Mormon History, Nov 1844

-- During Nov 1844
[African American History] Apostle Wilford Woodruff visits Lowell, MA and observes that "a Coloured Brother who was an Elder" (presumably Walker Lewis) was present and raised his hand in support of the leaders of the Church. No remark about the existence of a Black Elder being contrary to doctrine or practice. (1)

-- During Nov. 1844
John C Bennett: Agent for George Hinkle's Church of Jesus Christ, The Bride the Lamb's Wife periodical Nov. 1844 (2)

-- During November 1844
John Murdock: Mission to East November 1844. (3)

-- Dec 1, 1844
Parley Parker Pratt: On 1 December 1844 appointed to go to New York City, edit The Prophet, supervise immigration, and assume presidency of all eastern branches of church. (3)

-- Dec 1, 1844 (Sunday)
Apostle Parley P. Pratt was appointed to go to the city of New York to regulate and counsel the emigration from Europe and preside over all the eastern branches of the Church. (4)

-- Dec 2, 1844
[Nauvoo Temple] The Temple Committee reported that all of the capitals were in place, except one which would be placed within the week. (5)

-- Dec 2, 1844. Monday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...The brethren had a council at Dr. Richards but I was not permitted to be there, probably they did not think worthwhile to tell me. I feel sorry and grieved at heart, but don't intend they shall know it. (6)

-- Dec 4, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] - Poetry: To the Infant Son of Mrs. Emma Smith -- E.R. Snow -- Poem about the young child who will grow up without a father.

- Letter: "Sidney Rigdon" - Orson Hyde's Letter -- Orson Hyde -- Originally published in the New York Prophet.

- Reprinted Story: "Mormonism" - A Blow to Christianity -- The Baptist Register -- States that the Baptists wish to inform people about perceived problems in Mormonism to keep it from spreading.

- Story: Reply to "Mormonism" - A Blow to Christianity -- Editorial -- Refutes the points made by the Baptists.

- Story: "A Voice from the Temple" - Tithing -- N.K. Whitney & George Miller -- Discussing the tithing donated by the Saints for use in the Temple, and the progress on the Temple.

- Letter to the Editor: Reflections of a Mission to Tennessee -- A. Young -- Describes the interesting happenings that Elder Young Experienced in Tennessee.

- Letter to the Editor: "Nauvoo Manufactories and Trades Meetings" -- Signed, "An ObserverÂ…" -- Discusses the frequent Trades Meetings held in Nauvoo. (7)

-- Dec 5, 1844
[Joseph Smith] Young signs a letter as "Prest of the Church of L.D.S." (8)

[Nauvoo Temple] The Twelve and the Temple Committee decided to draw the $600 from the Sisters' penny fund, which was raised to purchase nails and glass for the temple, to help pay off debts, so that property owned by the Church would not fall in the hands of the Church's enemies. The Brethren felt that there would be money available when the workmen needed nails and glass. (5)

[Quorum of Twelve] A msg. In this folder labeled "Dec. 5 1844

Minutes of a Council held Nauvoo, Dec 5th 1844 and Order on Sisters M. Smith & M. R. Thompson and A. Cutler Copied in history R. Bentley"

Includes the discussion of the council "called for the purpose of devising means to raise the sum of $3100 "owed on the purchase of Church lands." B. Y. identified [$500 or $600] money donated by the sisters ... paying one cent a week "to purchase glass & nails for the temple. To save the church property from the hands of our enemies." the Council concluded with B. Y. "to draw an order for the money." The order was written to "call upon you for the money and directed the sisters to deliver the same [penny subscription donations] to Bishop Whitney." (9)

-- Dec 5, 1844. Thursday.
[William Clayton Journal] ...I was at the office all day. At noon we had some conversation concerning recorders for the Baptism of our dead &c. We feel very anxious on the matter but have little prospect of anything being done very speedily. I feel very anxious on the subject myself, inasmuch as the Records of our Baptisms for our dead have not been kept in order for near 2 years back. The minutes have been kept on loose slips of paper and are liable to be lost and they have not been kept according to the order of God. There is so much treachery in man that it is hard to find a man who can be trusted with those Records for they cannot be public property. Inasmuch as they will have to contain histories pertaining to the transactions of individuals which never must be public. Dr. Richards remains very sick and I fear if he do not change his mode of living he will die...Brother Kimball asked President Young concerning D[iantha] Farr. He gave full consent and ordered Brother K[im
ball] to attend to it. I feel humbly grateful for this grant. And feel to ask the father in the name of Jesus to give me favor in her eyes and the eyes of her parents that I may receive the gift in full. (6)

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