Mormon History, Oct 2, 1844

-- Oct 2, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] October 2d Tuesday 1st I returned to New Hartford. Called a few moments upon Charles Lyman.

Rode to Canton. Had an interview with John Woodruff called upon uncle Alson Thompson & took dinner with him. And I spent two hours with Br Thompson Woodruff. I had not seen him before for fourteen years except one evening in Richland N.Y. about seven years since. We were both glad to meet. We talked over many old times. He was much worn down.

I returned to my fathers House & spent the night in company with uncle Ozem Woodruff. We were also glad to meet. O how sweet are the hours spent in the society of my friends who stand with me in the same covenant of the gospel. Their is an increase of Interest in the visits I make at my fathers house. + 30 m. (1)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: "A Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Illinois" -- Gov. Thomas Ford -- Offers a reward for the capture of Levi Williams, Thomas C. Sharp, and Joseph H. Jackson, for their role in the murder of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. (2)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: "Grand Concert" -- Editorial -- Announces a vocal and instrumental concert at the Masonic Hall. (2)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: Deaths -- W.D. Huntington -- James Davis (26, Fever), Susan J. Edes (34, Inflammation on the Lungs), Lucinda Braffet (9, Diarrhea), John Johnes (22, Chill Fever), John Jones (52, Ague and Fever), Elizabeth Hardman (72, Typhus Fever), Robert P. Wilson (60, Chill Fever), Olive Evans (10 months, Bilious Fever). (2)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Letter: "Letter From Orson Hyde" - Refuting Sidney Rigdon's Letter -- Orson Hyde -- Because Hyde's name is mentioned in Rigdon's letter, he writes to clear his name, and state that Rigdon is speaking falsely on many issues. (2)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Letter: "Letter of Sidney Rigdon" - The People's Organ -- Sidney Rigdon -- Reprints the letter, written by Rigdon, describing his questions about being cut off from the church. (2)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Letter: Statement of Thomas C. Sharp -- Thomas Sharp -- Letter stating Sharp's account of the tension between his paper and the Saints, and proclaiming his innocence. (2)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: "Civil Matters" - Bringing Charges against Joseph Smith's Murderers -- Editorial -- Describes a meeting between law enforcement and the Saints in Nauvoo. (2)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Story: Affairs at Nauvoo -- Editorial -- Describes 2 visiting emissaries from the Governor's office who were warmly received. (2)

-- Oct 3, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 3 4th I spent the day writing at fathers house. Sister Hooker came down & I administered to her by the laying on of hands. I wrote a letter to Mr Smith Tuttle of Fair Haven. I had an interesting time through the evening with Father Mother and uncle Ozem Woodruff.

+ I lade my hands upon the head of Uncle Ozem Woodruff And I ordained him unto the office of An HIGH PRIEST after the order of Melchisedec. He was much affected with the testimony born to his mind at the time of the ordination. I had an interesting time with the family. (1)

Brigham Young, 1844-10-03, marries (aged 43); Eliza R. Snow (1804-1887) (aged 40); plural widow of Joseph Smith, Jr.; sealed to Joseph Smith, Jr. for eternity and Young for life (3)

Brigham Young, 1844-10-03, marries (aged 43); Elizabeth Fairchild (1828-1910) (aged 16); first marriage; divorced 1855 (3)

[Brigham Young Journal] M E Oct the 3 t 1844 Brother H. C. Kimball and my self was at Br Steven Marcoms Sister Eliza Snow & Betsey Fairchildes was there We took diner with them went to the temple (4)

-- Oct 4, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Oct 4 5th + 1844

I arose in the morning.

Light was the heavens adorning.

I spent a plasant hour

Beneath my fathers bower

With my friends I bent my knees in prayer.

I pray for peace to abide forever there.

After praying for the last time in the circle of my fathers family I took the Parting hand with Father & Mother & Uncle Ozem Woodruff. Left them in good health & spirits & again commenced my Journey.

I called upon Aunt Lydia Hart a few moments. Passed by the Mills house & farm the place of my birth & youth; Called upon Aunt Wheelers & her family. All appeared glad to see me. Cousin Luther Wheeler informed me that the Address of Levi Els-worth Thompson is Nottaway, St Joseph Co, Michigan. Sturgess Prairie is near.

I rode on to Simsbury & stoped at Aunt Cossetts. She was deranged I lade hands upon her and rebuked the Spirit by which she was bound & she immediately seemed to be some better. I took the parting hand with the whole family & rode to Elder Ashbel Deweys Little river near westfield. 30 miles.

I retired to rest and had the following dream: I thought their was A large building standing in Nauvoo Joining my house. Appeared to be filled with lumber and many men to work in it. I saw the foundation of it begin to give way. I run in to warn the people to leave it but it fell with a mighty crash while I was in it. I narrowly escaped being killed, but got out without injury. I then saw my own dwelling brick house in Nauvoo the foundation of it to give way. I went into that to warn my family to leave it but it fell with us in it but I got out & my wife with her child in her arms all safe. The interpetation I shall understand before many days. (1)

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