Mormon History, Oct 21, 1844, Monday

-- Oct 21, 1844, Monday
[William Clayton Writings] Monday 21th (sic) ... P.M. I went to see M. Aspen she has made up her mind to go with me. I also went to see A. H. she is better. (1)

-- Oct 22, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] tusday came to the Norwegon settlement had a meeting in the evening with the Bretherin (2)

[U.S. Religious History] The "Great Disappointment" occurred when the return of Christ, predicted by William Miller, failed to happen once again. At least 100,000 disillusioned followers returned to their former churches or abandoned Christianity completely - but many went on establish what would become known as the Adventist Churches. (3)

-- Oct 23, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 23d I Parted with the friends & Elder Adams at Drewsville & rode in company with Elder A. Cordon to Peterborough & had an interesting meeting with the Saints. I spent the night with Br Livingston. 33 miles. Droped my watch & broke my crystal to atoms as I dreamed. (4)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Letter to the Editor: "The Nauvoo Library and Institute - Lyceum, &c." -- Signed, "An ObserverÂ…" -- Writer states that he has contributed money to the library, yet it is not operational, and doesn't appear to be moving very quickly. (5)

[Nauvoo Neighbor] Ordinances: "An Ordinance Concerning Spirituous Liquors and Other Purposes" -- Daniel Spencer -- First ordinance signed by the newly elected Gov. Spencer, describes a rule which holds that in order to purchase more than a gallon of liquor, one must obtain a license from the Mayor. (5)

-- Oct 24, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] Thursday we left Autueray we drove all day a gainst a strong south wind came to Br P. P. Pratts farm 43 miles found Br Anson Pratt and his famely well they ware verry glad to see us stad all night cauld on Sister Delon she was glad to see us (2)

-- Oct 25, 1844
[Brigham Young Journal] Frida we came on 3 miles this side of Peoria put up with Nathan Stevens G have been unwell for a day or two but now am well (2)

-- Oct. 26th 1844
[High Council Minutes]

The High Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, met at the usual place of meeting according to adjournment, but as no business was presented for investigation, adjourned till next Saturday at one o'clock P.M. to meet in the Hall of the Seventies

C.C. Pendleton Clk (6)

-- Oct 27, 1844. Sunday.
[William Clayton Journal] A.M. went to fetch books from the office. Called at Brother Cutlers. Then went to George Millers, in council with N[ewel] K. Whitney, Orson Pratt, George A. Smith, George Miller, Amasa Lyman, Lucien Woodworth and John D. Parker. Brother Parker has been prying into the secret designs of the mob. He has professed to be an apostate and by that means got into their secret councils. He was told by the mob that all their plans to overthrow the church has completely failed, but they had one plan in view which they felt satisfied would accomplish the purpose and that plan was to obtain our sacred records and destroy them and also obtain testimony from them to our overthrow. They gave him to understand that this was to be accomplished by the means of a man in our midst who had free access to the records and who had agreed to put them in possession of them. They finally told Brother Parker that the man who was to do this was W. W. Phelps and Parker was told by
several that Phelps was the man on whom they depended to get the records. I went over to Dr. Richards and found that all the records were safe in his hands. There was also considerable fears entertained that Brother [Reynolds] Cahoon is not true to us. A[lmon] Babbitt is suspected from good evidence of being treacherous and of conspiring with the mob to overthrow us. (7)

-- Oct 28, 1844
[Nauvoo Temple] Brigham Young met with William Weeks and the Temple Committee at the Temple Office to settle differences between the two parties. The nature of the dispute is not known. (8)

-- 29th [Oct 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] was at home the most part of the day in company with Elder Richards and others of the brether who came to pay him a visit (9)

-- 30th [Oct 1844]
[Brigham Young Journal] went and visited some of the brethren. (9)

-- Oct 30, 1844
[Nauvoo Neighbor] Announcement: "Notice" - Address of Col. Richardson -- Editorial -- Announces an address to be given by Col. Richardson in the Seventies Hall. (5)

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