Mormon History, Sep 30, 1844

-- Sep 30, 1844
Brigham Young records: "The Twelve used their influence to prevent the brethren and sisters from attending the ball given by William Marks. The same was to come off on Wednesday evening in the dining room of the Mansion, which was still stained with the blood which flowed from Joseph and Hyrum as their bodies lay in said room preparatory to burial." (1)

[Heber C. Kimball marriage] wife #6. Frances Jessie Swan (Kimball Clark), 1822-?; 1 child. Separated from HCK in 1851. (2)

-- Sept 30. [1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] Breakfasted at Elder H. C. Kimball's. laid hands on the sick went and visited (crossed out in pencil and reworked "Prest Jos Smith mother") Old Mother Smith . In the evening went to the Military school held at the Masonic hall, afterwards held a council along with my brethren the Twelve the conclusion of which was, that we were to use our influence to prevent the brethren & Sisters from attending the Ball which was in contemplation to be held at President Marks in the dining room of the mansion house on Wednesday evening. (3)

-- Sep 31, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Sept 31st I left fathers House. Rode to Avon. Called upon Uncle Thadeus Thompson. He looked rather old. I Called upon Aunt Abia Thompson. She greeted me warmly. Wished me God speed; She possesses Good and kind feeling. I passed Zera Woodford's & spoke to him. I next Called upon cousin Eldad Woodruff. He appeared Glad to see me. He looked natural. I next called upon Uncle Titus Woodruff. He was gone. His wife Aunt Iva & his Son Aphek was at home. I spent a few moment with them and next called upon Mr Wilson Herd. He was vary feble. Caltha was poor. I Called upon Capt Francis Woodruff. He look most ready for the grave. Still he was about. I called upon uncle Ozem Woodruff family. He was not at home. Aunt Hanna was well. I saw Erastus Woodruff setting in the Stoop of a Store. I Called upon Oliver Tillistons to see Br Thompson as he was to work there, But I did not see him. I passed uncle Alson Thompson & saw John Woodruff in Canton.

I passed on to New Hartford. I here called upon an old friend and acquaintance Charles Lyman. We formerly had good seasons together in Prayer. He spoke of the Address of his Sister (Mrs Mary A. Curtis West Martinsburg New York). She would like to understand our manner of faith. I rode to Cole-brook viewed the old mills & house whare father lived, took tea with Johathan Stillman & Called upon Mrs Caroline Wolcott. Next upon Mr Leonard Gillet to sell him a peace of land for Dexster Stillman. Gillet was not at home. I spent the night at Mr Wolcott's. Distance of the day 30 m. (4)

-- During Sept. 1844
John C Bennett: Apostles at Nauvoo reported 8 Sept. 1844 that John C Bennett supported Sidney Rigdon 's succession claim (5)

Sidney Rigdon: Refused to accept Twelve's supremacy, disfellowshipped 3 Sept., excommunicated 8 Sept. 1844 (5)

William Law: Arrested 29 Sept. 1844 as accessory to murder of Joseph Smith Jr. and Hyrum Smith , released next day without explanation (5)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Probably because Emma Smith is due to deliver David Hyrum in two months, Lucy moves in with Arthur Millikin and Lucy Smith Millikin. (6)

-- During September 1844
Brigham Young, aged 43, marries Emily Dow Partridge (1824-1899) (aged 20).; plural widow of Joseph Smith, Jr.; Daughter of Edward Partridge; sealed to Joseph Smith, Jr. for eternity and Young for life; 7 children; mother of Don Carlos Young. (7)

-- 1844: 1 October
[Patriarchal Blessings] Bathsheba W. Smith. (Given by John Smith.)

"Daughter Bathsheba I lay my hands upon thy head to bless thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, for thou art of the same lineage with thy companion, and an heir to all the blessings powers and benefits of the Holy Priesthood which was sealed upon the heads of the fathers which were to be perpetuated to their children to all generations, these blessings I seal upon thee in common with thy companion, I also seal upon thee all the blessings that are sealed upon his head, tho shalt share in all his blessings, and partake of all the glory he shall enjoy, receive every favor which is desirable; shall be a mistress in a large house, shall have plenty of the riches of the Earth men servents and maid servents and all things which are desirable for thy comfort and happiness, shall have a numberous posterity who shall be mighty men, there are none on the Earth at the presant day to be compared with them, thou shalt live to be a comfort to thy companion all his days, shall stand with him i
n the last days receive an endowment with him, shall come up with him in the first resurection [sic] with the numerous hosts of all those whom thou shalt redeem even all thy dead friends and all thy living ones, clear back to Abel, that there shalt not be a link broken in the chain, also thy children and all that thou and thy companion shall be instrumental in bringing in to the Kingdom shall be exalted with him upon a throne of Glory to rejoice over them to all eternity, now my child be patient in thine affliction and give heed to the counsels of those whom God hath appointed over thee, and no power shall deprive thee of this blessing, for I seal it upon thy head with every desire of thy hart [sic] by the authority vested in me; I also seal upon thee all the blessings pronounced upon thy head by your Uncle Joseph Smith Sen Patriarch, in the name of Jesus and by the authoriity of the Patriarchal Priesthood even so Amen." (From typescript, "Record Book of Bathsheba W. Smith,"
BYU Library, 1970.) [Age, 22; Scribe, ?] (8)

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