma Smith should be taken care of by the church.

- Ordinances: Proceedings of the City Council - Two Ordinances Posted -- Daniel Spencer -- Presents the 2 new ordinances passed by the city council.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance Concerning Spirituous Liquors and Other Purposes" -- Daniel Spencer -- Describes a rule which holds that in order to purchase more than a gallon of liquor, one must obtain a license from the Mayor.

- Ordinances: "An Ordinance Concerning a Slaughterhouse in Nauvoo." -- Daniel Spencer -- Describes the creation of a Slaughterhouse by Newel K. Whitney, George Miller, and P.P. Pratt.

- Announcement: Lecture Announced - A.W. Babbitt -- Editorial -- Announces a constitutional lecture to be given in the Masonic Hall.

- Announcement: Meeting of the Library and Institute Announced -- Amasa Lyman -- Announcing the meeting of the Library and Institute, and petitions for the return of all rented books. (3)

-- Nov 14, 1844
Amasa Mason Lyman: Sealed to Cornelia Eliza Leavitt 14 November 1844. Two known children: Lorenzo and Henry Elias. (4)

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] ...I dreamed of being in Nauvoo. Br Kimball <going to> England. Br Webster, <denied the faith>, my sister Eunice <[left?] in the hands of Elder Young>. (5)

-- Nov. 16th 1844
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, met this day in the First Presidencys Seventies Hall, according to adjournment, and opened by prayer from Councellor Lewis D. Wilson. George W. Harris and David Fulmer were then appointed a Committe to visit Elder Amos B. Tomlinson and demand his License, inconsequence of his holding to and advocating false doctrine, such as this "the Twelve are out of their place, having usurped the authority of the First Presidency" &c. Some appropriate remarks were then made by Councellors, Fulmer, Allred, Bent, Harris, Huntington and Grover, respecting punctuality of attendance on the part of the Council, and a perfect union of feeling and concert of action in all their transactions as a Quorum, also respecting the Law of tithing and the necessity of strict punctuality on the part of the saints in paying and receiving credit for the same. apostacy.

Voted to adjourn till next Saturday at one o'clock Afternoon

Calvin C. Pendleton Clk (6)

-- 17 [Nov 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] went to the High Priests quorum and in the evening went to the Seventies Hall. (2)

-- Nov 17, 1844
[Emma Smith] Son David Hyrum Smith is born. (7)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Emma gives birth to David Hyrum Smith at Nauvoo, her ninth biological child and eighth son. late 1844-early 1845 Lucy begins dictating her memoirs to Martha Jane Knowlton Coray. (8)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Birth of David Hyrum Smith, son of Joseph and Emma. (9)

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