Mormon History, Dec. 14th 1844

-- Dec. 14th 1844
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints met in the Seventie's Hall according to adjournment, and opened by prayer from Brother Aaron Johnson. After mutual conversation upon principles of salvation, Voted that all the decisions of this council, be made with uplifted hands.

Voted to adjourn till next Saturday at one o'clock P.M.

C. C. Pendelton Clerk

Councellors Present

Saml Bent Jas. Allred

Lewis D. Willson Geo. W. Harris

David Fulmer Aarron Johnson

Thos Grover Wm Huntington

Phineas Richards in place of E.T. Benson H.G. Sherwood

Chas C. Rich Presiding in concert with Pres Bent. Voted to adjourn till next Saturday at one o'clock P.M.

C.C. Pendelton Clk (1)

-- 15 [Dec 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] Preached in the Masonic hall in the forenoon then went up to the house of Elder P. P. Pratt (2)

-- 16 [Dec 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] Went to Bro H. C. Kimballs -a and from thence to the Trustees in trust (2)

-- Dec 16, 1844
[Nauvoo Temple] A few days previous to this date the Twelve and the Trustees decided to employ fifteen carpenters to prepare timbers during the winter months, so that they could begin to work inside the building, as soon as the temple walls were completed. A carpentry shop was erected on the south side of the lower story of the temple walls on 14 Jan 1844, and on this day the men started to work. (3)

-- Dec 16, 1844, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] In the early part of December the trustees and Twelve held a council to talk on the propriety of employing a suitable number of carpenters this Winter to prepare the timber works for the temple, so as to have it all ready when the stone work is finished. It was decided to employ fifteen persons as steady carpenters; and the architect was authorized to select such men as he may have confidence in--men who are well qualified to do the work that is wanted.

It was also concluded to fix up a shop in the temple for the carpenters to work in. Accordingly the south side of the lower story of the temple was weather-boarded around. A very good shop was made by this means, which was completed on the following Saturday; and on Monday, the 16th, the men selected went to work in their new shop. Their names are as follows:

Truman O. Angell, William Felshaw, William F. Cahoon, Joseph T. Schofield, Samule Rolfe, Zimri H. Baxter, Adison Everett, John Stiles, Hugh Riding, Miles Romney, Jabez Durfee, Stephen Longstrogh, Benjamine Rolfe, Nicholas T. Silcock and William Carmichael. Hiram Mace, Wandel Mace and Gideon Gibbs were appointed to attend the saw-mill and Daniel Avery to turn grindstone for the carpenters, keep the shop clean and take care of strangers who might visit the building. (4)

-- 17 [Dec 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] The Twelve in council assembled along with some others at the office of Prest B. Young --

In the Evening went to see Bro Willard Richards (2)

-- Dec 17, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 17th We had a stormy disagreeable day. A number of us was feeble especially sister Clark was sinking. Had kept but little on her stomach since she had been on board. We united in Prayer in her behalf. All lade hands upon her & rebuked her complaint & she began to amend from that hour. (5)

-- 18 [Dec 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] Went out hunting (2)

-- Dec 18, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Letter to the Editor: "Reflections on Sidney Rigdon's Paper" -- Orson Hyde -- Refutes Rigdon's position, and attempts to remind him of his previous statements and feelings.

- Story: "Trades Meeting" - Description of the Meeting -- Phineas Richards -- Describes the recently held Trade's Meeting.

- Letter to the Editor: "Reminder" - Pay Your Taxes -- Orson Hyde -- Reminds the Saints of their duty to pay their State and County Taxes.

- Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- James Casam (30, Ague and Fever), Elizabeth Carter (23, Black Canker).

- Announcement: Deserting Wife -- George Beebee -- Describes the abandonment of his wife, Martha Beebee. (6)

-- 19 [Dec 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] Went to the Trustees -- (2)

-- Dec 19, 1844. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...Read 2 letters from Elder Woodruff to President Young concerning W[illia]m Smith and G[eorge] J. Adams showing that they are in opposition to the Twelve and have collected money in the east for the Temple and have used it. There are warrants out for them in N[ew] York and Boston and all seems confusion and sorrow wherever they go. (7)

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